Shouldn't a Told You That

Shouldn't a Told You That

by Dixie Chicks



Slimmed down to a trio, the Dixie Chicks found a sound that was more focused on their third studio album, but only slightly less varied. With Laura Lynch taking lead vocals and Steve Fishell producing, Shouldn't a Told You That sounds as professional and delightful as any of the band's early records, if not as gratifying as their work with Natalie Maines.

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Release Date: 02/10/1994
Label: Crystal Clear Sound
UPC: 0733792936928
catalogNumber: 9369


  1. Whistles and Bells
  2. I'm Falling Again
  3. Shouldn't a Told You That
  4. Desire
  5. There Goes My Dream
  6. One Heart Away
  7. The Thrill Is in the Chase
  8. I Wasn't Looking for You
  9. I've Only Got Myself to Blame
  10. Planet of Love

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