Shekinah: 13 Artists

Shekinah: 13 Artists


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Theoretically, a collection of recordings by new artists fresh out of music school should tell you something about the future of music, for better or worse. This compilation, its title derived from a word in Jewish theology referring to "a visible manifestation of the divine presence," presents 13 female students from Berklee College of Music as part of a joint venture between Epic Records and the college's own label, Heavy Rotation Records. For the most part, it disproves that theory, since the music is less about the future than the present. Unlike, say, Juilliard, Berklee is a school as focused on the music business as it is on music, and you can say the same thing about many of these musicians, who sound like they're auditioning for major-label contracts by playing music that is already on the major labels. Rhea, for example, is hoping to join Destiny's Child on the evidence of "With or Without You," while Mancain plays a popular style of thrash metal most of whose adherents don't need a college education to learn and Polina, the daughter of Russian pop singer Anka, comes off as a cross between Enya and Sade on "Out of My Mind." Clare Muldaur is also a famous offspring, the daughter of folksinger Geoff Muldaur, though she sounds more like her father's ex-wife, Maria Muldaur, on "Bus to You." Curiously, the more derivative material is sequenced at the beginning; it's only halfway in, with the appearance of folk-rocker Kristin Cifelli, that things start to get interesting. The best track on the album, perhaps because it is so individual, is Adrianne's "Feel You Breaking," though Kyler's "Stronger" is also very promising. On the whole, though, this class needs to leave their lessons behind and get more creative.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/05/2002
Label: Sony
UPC: 0696998609525
catalogNumber: 86095

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Robert Lansing   Guitar
Billy Novick   Clarinet
Bleu   Guitar
Brad Delp   Background Vocals
Reeves Gabrels   Guitar
Richard Gates   Bass
Mark Kelly   Bass
Mark Kohler   Drums
Josh Leo   Guitar
Will Robertson   Bass
Scott Shetler   Bass Clarinet
Stephen Webber   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Mandolin
Amanda Wiliams   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Mariam   Vocals
Tim Marsh   Drums
Adrianne   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Scott Eisenberg   Drums
Kyler   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Chris Henry   Guitar
Richard Furch   Piano
DJ Devious   Turntables
Ethan Pilzer   Bass
Clare Muldaur   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Mancain   Track Performer
Cami   Vocals
Anne Chandler   Track Performer
Kristin Cifelli   Background Vocals
Valerie Brinker   Track Performer
Antje Zumbansen   Vocals
One Elle   Track Performer
Amanda Williams   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Rushad Eggleston   Cello
Justin Abene   Bass
Greg Allison   Percussion,Drums
Thor Laewe   Drums
Casey Driessen   Mandolin
Ryan Gruss   Drums
Kurt Biederwolf   Keyboards
Cathy Chalmers   Percussion,Drums
Judson Crane   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Scott Elson   Guitar
Shane Gibson   Guitar
Leo Greenbaum   Accordion
Nate Greenberg   Turntables
David Hollender   Bass
Zeke Johnson   Bass
Thorston Laewe   Drums
Olivier Machot   Violin
Anthony Matusik   Electric Bass
George Mel   Drums
Fredi Meli   Bass
Kane Minkus   fender rhodes
Alison Notkin   Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Brian Parks   Piano
Richard Sancho   Drums
Alex Seppe   Electric Guitar
David Shrewsbury   Piano,Keyboards
Eunice Sim   Background Vocals
Daniel Snape   Piano
Victor   Accordion
Kosei Yamaguchi   Saxophone
Olivier Manchon   Violin
Polina   Vocals
Michael Carr   Bass
Daniel Barrett   Bass,Guitar

Technical Credits

Carl Beatty   Producer
Bleu   Programming,Producer
Josh Leo   Producer,drum programming
Stephen Webber   Producer,Executive Producer
Mark Wessel   Engineer
Amanda Wiliams   Producer
Dan Beck   Executive Producer
John X.   Producer
Tim Coyle   Engineer
Matthew Ellard   Engineer
Bruce MacFarlane   Engineer
James Nixon   Engineer
Chris Henry   Producer,Engineer
Richard Furch   Producer,Engineer
Clare Muldaur   Arranger
Rhea   Producer
Cami   Programming,String Arrangements
Amanda Williams   Producer
Will Sandalls   Engineer
Greg Allison   Producer
Frederik Rubens   Engineer
Jeff Rothschild   Engineer
Mitch Benoff   Producer
Misha Rajaratnam   Engineer
Pierre Huberson   Producer
Matt Troja   Engineer
Jeffrey Dorenfeld   Executive Producer
Don Gorder   Executive Producer
Nate Greenberg   Programming
Jan Hunters   Producer
Stas Karyakin   Engineer
Thorston Laewe   drum programming
Anthony Matusik   Producer
David Mora   String Arrangements
Alison Notkin   Producer
Dave Sakowski   Studio Manager
Ted Speaker   Studio Coordinator
Nathan Tharp   Engineer
Dana Woulfe   Artwork
John   Producer
Polina   Arranger,Programming,Producer

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