Shangri-La Dee Da

Shangri-La Dee Da

by Stone Temple Pilots


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A fair amount of the buzz surrounding the release of Stone Temple Pilots' last album, No. 4, stemmed from morbid curiosity over whether Scott Weiland could return to functionality. Having passed that test with apparent ease, Weiland was free to concentrate solely on making music this time around -- and the results are mighty impressive indeed. Shangri-La Dee Da finds STP more focused than at any time since their multiplatinum debut, which could be seen as its spiritual (if not sonic) twin. Introspective tales like "Dumb Love" and the surprisingly tender fatherhood paean, "A Song for Sleeping," are matched to burnished, aching melodies that resonate with a mature simplicity reminiscent of mid-period Zeppelin. On the other hand, the anger, usually self-directed, that punctuates "Coma" and "Hollywood Bitch" brings out the beast in guitarist Dean DeLeo, whose power chords detonate like land mines, blowing huge holes for drummer Eric Kretz to fill. Weiland's voice, still quite fluid after all these years, is at its most expressive, tripping out lackadaisically here, crooning in Morrison-like splendor there: He seems to have made peace with his past, but more important, it sounds like he -- and the rest of the band -- is ready to leap into the future.

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Release Date: 06/19/2001
Label: Atlantic
UPC: 0075678344923
catalogNumber: 83449
Rank: 45282


  1. Dumb Love
  2. Days of the Week
  3. Coma
  4. Hollywood Bitch
  5. Wonderful
  6. Black Again
  7. Hello it's Late
  8. Too Cool Queenie
  9. Regeneration
  10. Bi-Polar Bear
  11. Transmissions from a Lonely Room
  12. A Song for Sleeping
  13. Long Way Home

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Shangri-La Dee Da 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love this cd i own all stp cds and this is a great one too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buy this CD to redeem yourself if you are thinking of getting the new N*Sync disk. STP has pulled it off again. This is real music, which convey real emotions. You will like it because it is good music, not because MTV said its ''cool'' to listen to. Scott seems to bring you into his world for a while, which is the mark of a good artist. Keep em coming STP!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shangri-La Dee Da is STP¿s most mature album, yet. During their previous album, STP attempted to go to a new sound, with ''Glide'' and ''I've got you.'' As I listen to Shangri-La Dee Da, it is apparent that they have completed the sound they were attempting, and it seems like STP has shocked the world, again. This album contains a little bit of everything, with it's ''grunge'' sounding ''Dumb Love'' to a combination of sounds from Purple and Core they came out with ''Hollywood Bi**h.'' As the c.d. progresses, Scott's lyrics become more personal -- with a song dedicated to his son, Noah. The song, ''A Song for Sleeping'' is not as sad and lonely as ''Son'' was on Scott Weiland's solo album, 12 Bar Blues. This c.d. does not only show a true development of the band's music, but also Scott's person. The songs of this album are very good, with wonderful melodies and their influences are displayed within their songs -- like ''Too Cool Queenie'' -- which the beginning cords are similar to Jimi Hendrix's ''All Along the Watchtower.'' The Stone Temple Pilots have always impressed me with their lyrics, and music but this album shows that STP is not all about jamming guitars and screaming vocals -- but they can make wonderful music that will appeal to everyone's taste. This album is one of the better c.d.'s to have come out in a year, or so.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Read my reviews for "No 4" and "Purple" to cross reference. They may do another album but for now this is their swan song. No weak songs here, with some of their more beautiful melodies ever put to wax. "Wonderful" "Hello it's Late" and "Lonely Room". Balanced out by "Hollywood B" "Dumb Love" and "Too Cool Queenie" which could be about Courtney Love, Scott Weiland has crossed her path. Overall if they never get back in th studio and I hope they do, this is a great sendoff.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Everyone who listens to a rock album and hears a rather slow guitar riff automatically exclaims ''this sucks''. Those with a more mature taste in music, and who are willing to listen to this album will not be dissappointed. Completely original and unwilling to break during this rap-metal movement, STP puts out one of it's best efforts to date.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The fifth release from Stone Temple Pilots, entitled ''Shangri-La Dee Da,'' is an album filled with the band's most exquisite music to date and serves as almost a ''greatest hits'' of all music genres. Recordings like the newly released ''Days of the Week'' and ''Too Cool Queenie'' exhibit the band's ability to go alternative while tracks like ''Coma'' and ''Regeneration'' will remind longtime fans of some of STP's earliest work. Lead singer Scott Weiland's voyage of self discovery of the past years (escaping heroin, getting married, and becoming a first-time father) is beautifully displayed in songs such as ''Dumb Love,'' ''Wonderful,'' and the touching ''A Song for Sleeping.'' If there were any doubt in your mind about the validity of STP's music, ''Shangri-La Dee Da'' proves the band's staying power, and launches Weiland into the often unchartered territory of songwriting godliness.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Stone Temple Pilots, with their fifth release, have once again made a five star album. This album explores STP's humorous side such as in ''Bi-Polar Bear'' as well as Weiland's serious side in his lyrics. The band has matured musically and Weiland's lyrics show that, as in the song ''Wonderful''. This album contains 13 great songs that is a must-have for any collection. Purchase Shangri-la Dee Da, and it will not dissapoint!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shangra~la dee da When I first looked at the lyric book for STP's new CD I was suprized there were some LOVE songs, as shocking as this was to me I popped it in my CD player and had my wish granted, the best CD sinse 94's Purple. Although the CD's are not much alike musically they are both deeply emotional and that makes for great music. From the hypnotic Coma to the soothing Song for Sleeping STP has pulled off an amazingly wonderful album. The album seems to profile his recovery and discovery of love in his life. Shangra la dee da is defiantly STP's most amazing work seince Purple.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Stone Temple Pilots prove again that they are probably one of the greatest rock bands to date with their newest release Shangri-LA-Dee-DA. Using their amazing musical abailities the 4 members ( Scott Weiland, Dean Deleo, Robert Deleo, and Eric Kretz) show that they can grow and still make awesome music. With wide ranging songs from the amazingly beautiful Wonderful to the heavy Dumb love you know this is a diverse and amazing album. STP proves again, with Shangri-LA-DEE-Da that they are origional and still one of the greatest rock bands ever.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Scott and the gang are back at it with their most powreful and enjoyable album yet. This record make you want more as you listen to the first power driven track,''Domb Love'' until the gentle end, ''Long Way Home''. STP blends power driven songs along with more docile tracks to make this the best album of 2001.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago