Shame, Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame, Shame

by Smiley LewisSmiley Lewis

CD(Box Set)

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Exhaustive, multi-disc set comprising everything recorded by this New Orleans singer. With the songwriting talents of Dave Bartholomew aboard, utilizing the sound of the legendary J&M Studios, and the best Crescent City musicians available, this is truly New Orleans music at its very best.

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Release Date: 06/28/1994
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127157454
catalogNumber: 15745


Disc 1

  1. Turn on Your Volume, Baby
  2. Here Comes Smiley
  3. Tee-Nah-Nah
  4. Lowdown
  5. Slide Me Down
  6. Growing Old
  7. If You Ever Loved a Woman
  8. Dirty People
  9. Where Were You?
  10. My Baby
  11. Sad Life
  12. Bee's Boogie
  13. Don't Jive Me
  14. My Baby Was Right
  15. The Bells Are Ringing
  16. Lillie Mae
  17. You're Gonna Miss Me
  18. Gypsy Blues
  19. You're Not the One
  20. Gumbo Blues
  21. Ain't Gonna Do It
  22. It's So Peaceful
  23. Caldonia's Party
  24. Lonesome Highway
  25. Standing on the Corner
  26. Oh Baby
  27. Big Mamou
  28. Play Girl
  29. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
  30. Lying Woman
  31. Little Fernandez
  32. It's Music
  33. Show Me the Way
  34. Down the Road
  35. One Night
  36. Blue Monday
  37. Rocks
  38. Nothing But the Blues
  39. That Certain Door
  40. Nobody Knows
  41. She's Got Me Hook Line and Sinker
  42. Can't Stop Loving You
  43. Baby Please
  44. Ooh La La
  45. By the Water
  46. Too Many Drivers
  47. Rootin' and Tootin'
  48. Lost Weekend
  49. Jailbird
  50. Farewell
  51. Please Listen To Me
  52. No No
  53. Real Gone Lover
  54. Bumpity Bump
  55. Someday You'll Want Me
  56. I Can't Believe It
  57. I Hear You Knocking
  58. Hey Girl
  59. Down Yonder We Go Ballin'
  60. Come On
  61. Queen of Hearts
  62. No Letter Today
  63. Li'l Liza Jane
  64. Mama Don't Like
  65. I Shall Not Be Moved
  66. Ain't Goin There No More
  67. Shame Shame Shame
  68. Oh Red
  69. Last Night
  70. I Want To Be With Her
  71. Shame Shame Shame
  72. Tell Me Who
  73. Stormy Monday Blues
  74. These Bones
  75. Sweeter Words (Have Never Been Told)
  76. Goin' Down the Road
  77. Tore Up
  78. When Did You Leave Heaven
  79. You Are My Sunshine
  80. I'm Coming Down With the Blues
  81. I Wake Up Screamin'
  82. Tomorrow Night
  83. Go On Fool
  84. To the River
  85. How Long
  86. Ronettes
  87. Sometimes
  88. Lookin' For My Woman
  89. Goin' To Jump and Shout
  90. One Night of Sin
  91. Sheikh of Araby
  92. Bad Luck Blues
  93. Bells Are Ringing
  94. School Days Are Back Again
  95. Jump
  96. My Love is Gone
  97. Walkin' the Girl
  98. Oh Red
  99. Ain't Goin There No More

Disc 2

  1. Big Mamou
  2. Playgirl
  3. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
  4. Lying Woman
  5. Little Fernandez
  6. It's Music
  7. Show Me the Way
  8. Down the Road
  9. Blue Monday
  10. The Rocks
  11. That Certain Door
  12. Nobody Knows
  13. Can't Stop Loving You
  14. Ooh la La
  15. Too Many Drivers
  16. Lost Week End
  17. Jailbird
  18. Farewell
  19. Real Gone Lover
  20. Bumpity Bump
  21. I Can't Believe It
  22. I Hear You Knocking
  23. Hey Girl
  24. Come On
  25. Queen of Hearts

Disc 3

  1. One Night
  2. Nothing But the Blues
  3. She's Got Me Hook, Line & Sinker
  4. Baby Please
  5. By the Water
  6. Rootin' and Tootin'
  7. Please Listen to Me
  8. No, No
  9. Someday You'll Want Me
  10. Down Yonder (We Go Ballin')
  11. No Letter Today
  12. Mama Don't Like
  13. Shame, Shame, Shame
  14. Shame, Shame, Shame
  15. Sweeter Words (Have Never Been Told)
  16. When Did You Leave Heaven?
  17. You Are My Sunshine
  18. I Wake up Screamin'
  19. Go on Fool
  20. How Long
  21. Goin' to Jump and Shout
  22. The Sheik of Araby
  23. Bad Luck Blues
  24. School Days Are Back Again
  25. Crazy
  26. My Love Is Gone

Disc 4

  1. Li'l Liza Jane
  2. I Shall Not Be Moved
  3. Ain't Goin' There No More
  4. Oh, Red!
  5. Last Night
  6. I Want to Be with Her
  7. Tell Me Who
  8. Stormy Monday Blues
  9. These Bones
  10. Goin' Down the Road
  11. Tore Up
  12. I'm Coming Down with the Blues
  13. Tomorrow Night
  14. To the River
  15. I Wonder
  16. Sometimes
  17. Lookin' for My Woman
  18. One Night of Sin
  19. The Bells Are Ringing
  20. The Jump
  21. Walkin' the Girl
  22. Oh, Red!
  23. Ain't Goin' There No More

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Smiley Lewis   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Lee Allen   Tenor Saxophone
Tuts Washington   Piano
Oscar Moore   Drums
James Booker   Piano
Dave Bartholomew   Trumpet,Vocals,Band
Justin Adams   Guitar
Harold Battiste   Piano,Tenor Saxophone
Salvadore Doucette   Piano
Frank Fields   Bass
Edward Frank   Piano
Herb Hardesty   Tenor Saxophone
Melvin Lastie   Cornet,Leader
Ernest McLean   Guitar
Earl Palmer   Percussion,Drums
Nat Perrilliat   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Robichaux   Piano
Huey "Piano" Smith   Piano
Allen Toussaint   Piano
Alvin "Red" Tyler   Baritone Saxophone
Charles "Hungry" Williams   Percussion,Drums
Clarence Hall   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Toppers   Vocals
Joe Harris   Alto Saxophone
Robert French   Drums
Gerri Hall   Vocals
Joseph "Papa John"   Bass

Technical Credits

Big Bill Broonzy   Composer
Dave Bartholomew   Composer,Producer
Jim Dawson   Photo Illustration
Smiley Lewis   Composer
Ruby Fisher   Composer
Jeff Hannusch   Liner Notes,Photo Illustration
Ken Hopkins   Composer
Jon Broven   Photo Illustration
Sol Rabinowitz   Producer
Galen Gart   Photo Illustration
Rick Coleman   Liner Notes,Photo Illustration
Mike Rowe   Photo Illustration
R.A. Andreas   Photo Illustration
Richard Weize   Liner Notes,Tape Research
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
Karl Gert Zur Heide   Photo Illustration
Gilles Petard   Photo Illustration
Pearl King   Composer
Sam Noel   Composer
Victor Pearlin   Photo Illustration
Sylke Lohmeyer   Artwork
Sax Kari   Photo Illustration
Don Covay   Composer

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