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Shadows from the past: Shadows from the past

Shadows from the past: Shadows from the past

by Nigel Clark


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1926 The village of Scornicesti Southern Romania.
"The eyes are the windows of the soul. I can see your future boy. Desire begets evil, if not harnessed by choice! Today you steal pegs; tomorrow you will steal a nation." So said the old Gypsy to eight year old Nicolae when he was caught stealing from her wagon.

1987 Bucharest, Romania.
Nicolae Ceausescu, has grown up to be a nasty piece of work. When he planted the seeds of a second holocaust against the Romani gypsies, they decided to go to the hag in the mountains and invoke an ancient and powerful curse, which would spread like a virus, contaminating him and his desire driven friends.

2012 Catford, South London.
Jim was in the middle of a small plumbing job when Eileen appeared behind him with a steaming hot mug of tea and unexpectedly announced that she had an important message for him, from an ethereal source. "Your current life will collapse; you will end up on the other side of the world, becoming the only chance of deliverance for an innocent young lady who through no fault of her own becomes enmeshed in the wrath of a Gypsy curse" Jim naturally concluded that the old girl was completely crazy, smiled politely and left.

"How would it all end or could it all end at all?"

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About the Author

For 40 years I have worked as a hairdresser in the multi-faceted, cosmopolitan, melting pot of South London. As I work, we relax and as we relax, we talk and as we talk every conversation seems to lead into the sharing of experiences.
Where I conduct my work seems to be a magical, unique, portal of a place where every variant of humanity seems to converge randomly at a point. In this amazing condensed meeting place, I have over the years heard so many fascinating, random but usually fragmented stories of peoples life's and experiences. Nowadays every conversation seems to lead into a story that someone has told me at some time or other. Of course, like most hairdressers, I openly confess to being an exaggerator and often drift off into a fantasy world when conveying things that I have heard, albeit I prefer to call this 'colouring in the facts.' Many people have said, 'why don't you write some of this stuff down'? So here I am writing some of it down and exaggerating to my heart's content.

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