Seven Keys to Rejuvenate: Natural Holistic Solutions to Reverse Aging

Seven Keys to Rejuvenate: Natural Holistic Solutions to Reverse Aging

by Chantal Michelle


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Seven Keys to Rejuvenate is a powerful, holistic and comprehensive anti-aging guide for women that offers natural, lasting solutions for looking great and feeling great after 40.

With the aim of going deeper than tackling your facial wrinkles, Seven Keys to Rejuvenate takes you on a journey of rejuvenation from the inside out. You are going to reclaim the youthful essence with which you can become positively ageless. You will not only look younger, you will feel younger!

With Seven Keys to Rejuvenate, you will:

Learn to adopt a positive attitude towards your age

Renew your passion for life and reconnect with your authentic self

Love yourself all over again and improve your body image

Manage your stress, time and energy efficiently

Use the power of laughter and human connection to thrive

Nourish your body and brain for optimal performance and health

Discover easy exercises and self-massages to stay vibrant and youthful

Create your own beauty toolbox with natural products to take care of your body

Forget about surgery, ditch the expensive creams, and learn natural solutions to reverse aging!

Are you ready to join me?

“Chantal has brought together so many aspects of health, well-being, and awareness about energy, about mind, rejuvenation and beauty - all under one umbrella - the umbrella of her program.

I recommend her program to women who want to learn about health of the body and mind so that they can create a lifestyle of happiness and well-being.”

Soorya Resels - Relationship expert at www.jackandsoorya.com

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ISBN-13: 9781504375641
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/30/2017
Pages: 388
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.86(d)

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The Right Attitude to Rejuvenate

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. Mark Twain

1- How Cultural Standards May Be Aging You

How do you see yourself at age eighty or ninety? Do you picture yourself crippled, sick, hopeless, and living in a nursing home? If you're living in a modern Western society, it would not be a surprise if you're afraid of growing old, as the elders in these types of communities often seem senile, frail, and unhappy.

Western society has little respect for the elderly, with the media often portraying old people as feeble and useless. Many jokes, birthday cards, and gifts imply that aged and aging people are unworthy of consideration, incapable, incontinent, and impotent. It's no wonder that you might be scared of aging and crossing the line where you'll be seen like that by the rest of society!

However, negative thoughts like these can unconsciously undermine your health.

The way you perceive aging will determine how well and how long you will age. If you hold positive thoughts about aging, you will typically live longer because a part of you is looking forward to living longer and seeing a future that is fulfilling and hopeful. If you hold negative thoughts about the aging process, you'll be more likely to compromise your health, shorten your life, and consider your life worthless and hopeless. The choice of lifestyle you make today will affect how you live in old age.

Many studies on happiness conclude that the way you perceive your life will determine how happy you are. It seems that more than external circumstances, it is your thinking and your behavior that matter.

You have noticed how the mass media is all about body image and shaming women's bodies, right? So it is no surprise that you may think you have an issue with your body! This pressure applies not only to young women but to women as they age as well. North American society in particular is very ageist! Indirectly, you are being programmed to believe that after a certain age; you lose your value, and usefulness.

Can you see how you are bombarded by advertisements all day long? You can get a miraculous medicine to help you prevent arthritis, joint issues, blood pressure, or cholesterol imbalance. And don't forget the latest anti-aging cream for wrinkles and this new machine to work on your thighs! You are surrounded by brochures stating that if you are over fifty, you need to check your liver, your kidneys, and your breasts. Even if you stay away from the media, which is a hard thing to do, you are still affected by these collective beliefs on a daily basis. Even if those beliefs are not true, you risk adopting them unconsciously and may end up telling yourself, I am too fat; I am too old; I have too many wrinkles; I am not worth anything anymore. After a while, all these false beliefs about yourself weigh on you and literally make you feel heavy, and that's when you start putting pressure on yourself. You look at yourself and think of what you should look like according to the mass media. You start telling yourself, I should be thinner; I should look better. And you feel even more out of whack because deep inside, you know that you are not living your truth. That's why it's vital for you to wake up and check whether you've been living your life through the perceptions, judgments, and projections of others.

So, my friend, it is high time for you to bring out your true self and reclaim your inner power!

Listen to me: You are beautiful! You are youthful! You are worthy! These words must resonate as truths because they truly come from within. It is your authentic self speaking. Your authentic self knows it is made of pure light and knows it is beautiful.

It's time to love yourself, respect yourself, and bring out the beautiful self within you because it is worthy and deserving!

When you let your authentic self come out, when you fully express who you really are, you truly come alive and vibrate at your best, and that is what attracts other people and what inspires them. They are not attracted by you because you have a pristine skin, but because you are confident in yourself. They are inspired by you to do the same.

When they can feel your new energy and your confidence, when they can tell how good you feel about yourself, they want a piece of that too. By claiming your own inner power back, you give others permission to do the same. When you hold yourself in that beautiful bubble of self-love, you inspire others to become their true selves too. You start leading your life from a new standpoint, and whatever you do now comes from an understanding that you are worth it. Start thinking:

I take care of myself because I am worth it.

I eat healthy food because I am worth it.

I dress well because I am worth it.

Expressing who you really are, accessing the gem inside once again, and letting that inner woman express herself freely, can be scary at first because we live in a society where the range of emotions accepted by other people is very narrow. It is sometimes called the bandwidth of ordinary misery. When you are sad, you can express your sadness up to a certain point, but after that, people won't consider you normal; the same goes when you express too much joy and people are not accustomed to it!

Society keeps you in line; you need to behave and express yourself a certain way. The problem is that by not having expressed your emotions as you've gone through life, you've buried those emotions, and they've been stored in your body. Later, they may come out in your physical body and lead to a chronic illness. Life leaves scars in your body that are like ticking bombs that can go off at any time. Emotional wounds from the past can resurface at any moment and make you feel bad about yourself, as if you have been chained within certain limits and your soul and inner self have not been able to blossom. You may have wanted others to love you and followed the rules. You may have analyzed your every move because you thought you had to be perfect — the perfect daughter, the perfect partner, the perfect mom, the perfect friend, the perfect community member, the perfect employee ... All this time, this perfectionist was killing the authentic self inside you crying out to be heard and experienced. You buried the voice of your soul deep inside and put a lot of pressure on yourself to follow the norm instead. You deemed yourself imperfect, criticized and blamed yourself when you did not meet certain standards. You thought that by being hard on yourself, you would feel fulfilled and loved. How has this worked for you so far?

Our culture tells us that we need to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, and behave a certain way. You need to join a senior club and get a senior card so you will start getting senior discounts. You need to check your organs and have blood tests and take more medicine.

So you start buying into this and saying things like "I am too old to take piano lessons," or "I can't join you on that trip; you know, these are things I did when I was younger," and so on. You start diminishing yourself.

It doesn't have to be that way. There are healthy centenarians out there who can prove to you that I am right! Growing old can be fun and a much different experience than the one portrayed in the media. Turn off your TV, and don't pay attention to the magazines, which often only show young, beautiful people and start caring for yourself and living for yourself!

When you come across those ads for the elderly, always keep in mind that there are healthy people over the age of one hundred everywhere on the planet. They all have one thing in common: they look forward to the future. They are rebels and don't belong with the herd. They live in communities that support their agelessness.

2- Are Your Beliefs Helping You to Rejuvenate?

So, let's see if we can help you get past this pressure from society and infuse you with a more positive attitude toward growing old. We are going to do a little exercise together to find out a bit more about what your beliefs and thoughts consist of.

Rejuvenating is a state of mind, and it is linked to the way you think about yourself, women, old people, health, the world, and life in general. So, take some time now, take a deep breath, and finish the following statements as fast as you can, keeping in mind that what you write down needs to be the first thing that comes into your head, even if it doesn't seem logical.

Write down every instantaneous thought you have about each subject:

I am ...

Women are ...

Old people are ...

Health is ...

Illness is ...

The world is ...

Life is ...

Let's go a little deeper into your beliefs. This time we will focus on your body image. Vitality and appearance are usually the two areas that women first worry about after a certain age.

My most negative thought about my appearance is ... My

most positive thought about my appearance is ...

Something I learned from my mother about my appearance is ...

Something I learned from my father about my appearance is ...

The main message I project to others about my appearance is ...

What I expect men to think about my appearance is ...

What I expect women to think about my appearance is ...

The way in which this holds me back is ...

Keep your notes in a safe place. We'll come back to them later.

Now, when you came across this book, I imagine that you had some reasons to buy it. So please, write for yourself:

"What are the goals I set myself to achieve by going through this rejuvenation journey?"

Then for each goal, write down your answer to this question:

"How will I know when I have reached my goal?" or "What has to happen for me to know that I have achieved my goal?"

Your mind controls the behaviors of the cells in your body. You might be blaming your body sometimes for the health issues you experience. However, the truth is that your body is just a messenger for what is going on in your own mind. Your body talks to you all the time.

Starting this week, I would like you to become aware of this. The physical ailments that you develop are almost always related to an emotional and/or psychological issue. This is why taking better control of your thoughts and emotions will help you take better care of yourself, ensure better health for the future and help you rejuvenate!

3- Is Youthfulness a State Of Mind?

Staying young relies a lot on your brain because youth is first of all a state of mind.

Let's see how you can make your own list of practical attitudes in order to rejuvenate!

The first ingredient to adopt a good attitude toward aging is fun. Why don't you start with making a list of fun-loving friends, and be the one to organize a get together to share happy times together?

Every day, as life unfolds with its ups and downs, remember to see the big picture and be an observer looking at the funny sides of situations instead of being bitter. I do that myself when a frustrating situation happens in my day. I look at the situation and start imagining all the people involved as funny cartoon characters and I pretend the scene is played for me on a screen and I'm not involved. It takes a little practice, but I assure you that it is a powerful tool.

Remember to laugh it up! Life is too short to be taken too seriously. Moreover, laughing causes your body to release endorphins, natural pain killers that contribute to your sense of well-being and counteract the effects of stress. You may want to play a funny sketch or video in YouTube as soon as you feel down as a reminder that life has its good side too.

The second ingredient to make sure that you will grow old and stay happy is to practice gratitude. This will ensure that you don't get that look on your face that says you are bitter about life. The happiest people are those who feel contented with what they have and never covet what their neighbors have or strive to have more than them.

Make a Happy List right now of all the things that make you happy so that when you feel low, you can look at it and smile! Start by being grateful for the things close to you: your own body and all it does day after day to keep you alive and well; the home you live in, the people around you that love you.

You can also keep a gratitude journal. This is a simple and powerful tool! Each evening before you go to sleep, write down exactly what you're grateful for that day. People who keep a gratitude journal maintain happier moods, greater optimism and possess better physical health. I know a few families that choose to express their appreciation for each other and for the good things they've experienced during their day at every meal. If you live alone, you can still express this appreciation out loud or silently in whatever way works for you.

And, one other ingredient that will help you to rejuvenate is to get busy! Believe it or not, you can get stress from inactivity and boredom, so choose yourself an interesting hobby and gather a social network. Find a way to help others and to feel useful, as this will automatically boost your feel-good hormones!

4- Monitor Your Inner Dialogue to Master Your Thoughts and Emotions

It is important to free your mind and body from negativity in order to age well. So, when something has just gone wrong in your life, don't keep it inside all bottled up. Instead, get it out of your system as soon as you can before it gets stored in your body and leads to illness later on. There are many ways you can get it all out so choose whatever feels right for you: laugh it off, dance it off, shout, hit a pillow, run, take deep breaths, stomp your feet and even hum a happy song! Recent observations on brain activities show that you can't hum or sing at the same time as you worry about something. Children know this instinctively. When there is something they don't want to hear, they go within and may start humming or singing. Even if you don't feel like doing this, force yourself first because your brain doesn't know the difference between the real thing and a fake thing, so if you are acting happy, after a while even if at the beginning you are not feeling happy - you will release your happy mood hormones and feel authentically happy!

If these physical actions are not appropriate at the time, you can also write down how you feel and what makes you feel this way. When you write something outside of yourself, the brain thinks it doesn't need to store it inside. Later you can destroy the paper to get rid of all the negativity.

It is time to take care of yourself and not let life abuse you and stress you since stress accelerates the aging process. You can start by loving yourself more and using your mind to create loving, supportive, and nurturing thoughts.

Start Taking Care of Your Inner Child

Starting today, whenever you begin to feel anxious, angry, or sad, think that it is the three year old girl inside you feeling all this and then treat her like you would a child in front of you going through those emotions. Instead of criticizing yourself and putting yourself down, treat yourself with gentleness and patience. Be kind to yourself, begin to love and approve of yourself. That's what your inner child needs in order to express itself at its highest potential.

If during the day, you become aware of listening to an inner critic, notice where its voice comes from. Do you hear it in one ear or both? Whose voice do you hear? If it's your voice, do you sound like you, or like you're speaking someone else's words? Is the tone of voice friendly, or hostile? What does the voice say? Then, mentally move the voice to your big toe or across the room, make the volume go dimmer, and even add some static like a radio station with poor reception. You can also play with the voice and change it from harsh and hostile to a sweet, loving, supportive voice, or make it funny sounding like Daffy Duck or Goofy. How do you feel as you listen to it now? And finally, speak to your inner voice and say that from now on you will only listen to it if it speaks in a friendly, supportive way. See what happens.

Believe it or not, you can change your relationship with your internal voices, make friends with them, and achieve inner harmony. An internal voice that supports and encourages you, and gives you good advice can do a lot to make your life better.

Your mind is a tool you can choose to use in any way you want and you can start today by monitoring your inner dialogue. When you catch your thoughts, ask yourself, are they positive or negative? The only thing you're ever dealing with is a thought and a thought can be changed through the power of choice at any given time! If you don't like the current thought, just say "out!", "cancel" or "next!"

You are the one choosing your thoughts. Imagine yourself in line at the cafeteria where each dish represents a thought:

- There are positive thoughts. They are enjoyable and they make you feel good!

- And there are the negative thoughts. They make you feel terrible right away.


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Chapter 2 - Find Your Purpose, 22,
Chapter 3 - Reconnection, 39,
Chapter 4 - Self-love and Body Image, 57,
Chapter 5 - Stress Management, 97,
Chapter 6 - Time Management, 130,
Chapter 7 - Human Connection, 151,
Chapter 8 - Manage Your Energy Levels, 175,
Chapter 9 - Feed your body and brain, 221,
Chapter 10 - Your Beauty Toolbox, 275,
Epilogue, 325,
Appendix I - Foods to Increase, 329,
Appendix II - How to Take an Epsom Salt Bath, 335,
Appendix III - Glycemic Index Rating for the Healthiest Foods, 339,
Appendix IV - How to Make Flaxseed Tea, 343,
Appendix V - How to Do an Enema, 345,
Appendix VI - Castor Oil Pack, 349,
Appendix VII - Foods to Boost Your Immune System, 352,
Acknowledgements, 359,
About the author, 361,

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