Seriously God?: I'm Doing Everything I Know To Do And It's Not Working

Seriously God?: I'm Doing Everything I Know To Do And It's Not Working

by Jenny Smith

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“Our house was going into foreclosure, we were moving into a rental house, and God didn’t seem to care. We had thought he would come through. He didn’t.”


Jenny’s family faced foreclosure, job loss, the anxiety of no health insurance, and having to learn adapt to a different income bracket, like so many other families. Seriously, God? is not just a book title but the question our hearts are struggling with in these uncertain times.


Join Jenny as she shares her journey of discovering who Jesus said he is and the impact this knowledge had on the early church. Believers like us, who were on a roller coaster that jerked them around and pushed them to dizzying heights, only to plunge them to the depths, over and over that's what this journey is about, a depth of relationship with God that, even as we stand smack-dab in the middle of life, we have a faith that stays steady and strong!

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ISBN-13: 9781449740252
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication date: 02/22/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 156
File size: 397 KB

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Seriously God?: I'm Doing Everything I Know To Do And It's Not Working 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
HollyBarrett More than 1 year ago
Jenny Smith sent me a copy of her book and asked me to read and review it for her and I've been blessed by doing so. Jenny tells her family's story and their struggle in a down economy. She is transparent about her feelings, including sadness, anger and fear, and helps us to feel better about expressing these emotions to God. Her Bible study lead her to research Jesus' seven "I Am" statements and "Seriously God?" is almost a journal of her hopes and dreams, her disappointments and challenges, and how God used these statements to transform her mind and heart.  Jenny's authentic writing style helps readers relate to her experiences and to draw conclusions for their own lives. Her questions at the beginning and end of each chapter are a great resource for deeper study and introspection. The format of the book would be great for a small group study too. I recommend this book and study to anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great book! A true story of a family that lost so much in the latest recession and how they weathered the storm with their faith in God. I would recommend for any one struggling in any area as well as a guide to understanding who Jesus is.
LaKeshaWomack More than 1 year ago
Normally, I can read a book of less than 200 pages within a few hours; however when I began reading Jenny Smith’s “Seriously God?” I knew it was going to take a bit longer. Not because the text was hard to read or boring but because after reading a few pages, I would have to put the book down and do some serious thinking. Jenny reflects on her spiritual journey, not from the usual vantage of how great things are in life once you accept Christ as your Savior, but from the reality that most of us experience. The subtitle, “I’m Doing Everything I Know to Do and It’s Not Working,” is an accurate reflection of where many people are in their lives today. We had become so accustomed to believing that everything will work out for the good because we loved the Lord, which it did when our economy was functioning at a high level, that many are in a tailspin now that things have changed and times have gotten rough. We are wondering where is God and does He even care? I must confess that I do not struggle with my faith. I do not ask God why certain things happen to me or why the world is the way that it is. A long time ago, I put those questions out of my mind and decided to refocus on my daily walk trying to be the person that I was created to be. As I am beginning to make the transition into ministry, I am beginning g to look outside of my personal relationship with Christ and having to share information to help others so that they can develop and/or strengthen their relationship. I am finding that many people are in the situation that Jenny describes, crying to their Savior and wondering why their prayers are not being answered immediately. In Jenny’s book, she asks very thought-provoking questions while also providing historical context when using scriptures, which is a delight to my soul. Not only is it enough to read the Word of God but to truly understand the message, it is necessary to have some background information. On several occasions, Jenny provided enough context about a passage of scripture until it caused me to question my interpretation and to grow into a new level of understanding. One of the most profound questions that Jenny asks and provides some insight about is, “Where are the miracles?” I recommend this book to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of who Christ is and why God may not be showing up in your life the way that you expect. Jenny has done an excellent job of making me want to examine several of the passages presented on a deeper level so that I might be able to use them when ministering about who Christ is.