Selling Real Estate Services: Third-Level Secrets of Top Producers

Selling Real Estate Services: Third-Level Secrets of Top Producers

by Robert A Potter

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Praise for Selling Real Estate Services

"Selling Real Estate Services shows you how to stop being a vendor and start being a partner. Bob Potter's Third-Level concept will help you win more, have more fun, and build greater client loyalty. It's a playbook for success."
—Roger T. Staubach, Executive Chairman for the Americas, Jones Lang LaSalle, and founder of The Staubach Company

"It's not just about selling; it's about winning. Just in time for one of the most competitive markets in a generation. Be prepared to win."
—Robert A. Ortiz, Executive Managing Director – U.S. Operations, Cushman & Wakefield Inc.

"Bob Potter's Third-Level Selling offers a progressive, advanced approach to building trust, demonstrating value, and winning. Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned veteran, it will take your career to the next level."
—Craig Robbins, Chief Knowledge Officer, Colliers International

"Business development never stops for successful real estate companies. Bob Potter gets it, and his simple strategies and techniques can be implemented immediately across a sales-oriented organization. This book is a gem."
—Tom Donnelly, President and COO, ValleyCrest Landscape Development

"Rarely do books capture the essence of success in our industry. Third-Level Selling helps one understand how you build long-term committed relationships with clients. This book is a road map to becoming a top producer; I only hope that my competition doesn't read it!"
—Dan Winey, Managing Principal, Gensler

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ISBN-13: 9780470454435
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/03/2008
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Robert A. Potter (San Anselmo, CA; is a commercial real estate sales and strategy speaker, trainer, and consultant. His clients include some of the best-known real estate service firms including Colliers, Grubb & Ellis, PMI Group, Gensler, DPR Construction, Cushman & Wakefield, Wells Fargo and NAI.

Table of Contents

PART I: It’s About Winning: Why You?

Airbag versus Differentiator

Chapter 1 Third-Level Selling

Vendor Differentiation versus Client Differentiation

Level 1: Vendors Pitch (Airbags)

Level 2: Preferred Providers Position Their Offering Against the Competition’s

Third-Level Selling: Strategic Partners Differentiate on the Client

Deliberate Practice: Are Great Sales People Born or Made?

Deliberate Practice for Third-Level Selling

Chapter 2 How (and Why) Clients Choose You

How Clients Choose You

Client Differentiators

Vendor Differentiators

Standard Life Investments Real Estate (SLIRE) Example

Pick Your Battles

Deliberate Practice: How (and Why) Clients Choose You

Chapter 3 Navigating From Vendor (Level 1) to Preferred Provider (Level 2)

Search Phase: Level 1 - Pitch to Get Invited!

Screening Phase: Level 2 - Position versus Competition

Position Difference, Preference, and Proof

Harvesting Specific Testimonials

Rank as Proof

Experience Is Simply the Name We Give Our Mistakes. (Oscar Wilde)

Best Outcome

Congratulations! You Made the Short List of Preferred Providers

Deliberate Practice: From Vendor to Preferred Provider

PART II: Third Level: From Preferred Provider to Chosen Partner

Client Eyes

Deliberate Practice: Third-Level Client Profile

Chapter 4 Accelerating Personal Relationships

Find Common Ground to Accelerate Relationships

The Relationship Game: Three to Five Questions to Uncover “Amazing Stories”

Deliberate Practice for Accelerating Relationships

Chapter 5 Accelerating Professional Relationships

“We Research the Hell Out of Them”

Raise the Flashlight

What’s Changed? The Ultimate Strategic Question

Looking for CID

Give-and-Take Questions

Gaining Agreement to Explore Solutions

Deliberate Practice to Accelerate Professional Relationships

Chapter 6 Finding Project/Property Difference

“Our Brokers Need to Know our Buildings Better Than We Do”

“Because You Didn’t Ask”

Start the Project before the Mandate

Deliberate Practice: Project/Property Differentiation

Chapter 7 Finding and Aligning to Client Preferences

Previous Experience

Educating Client Concerns

What Could Go Wrong?

Client Visions

Your Competition

Unhooking an Incumbant Competitors

Deliberate Practice: Finding Differences in Client Preferences

Chapter 8 Finding and Aligning to the Client’s Decision Process

Deliberate Practice: Find and Align to the Decision Process

Chapter 9 Third-Level Proposals and Presentations

From Vendor-centric to Client-centric

Third-Level Presentations Are Client-centric

Deliberate Practice: Third-Level Proposals and Presentations

Chapter 10 Pricing and Third-Level Negotiation

We Lost on Price?

“Who Would You Choose If Prices Were The Same?”

Third-Level Negotiating

Deliberate Practice: Pricing and Third-Level Negotiation

PART III: Winning without Competition

Chapter 11 Third-Level Client Satisfaction

Highly Satisfied (versus Satisfied) Clients Twice as Loyal

Take Care of It (Satisfied) and Take Care of Me (Highly Satisfied)

Referral: The Best Measure

Client Advocates: Taking Care of You

Deliberate Practice: Delighting Clients

Chapter 12 Winning in the Invisible Market

Invisible Market Danger: Unqualified Clients

Does This Client Have the Problems You Solve?

Finding and Aligning to the Service Decision

Deliberate Practice: Winning in the Invisible Market

Chapter 13 Managing Third-Level Selling Skills

Track Performance Metrics to Drive Third-Level Best Practices

Coaching Results Not Just Behavior

Call Preparation and Momentum Recommendations

Call Review and Diagnostics


Presentations and Recommendations

Chapter 14 Final Thoughts

Get with Clients

Enlightened Self-Interest

Appendix 1: BCCI Value Proposition

Appendix 2: Company Message Acceleration Example

Appendix 3: Client Profile

Appendix 4: Client Profile with Questions

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