Selfhood and U.S. Democracy

Selfhood and U.S. Democracy

by Edith E. Muesing-Ellwood


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Democracy depends on an informed and mature population and will not survive in a society that doesn't understand itself in the context of the modern world. It is precisely this lack of self knowing that creates a culture easily manipulated by fear, lies and mass marketing. Muesing-Ellwood suggests we grow up, shift our life focus from "having" to "being," heal ourselves and in so doing nurture the democratic essence of the body politic.

Susan Bright

Poet, author of The Layers Of Our Seeing, Breathing
Under Water, Next To the Last Word, House Of the Mother,
and Tirades And Evidence Of Grace

Selfhood and U.S. Democracy is an outstanding accomplishment that finds freedom and liberty grounded in our own selves.

Margaret A. Buser

Author of A Trip Back to the Great Depression

In these economic times where everything is unsure: personal, professional, even our basic belief systems are being questioned and tested, Selfhood and U.S. Democracy presents a process by which we can begin to trust ourselves against a solid foundation of selfhood.
Helen Vitoria

Author of Corn Exchange [forth coming] and facilitator of the Poetry Workshop of Pocono Writers

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