Self Defense: Self Defense for Men and Women, Self Defense for the Street, No Prior Training, Fast Easy-to-Learn Moves To Save Your Life

Self Defense: Self Defense for Men and Women, Self Defense for the Street, No Prior Training, Fast Easy-to-Learn Moves To Save Your Life

by Jack Kruger


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How would you manage if you were attacked today? When you least expected it? Do you wish you knew how to defend yourself or more importantly what to look for if a would-be attacker is moving towards you? Knowing a few tricks and moves to get you out of trouble could save your life and this book has been written to give you no a bullshit approach to help you.

This is for both men and women to defend themselves. 12 Reasons to Make this Book an Essential Part of Your Self Defense:

-- How to Avoid an Attack Altogether
-- How to Deal with The Fear Factor
-- Controlling your Adrenaline and Nerves
-- Be More Switched On
-- Set up for Max Impact
-- The Best Form of Self Defense
-- Using Natural Weapons
-- The No No's for Survival
-- How To Build a Secure Wall
-- Finish in the fight in One Punch - where to strike to give you time to escape
-- Signs Before an Attack
-- If it All Goes Wrong - what to do!

Violent attacks, muggings, robbery and rape are unfortunately on the rise. You only have to look at the newspapers, news channels or more commonly the newsfeed on Facebook to see another meaningless assault on some poor victim. Worse still you may see a video of some being attacked and passersby's refusing to intervene and preferring to mind their own business.

This puts the average person in no doubt that if something happened you would probably be on your own.

However if this sounds like a would-be attacker has everything in their favour then they can think again. I'm here to tip the scales back in your favour by showing you what to look for and how to defend yourself. In many cases it will be about spotting potential danger and removing yourself, or executing one move to allow you to escape the situation.

These are not complex martial arts moves, they are fast attack or defense strikes to hit in the right place, to give you enough time to leave the area unharmed. On top of various moves I teach you how to control fear.

I go into the reality of a fight - and into why certain moves wouldn't work in "real world" scenarios. In essence this is a information-packed book to help you avoid confrontation and if need be get the upper hand on any encounter.

Curious To Learn More?
Check out 'Self Defense; Self Defense For Men and Women' to learn the secrets of smart self defense. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars/pounds on various martial arts courses.

What you need are some easy to remember 'go to moves' to get you out of harms away. When you have the tips and tricks in this book you will know what weakness to look for in an opponent, and how to avoid a confrontation altogether.

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