Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3

Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3

by Pete SeegerPete Seeger




In his 60-some years as a public performer, Pete Seeger has left an indelible footprint on popular music. As a member of the Almanac Singers (with Woody Guthrie, Lee Hays, and Millard Lampell) in the 1940s and the Weavers (again with Lee Hays, as well as Fred Hellerman and Ronnie Gilbert) a decade later, Seeger helped midwife the urban folk boom of the 1960s. His comfortable voice and graceful banjo style give his many compositions and folk adaptations an easy and elegant dignity. Seeds is the third in a trilogy of double-disc albums that feature songs either written or arranged by Seeger, with the spotlight this time on previously unreleased material, most of which is on the first disc. As a writer, Seeger has long been a master of protest songs, whimsical songs, and songs of unbridled optimism, and "Trouble at the Bottom," "English Is Cuh-ray-zee," and "Flowers of Peace" (sung to the gorgeous melody of "Wild Mountain Thyme") are welcome additions to his body of work. "Estadio Chile," the horrifying story of the great Chilean singer Victor Jara, is simply an unforgettable song, if painful to hear because of the cruelty it has to bear. The final song on the first disc, "Sailing Down My Golden River," recorded with the assistance of David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd fame) and orchestrated by Michael Kamen, functions as a sort of elegant autumnal statement from Seeger. The songs on the second disc are sung by contemporary folk artists who share an affinity to Seeger's work and include some of his most famous tunes, including Dick Gaughan's slow, stark, synthesizer-colored version of "Bells of Rhymney" and Natalie Merchant's powerful take on "Which Side Are You On," a song written by Florence Reece but popularized by Seeger and sung at many union gatherings.

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Release Date: 09/23/2003
Label: Appleseed Records
UPC: 0611587107220
catalogNumber: 1072

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pete Seeger   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Recorder,Vocals,Human Whistle,12-string Guitar,5-string Banjo,Spoken Word
Tony Trischka   Banjo
Dick Gaughan   Synthesizer,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Cathy Fink   Rhythm Guitar
Arlo Guthrie   Guitar,Vocals
Carolyn Hester   Guitar,Vocals
Anne Hills   Vocals
Cindy Mangsen   Vocals
Tom Paxton   Vocals
Peggy Seeger   Banjo,Piano,Vocals
Holly Near   Vocals
Billy Bragg   Vocals
Steve Earle   Vocals
Janis Ian   Guitar,Vocals
Ciro Hurtado   Guitar
Tom Pacheco   Guitar,Vocals
Martin Simpson   Guitar,Vocals
Marcy Marxer   Guitar,Mandolin,Hi String
John McCutcheon   Guitar,Vocals
Ani DiFranco   Vocals
Pat Humphries   Guitar,Vocals
Greg Artzner   Guitar,Concertina,Vocals
Dave Blume   Banjo
J.T. Brown   Bass
Sonya Cohen   Vocals
Mark Dann   Bass
Ronnie Gilbert   Vocals
Ralph Gordon   Acoustic Bass
Reggie Harris   Guitar,Vocals
Fred Hellerman   Vocals
Priscilla Herdman   Vocals
Robert Jospé   Percussion
Jennifer Kimball   Vocals
Kevin Kuhn   Guitar
Terry Leonino   Mandolin,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Graham Maby   Bass
Calum MacColl   Hi String
Pete McDonald   Drums
Natalie Merchant   Vocals
Abby Newton   Cello
Scott Petito   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Mandolin,Piano
Charlie Pilzer   Bass
Doug Robinson   Bass
Harry Scorzo   Violin
Bill Vanaver   Vocals
Rick Walker   Percussion
Libby McLaren   Piano,Vocals
Michael Green   Vocals
Robin Flower   Mandolin,Vocals
Band of Angels   Vocals
Richie Stearns   Banjo
Erik Della Penna   Guitar
Tao Rodriguez-Seeger   Guitar,Percussion,Maracas,Vocals
Frank Duncan   Percussion
Mitchell Marcus   Vocals
T.J. Johnson   Mandolin
Kim Harris   Vocals
Beth Reineke   Background Vocals
Gabriel Gordon   Guitar
Allison Miller   Drums
Marco Accattatis   Bass
Jessica Radcliffe   Vocals
Elizabeth Steen   Organ
Steve Green   Percussion
Sue Altkin   Vocals
Livia Vanaver   Vocals
David Bernz   Electric Bass,Background Vocals,12-string Guitar
Sarah Bonsignore   Background Vocals
Charlene Stout   Vocals
Fraser MacColl   Acoustic Guitar
Anna Crusis Women's Choir   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Tom DeCrosta   Trumpet
Robert Euvino   Hammond Organ,Vocals
Randolph Harris   Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Pollock Johnson   Maracas

Technical Credits

Tony Trischka   Producer
Dick Gaughan   Producer
Cathy Fink   Producer
Woody Guthrie   Composer
Malvina Reynolds   Composer
Pete Seeger   Composer,Liner Notes
Janis Ian   Producer
Ciro Hurtado   Producer
Michael Kamen   Orchestral Arrangements
Harold Arlen   Composer
Martin Simpson   Producer
Paul Petersen   Engineer
Marcy Marxer   Producer
John McCutcheon   Producer
Norman Rosten   Composer
Roy Ashby   Engineer
Johann Sebastian Bach   Composer
Dave Blume   Producer,Engineer
George Cowan   Engineer
Mark Dann   Producer,Engineer
Ronnie Freeland   Engineer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Reggie Harris   Arranger,Producer
Lee Hays   Composer
Scott Lehrer   Producer,Engineer
Calum MacColl   Programming,Producer
Gary Mankin   Engineer
Natalie Merchant   Producer
Scott Petito   Producer
Jim Robeson   Engineer
Ryuichi Sakamoto   Composer
David Seitz   Producer
Justin Mayer   Engineer
Irene Scott   Director,Producer
Todd Vos   Engineer
Dick Connette   Arranger,Producer
Idris Davies   Composer
Damon Iddins   Engineer
Jim Musselman   Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Woodcut
Jessica Radcliffe   Producer
Linda LaDue   Cover Painting
Terry Artzner   Producer
Jim Lovell   Engineer
Robert Euvino   Engineer
Florence Reece   Composer
Peter Lewis   Engineer
F. Reece   Composer

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