Seducing the Sheriff (erotica/erotic romance)

Seducing the Sheriff (erotica/erotic romance)

by Cherry Fine

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Dare #2, Seducing the Sheriff. Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the kind where you get the feeling that you’ve stepped smack-dab into the middle of one of those stories you read in the naughty magazines? That’s exactly what’s about to happen to Deputy Cal Winters while he’s making late night patrols on the outskirts of town. Julie Hayes is on a mission to get pulled over so she can fulfill the Dare Club’s most recent challenge--sex with a cop!

Content Warning: 18+ ONLY. This SHORT STORY contains strong language and explicit sex and is intended for mature audiences only.

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--- EXCERPT ---

Cal’s car rolled to a stop just behind the perpetrator’s. He left the lights on, but turned off his dashboard camera. If he ended up needing to readjust his cock, he didn’t want the camera seeing him touch himself.

Cal opened the car door and stepped out. He adjusted his gun belt and strode with a cockiness in his gait toward the driver’s door.

She’d already rolled the window down. He could tell it was a she because he could see her tits hanging out of an exceptionally low-cut tank top.

Cal unhooked his flashlight from his belt loop and flicked it on, shining it inside the car. Mostly on her tits. She was wearing a pair of cutoffs, that would surely show the cheeks of her ass if she got out of the car.

“License and registration, please?” He watched her digging through her wallet until finally she pulled out her driver’s license. “This your car?” he asked, as she leaned toward the passenger’s side and flipped open the glove box. Cal shined the light toward her ass, seeing if he could see any part of it. He couldn’t. Damn.

She sat back in her seat and handed him the requested documents. “Here you go.” She didn’t seem nervous or uptight. Just kind of amused.

“Where are you headed this time of night?” he said, scanning her license and registration.

“Oh, just driving around until I sober up a bit.”

Cal looked at her. Did she want to get arrested? “You want to step out of the car, please?”

“Sure.” She opened the door and placed a long, lean leg outside and got her footing before emerging from the vehicle.

The girl was all kinds of sexy and practically half-naked. Cal felt his cock waking just from the sight of her. “Why were you driving like a maniac on the freeway?”

“Maybe I was just trying to get your attention, sheriff.” She looked at him with one of those looks that said she wanted him to throw her against the car and fuck her brains out.

Cal’s dick throbbed. “I’m not the sheriff. Just a deputy.”

She seemed undaunted by his correction. “So...” She looked at his name tag. “Deputy Winters...would you like to search me?”

Was that a trick question? Of course he wanted to search her. He wanted to feel her tits and run his fingers over her pussy. But that might not be a wise move—or would it?

Ms. Hayes was coming off awfully friendly.

“Why exactly were you trying to get my attention?” He had to be sure, even though his cock wanted him to go for it.

“You really don’t want to arrest me, do you?” she asked in a sultry, sullen voice, moving closer to him. “Isn’t there something we can do to work it out?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, I think you should start by searching me.”

“Are you concealing a weapon?”

“Not a weapon.” She smiled. “But I do have something for you. I think you’ll like it...unless you’re gay.”

“I’m not gay.” He shook his head.

“Good.” She took a step closer. Her breasts were inches from his chest. She held out her arms. “Go ahead. Search me. I think we’ll both enjoy it.”

Lust chased a groan up his throat. He tried to cough it away. “Little girls shouldn’t play with fire.”

“I got a fire. Burning between my legs. You care to put it out?”

-------End of Excerpt-------

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About the Author

Cherry Fine pens smart, sassy and sexy erotic tales that explore provocative relationships between two, three, and sometimes more consenting adults.

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