Scott Joplin:The Complete Rags, Waltzes & Marches

Scott Joplin:The Complete Rags, Waltzes & Marches

by William ApplingWilliam Appling




"It is never right to play Ragtime fast." Scott Joplin's famous instruction, printed at the top of most of his publications, has been overlooked by many pianists who take quick, Tin Pan Alley tempos for such favorites as "Maple Leaf Rag" and "The Easy Winners." Listening to William Appling's four-CD set of the complete rags, waltzes, and marches, one should be convinced that the correct speed for most of Joplin's piano music seems to be a moderate walking, if not ambling, pace, and Joplin's subtle harmonies and intricate syncopations are easier to appreciate when the timing is leisurely. Appling came to Joplin by way of rediscovering a student's abandoned copy of the Collected Works edition, and playing through the rags in 2001 gave him the impetus to record not only this impressive collection, but also to work on other Joplin projects, such as a full-scale production of the opera "Treemonisha." While numerous collections are available, Appling's set is the first complete recording of Joplin's piano music made by an African-American pianist, and his remarkable two-year project shows his determination to give the music the permanence and respect that it deserves, as well as the proper pacing.

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Release Date: 03/29/2017
Label: Cd Baby
UPC: 0888295540322
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Disc 1

  1. Sugar Cane, ragtime two-step for piano  (04:21)
  2. Pleasant Moments Ragtime Waltz, for piano  (04:17)
  3. Country Club, ragtime two-step for piano  (05:25)
  4. The Ragtime Dance, stoptime two-step for piano  (04:21)
  5. Gladiolus Rag, for piano  (05:16)
  6. Combination March, for piano  (04:15)
  7. The Cascades, rag for piano  (04:09)
  8. Bethena, waltz for piano  (07:50)
  9. The Great Crush Collision March, for piano  (06:09)
  10. Leola, two-step for piano  (04:36)
  11. Scott Joplin's New Rag, for piano  (03:53)

Disc 2

  1. Maple Leaf Rag, for piano  (04:13)
  2. Binks' Waltz, for piano  (05:43)
  3. Paragon Rag, for piano  (04:50)
  4. Reflection Rag, syncopated musings for piano  (06:42)
  5. The Easy Winners, for piano  (04:28)
  6. Eugenia, for piano  (06:26)
  7. A Breeze from Alabama, march & ragtime two-step for piano  (05:39)
  8. Harmony Club Waltz, for piano  (06:43)
  9. Original Rags, for piano (collaboration with Charles Daniels)  (06:40)
  10. Cleopha, march & two-step for piano  (04:43)
  11. Antoinette, march & two-step for piano  (03:22)
  12. Euphonic Sounds, syncopated two-step for piano  (03:58)

Disc 3

  1. School of Ragtime, excercises (6) for piano  (02:18)
  2. Elite Syncopations, for piano  (04:52)
  3. Peacherine Rag, for piano  (04:32)
  4. Search-Light Rag, syncopated march & two-step for piano  (05:37)
  5. March Majestic, for piano  (03:32)
  6. The Chrysanthemum, an Afro-American Intermezzo, for piano  (06:02)
  7. The Strenuous Life, rag for piano  (04:48)
  8. Nonpareil, rag & two-step for piano  (05:16)
  9. The Sycamore, for piano

    1. Prelude [A Concert Rag]  (00:37)
    2. The Sycamore [A Concert Rag]  (04:29)
  10. Pine Apple Rag, for piano  (04:35)
  11. The Entertainer, for piano  (05:16)
  12. The Augustan Club Waltzes, for piano  (05:16)

Disc 4

  1. Wall Street Rag, for piano  (06:25)
  2. The Favorite, ragtime two-step for piano  (05:15)
  3. Rose Leaf Rag, for piano  (05:27)
  4. Palm Leaf, slow drag for piano  (04:29)
  5. The Rose-bud March, for piano  (03:27)
  6. Silver Swan Rag, for piano (attibuted to Scott Joplin)  (05:26)
  7. Weeping Willow, ragtime two-step for piano  (04:43)
  8. Fig Leaf Rag, for piano  (05:24)
  9. Stoptime Rag, for piano  (03:55)
  10. Magnetic Rag, for piano  (06:31)
  11. Solace: A Mexican Serenade, for piano  (07:01)

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