Science with Street Value: A Physicist's Wanderings off the Beaten Track

Science with Street Value: A Physicist's Wanderings off the Beaten Track

by Theodore Modis


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In his groundbreaking book, Predictions: Society's Telltale Signature Reveals the Past and Forecasts the Future, Theodore Modis showed readers a fascinating new way to understand our society and ourselves by applying fundamental scientific concepts to predicting social phenomena. Now he pushes his physics-applied-to-life approach further and unearths street value in scientific findings. He shows that some fundamental truths cast into scientific laws are ubiquitous and enter our lives in subtle ways that we may not be aware of. In a kind of twenty-first century version of Plato's dialogues he offers new insights on life's many possibilities and ambiguities everywhere from managing business and personal relationships to finding purpose in one's existence.

This book will titillate the mind of all science-friendly readers.

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ISBN-13: 9783838214474
Publisher: ibidem Press
Publication date: 10/20/2020
Pages: 238
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x (d)

About the Author

Theodore Modis was born in Greece. At the age of eighteen he won a full scholarship to study in the United States. He received a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Physics, both from Columbia University, New York. He carried out research in particle-physics experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory and afterward at CERN in Europe. Later he switched to industry and worked at Digital Equipment Corporation as the head of a Management Science consultants group. Ten years later he founded his own consulting company, Growth Dynamics, in Geneva.

He is author/co-author to over one hundred articles in scientific and business journals and ten books translated into a number of languages. He has on occasion taught at Columbia University, the University of Geneva, the European business schools INSEAD and IMD, and the leadership school DUXX in Monterrey, Mexico. He lives in Lugano, Switzerland. For more info visit

Table of Contents

1 Signs of Disenchantment 1

2 There Cannot Be Magic 5

3 Precocious Cross-Disciplinarity 10

4 The Order of Mendios 15

5 Hypnosis Demystified 18

6 A Weirdoes Filing Cabinet 22

7 Making Contact with the G. Institute 26

8 Running after Entropy on Saturday Morning 28

9 Why Is the Sky Dark at Night? 31

10 Make Space for Time 36

11 Intricate Aspects of Time 39

12 The Humanities of Science 43

13 Accidents, Karma, Destiny, Miracles 48

14 As Above so Below 51

15 Mathematics with Social Use 56

16 The Power of Attention 61

17 Love Science 66

18 The Opposite of a Great Truth Is another Great Truth 72

19 Opposites Meet 77

20 Life Feeds on Differences 83

21 The Harmony in Moderation 86

22 The Symbolism of the Cross 90

23 Mind Over Body 103

24 If I can, I want 106

25 Management Science 111

26 The S-Shaped Adventure 114

27 Using S-Curves to Unearth Secrets 119

28 Symmetries and Invariants 123

29 The Shape of Things 129

30 Natural Growth in Competition 133

31 Showing Off at Conferences 137

32 Publishing for Fun, not for Survival 141

33 Entelechy 145

34 One Cannot Part with Knowledge, Much Less with Understanding 149

35 Setting Straight the AIDS Threat 154

36 Scientific Certification 158

37 A Down-to-Earth Nobel Laureate 161

38 Fallout 165

39 Growth Dynamics 168

40 "If winter is here, can spring be far behind?" Percy B. Shelley 171

41 Scientifically Sanitized Biorhythms 176

42 A Leadership School Experiment 181

43 Insights into Fluctuations 184

44 Accelerating Trends and The Singularity Myth 188

45 A Paradise Paradigm 195

46 Science with Street Value 198

Acknowledgments 205

Bibliography 207

Index 211

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