Science in Seconds for Kids: Over 100 Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less

Science in Seconds for Kids: Over 100 Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less

by Samuel Cord Stier, Jean Potter

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Help your kids explore the wonders of science with over 100 easy and accessible experiments

Science in Seconds for Kids: Over 100 Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less, 2nd Edition makes learning science with your children fun and practical. Using ingredients and components found mostly in your home or classroom, Science in Seconds for Kids instructs caregivers and educators on how to create dazzling and enlightening experiments from scratch.

This book utilizes bright and colorful illustrations and diagrams throughout, making the simple experiments even more accessible. Guide your kids through experiments including:

  • Making rainbows on the floor
  • Popping balloons with light
  • Bending water from a faucet
  • Making lightning in a room
  • Keeping paper dry underwater

The experiments will fascinate youngsters of all ages and encourage a love of science and learning that could last a lifetime. Science in Seconds for Kids is perfect for elementary, traditional, and homeschool educators, as well as parents, grandparents, and other caregivers.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119685470
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/10/2020
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 1,190,276
Product dimensions: 10.80(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.10(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

SAM STIER is Founding Director of The Center for Learning with Nature (, and teaches at the Whitacre College of Engineering (Texas Tech University) and Otis College of Art and Design. He is the author of the acclaimed curriculum Engineering Inspired by Nature, and has inspired and equipped thousands of K-12 teachers through professional development, curricula, and public speaking.

JEAN POTTER is an experienced early childhood teacher, consultant, and award-winning author of many children's activity books such as Nature in a Nutshell for Kids and Snacktivities. She has served as the Assistant Secretary of Education for the U.S. Department of Education and as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Air 3

Dry Paper 4

Elastic Air 5

Air Rocket 6

Air Push 7

Air Support 8

Bottle Balloon 9

Book Lift 10

Lifting Things with No Hands 11

Dusty Air 12

Living Things 13

Whopping Hoppers 14

Smart Skin 15

Break an Egg 16

Egg Shape 17

Seeing Without Eyes 18

Bendy Trees 19

Tree Curves 20

Slow Fly 22

Fish Skeleton 23

Colors 25

Waves of Color 26

Water Rainbow 27

Oil Rainbow 28

Secondary Colors 29

New Mix 30

Balloon Stretch 31

Hot Colors 32

Color Dyes 33

Spinning Colors 34

Chromatography 35

Energy 37

Marshmallow Launcher 38

Hot Hand 39

Hot Ice 40

Spicy Music 41

Sun Burst 42

Button Spinner 43

Wind Spin 44

Easy Electromagnet 45

Raisin Raising 46

Gravity 47

Balancing Act 48

Penny Balloon 49

Book Balance 50

Gravity Balance 51

Pendulum Plus 52

Paper Plunge 53

Gravity Pull 54

The Human Body 55

Pulse Watch 56

Pulse Change 57

Heart Sounds 58

Muscle Bound 59

Bone Brilliance 60

Eye Light 61

Weird Wonder 62

Crying Eyes 63

Old Shoes 64

All Together Now 66

Light 67

Tiny Mirror 68

Bending Straws 69

Light Beams 70

Stick Mirror 71

Easy Kaleidoscope 72

Infinite Mirrors 73

Comb Beams 74

Moon Phases 75

Machines 77

Lever Lift 78

Easy Move 79

Sinking Submarine 80

Simple Siphon 81

Sand Clock 82

Turning Time 83

Pulling Pulleys 84

Pull Ups 85

Ramp Marbles 86

Magnetism 87

Making Moves 88

Force Fields 89

Flying Paper Clip 90

New Magnet 91

Homemade Compass 92

Wrong Readings 93

Magnet Strength 94

Magnet Chain 95

Magnetic Breakfast 96

Magnification 97

Water Magnifier 98

Comb Rays 99

Magnifying Measurement 100

Double Convex 101

Word Flip 102

Round Works 103

Shadow Look 104

Eyeglass Lenses 105

Telescope Image 106

Water 107

Sticky Water 108

Water Skin 109

Circle Thread 110

Water Vapor 111

Window Fog 112

Breathing Dirt 113

Sinking Ship 114

Leakproof 115

Level Look 116

Weather 117

Wind Sail 118

Wind Direction 119

Wind Wheel 120

Wind Chill 121

Dew Point 123

Create Lightning 124

Thunder Wonder 125

No Pressure 126

Cricket Thermometer 127

Glossary 129

Further Reading 135

Index 137

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