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School Desegregation in the 21st Century

School Desegregation in the 21st Century


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Leading scholars in the fields of history and law have assembled an enormous amount of empirical data on the outcomes of school desegregation and conclude that the policies of the past—mandatory reassignment and strict racial quotas—had too few benefits and too many costs to make them viable alternatives for the future. Chapter topics include the history of school desegregation, the development of the law, the desegregation effectiveness of remedies, ability grouping and classroom desegregation, racial disparities in school discipline, intergroup relations, the attitudes and opinions of adults in desegregated school districts, and the outlook for the future.

The authors conclude that one of the biggest successes of school desegregation is that there is almost universal acceptance of the principle that racial discrimination is immoral. But school desegregation has had some important failures as well, most importantly, the failure to improve the academic achievement of black students and race relations between black and white students in desegregated schools. There have also been some serious costs—white flight and protest voting—associated with forced busing and the use of strict racial quotas. The concluding chapter argues that the solution to racial disparities in achievement, and to racial separation, lies in compensatory education for low achieving, poor children and school choice programs that do not use racial criteria but provide financial assistance to low-income families.

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ISBN-13: 9780275977696
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/30/2002
Pages: 360
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About the Author

CHRISTINE H. ROSSELL is Professor, Political Science Deptartment, Boston University.

DAVID J. ARMOR is Professor, School of Public Policy, George Mason University.

HERBERT J. WALBERG is University Scholar and Emeritus Research Professor of Education and Psychology, University of Illinois, Chicago.

Table of Contents

1.Introduction: Assessing the Promise of Brown1
2.History of School Desegregation17
3.Legal Issues Related to School Funding/Desegregation41
4.The Effectiveness of Desegregation Plans67
5.School Desegregation and Demographic Change119
6.Desegregation and Academic Achievement147
7.Ability Grouping and Classroom Desegregation189
8.Racial Disparities in School Discipline235
9.Improving Intergroup Relations in the Schools267
10.Attitudes on Race and Desegregation291
11.The Outlook for School Desegregation323
Subject Index335
Index of Court Cases345
About the Contributors349

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