Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

by Lauren Blakely

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The first rule of working together? Don't fall for the boss's daughter. Definitely don't fall for her when you're trying to buy the business.

The trouble is Sloane is smack dab next me from 9 to freaking 5. And she's as captivating, brilliant, and sexy as ever, which means I'm taking more than the recommended dosage of office romance temptation every day. Make that every single second, because she's not only "the one" -- she's the one who got away.

But she's the very definition of off-limits, so I keep my hands to myself. Fine, we might flirt. Okay, we do indulge in the occasional dirty text. And there was that one time when we kissed on the street. But we've been good since then.

Until the night she issues me a challenge -- seven nights of O lessons and then we walk away.

Sounds like a simple arrangement.

But I was never good with those kind of rules.

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BN ID: 2940161912164
Publisher: Lauren Blakely Books
Publication date: 06/10/2019
Series: Always Satisfied , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 704
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About the Author

A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read:

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Satisfaction Guaranteed 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 12 months ago
***ARC for honest review**** A great romcom from the male POV. I love when I get a book from the hero and not heroine, it’s such a great change up. Malone and Sloane and both desperate for a second chance with one another. However, will her father ever stop coming between them? I’m an avid Lauren Blakely reader and of you pick up this book you will understand why I am! The title is so perfect because your satisfaction will be guaranteed.
Anonymous 7 days ago
Story about a veterinarian and who sings occasionally at night at twin sisters club. This was a fun, wonderful romantic story..If you think the small picture is good of the guy advertising the story, then just wait until you see the whole screen with picture of the cat . HOT! LOL
Anonymous 8 months ago
Great read! Loved the story.
BookAngel_Emma 11 months ago
Satisfaction Guaranteed is the stuff romantic fantasies are made of, and the cherry on the cake – the names of the main characters rhyme – Malone and Sloane – could anything be cuter. Sloane and Malone have a history, and one very hot weekend, between them. Unfortunately, real life intruded quickly in the form of Sloane’s father becoming Malone’s business partner and mentor. However, neither have been able to forget the unbelievable chemistry between them, so when a turning point in their lives come by way of working in close proximity, Sloane and Malone have to confront their lingering attraction to each other. Satisfaction Guaranteed is chock full of swoon, from Malone’s musical talent and the impromptu concert to the resident felines to the way in which he embraces his feelings for Sloane. I loved how confident Malone was and this confidence projected onto Sloane, allowing her to lose her inhibitions and embrace her inner vixen. Satisfaction Guaranteed certainly lives up to its name
Arys 11 months ago
Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lauren Blakely is a fun, flirty and hot adventure. Malone and Sloane were awesome characters. This book was definitely a multi-themed one. Second chance, workplace romance, kinda off limits. But all these pale compared to the chemistry that they have. While they started off as a challenge, not much more than a fling, there was no way to hold back for them once the dam was cracked. Overall I very much enjoyed Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lauren Blakely, how it was able to tie in past characters of Ms. Blakely's and how special Malone and Sloane were as characters, both individually and as a couple. Not to discount the sheer fun and fire that they created on the page. Definitely a fun read. (I voluntarily reviewed an advance review copy of this book I received for free in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)
kryptic0206me 11 months ago
4.5 for Sloane & Malone! Every Lauren Blakely novel is like opening a present, full of the most engaging characters, a laugh, angst and of course some steamy romance. I totally fell for Malone and his adoration for Sloane. The woman who didn't really "get away" but that he let "walk away". Boundaries......that little separation between work and play and most of all respect. When you are trying to prove yourself to your partner that last thing you want to do is disobey his warning about steering clear of his daughter. But sometimes life puts people in your path and there's just no way to sidestep them. When Sloane and Malone meet up again by chance and then find that they will be sharing close quarters for the foreseeable future......the flames start to rise. Chemistry.....oh they most definitely have it......but when Malone realizes that Sloane may have tried to deceive him after a night together he makes it his goal to make sure it never happens again. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" was exactly Malone's mission. What you get in between the pages of this book are wonderful characters, a heartfelt love story, a few giggles and some steamy love scenes. In my opinion, this book has all of the makings to leave you satisfied. Go grab your copy and meet Sloane and Malone.
AmandaKozi 11 months ago
4.5☆ Malone and Sloane are so cute. The fact that Malone is a vet and great with animals makes him extra swoony. I loved that most of the pov was his and that made the book that much more enjoyable. I loved the undeniable chemistry and pull these two have. It felt so natural with these two and they were so cute together. I enjoyed their build up to their relationship a lot. I flew through the book, it was just that good!
FS_Meurinne 11 months ago
I love Lauren Blakely, this time I got the ebook before the audiobook, which by the way, I am so getting and it is a must hear. Sloane and Malone are amazing, their chemistry is sweet and sexy, the swoony hotness is always on any book by Lauren. This second chance romance with music inserted to the story, it is just amazing and a 5 star for me!
KB67 11 months ago
4 stars I purchased a copy of the novel Satisfaction Guaranteed: A Standalone Romance (Always Satisfied Book 1) by Lauren Blakely and this review was given freely. A good introduction to the series. A flirty steamy second chance romance with the business partner's daughter containing interesting characters, multiple romances, and a happy ending. Veterinarian and lounge singer at his twin sister's bar Gin Joint, Malone plays the field until preparations to buy out his mentor and clinic business partner Doug reunite Malone with his love of seven years ago Sloane challenging Malone's willpower and his ideas concerning love, happiness, and work.
Vicki101370 11 months ago
Oh how I love me some Lauren Blakely romance! When Sloane and Malone met, several years ago, it was instant attraction. But after a week of perfect dates, they discovered that Malone's new boss just happened to be Sloane's dad. After agreeing that the cards were just not in their favor, they went their separate ways. But neither of them forgot how natural things were between them. And when Sloane's father brings her animal shelter in house at the veterinary clinic where Malone works, neither of them can deny the attraction that still sizzles between them. While the two navigate the ins and outs of working together, some of our old favorites from the Big Rock world pop in for cameo appearances - which is so much fun for the reader - it's like getting a visit from an old friend. If you like hot steamy reads and sexy lovable characters, you don't want to miss picking this newest offering from Lauren Blakely. Trust me, you won't regret a second. And I hear there is a special treat for audio listeners.... I won't miss out on listening to this one!
Grandma_Tami 11 months ago
As always loved this book ! Malone and Sloane yes they have rhyming names and also share a love a animals! They also can’t stop thinking of each other even after 7 yrs when the realized that he was going to be working for her father and said father told him she was OFF limits , then they cross paths and can’t stop themselves just one kiss they say but well you know how that goes ! Oh no now they all work in the same building ! Come enjoy the ride ;) as they figure out how to navigate around cats dogs and dad !
I LOVE STORY TIME Book Blog 11 months ago
I love reading Lauren Blakely books. They are easy to read, the storyline is fluid, and the words just flow. They are cute and witty and full of heart. They are stories that make you want to fall in love and they will always leave a smile on your face. I adored Malone and Sloan. I love a good second chance romance and theirs did not disappoint! There’s nothing better than a book that can take you out of your reality for a bit and immerse you in a world of happily ever after and Satisfaction Guaranteed did just that. If your looking for a light and entertaining read, this it it! ♥ Review by Lys
ChellyH 11 months ago
Satisfaction Guaranteed, indeed! This book is a sexy romance from the male POV and I read it cover-to-cover in a swoon-induced romance fog. Seriously, Malone's character is that super attentive, confident, sexy guy that ladies love. He's a vet that loves his four-legged patients, and oh yeah, he just happens to be an amazing singer, with a repertoire of classic Sinatra style love songs. Yep, there's no way anyone is NOT falling for this man. Of course Sloane thinks he's all that! Too bad that they're each the one that got away. Well, too bad for them. Not for this reader, who adores second chance romances. Cue all the sighs! Did I mention romance...and swooning? Sigh. If you're looking for a romance book that's low on angst and high on all the things that make your heart go pitter-patter, start here and then binge the author's backlist. You won't be sorry.
Cat_Reader 11 months ago
" My skin is buzzing; my bones are humming." Oh my dear lord! I love this writer so very much! She simply creates the best comedy couples in the whole world! This time, she brought a romantic veterinarian and a sweet animals rescuer. What a hotter couple in every way. Like all the big rock's series, the book begins with a delightful prologue where the protagonist tells what is the goal of his life, in this case, Malone wants not only to make the girl feels pleasure during sex, he wants her to ... purrs like a cat. Malone needed to give up his flirting with Sloane after discovering seven years before that she is the daughter of his boss, of course now nothing has changed, but when they begin to work together the attraction between them will be uncontrollable. Sloane rescues animals from the street and gives them home. When she sees her crush again and reveal that never has an orgasm, Malone makes this his life goal, his pleasure task. The beginning of the book is a bit slow, whit them always hiding their attraction, but gradually the connection between them deepens to the point that they begin questioning if they will really be able to live without each other. Filled with hilarious moments and filled with sweet scenes, Lauren Blakely created a plot about how to fight for the love of your life with many moments of tension and agony to bring the reader to the climax of history. I love the covers of this series but this, in particular, is extremely perfect for the book with this beautiful cat making me melt and purr. Oh my Oh my I loved to see some characters from previous books and loved passionately the playlist that fits perfectly with the plot.
bbarneybooks28 11 months ago
For Satisfaction Guaranteed, Lauren Blakely dives back into telling the majority of the story through the male perspective, and boy have I missed the way she takes on the hero’s point of view and runs with it, delving into male idiosyncrasies, their say it like it is mentality, and their competitive nature that seems to come out regardless of the situation or the absurdity of circumstances. And, the fact that there’s already an established past between Malone and Sloane makes the plot that much more intriguing because I find myself more invested in story lines where the hero and heroine have a second chance to be together, and even though these two only spent a week in each other’s lives, it was clear just how much an impression they made on each other and the fact that they never stopped thinking about their time together, even 7 years later. Malone is definitely one sexy and total package book boyfriend; he’s a vet, which means he loves and cares for animals, but he’s also a lounge singer, crooning out the classics and seducing women with his voice and his sex appeal. It’s clear that Sloan has remained on his mind during the years apart, so when she reenters his life and wears her feelings for him on her sleeve, there’s not much Malone won’t do to have Sloan back in his life and in his bed because the sizzling chemistry between them forces their hand in more ways than one. As much as I enjoyed Malone and Sloane, I have to admit that I adored Truly, and I’m beyond excited to get her story. Satisfaction Guaranteed is a quick, light, steamy read that oozes sexuality and attraction and proves just how much satisfaction Malone and Sloane provide each other even after several years apart. 4 Posion Apples
Karina 11 months ago
You know a Lauren Blakely book has the main characters names rhyming (Sloane and Malone) it is going to be a fun read. This book was full of not only humor but steamy, sexy scenes. Sloane and Malone met years ago and shared a hot and intense weekend. It ended with them going going their separate ways not because of what happened but the fact that Malone discovers Sloane is the daughter of the man he going into business with. Father and daughter do not share the same last name. Years later is where this story starts. The two run into each other again and both can feel the connection is still there and it turns out Slaone is going to start working at the vet clinic Malone and her father run. This was such a great story. I loved that Ms Blakely ties in appearances from some of her past books. One of the characters mentioned is Nick from Mr O who happens to be cousins with Malone. It is always a treat to get a chance to revisit with characters from other books. The way the tie ins are written into the story add to the overall sense of the world Ms Blakely creates with her books. The chemistry between Sloane an Malone is so strong. I love that Malone is more than just another alpha male. He has so much depth to him. His love of music and singing songs from years gone by is refreshing. The songs he sings are ones that remind you what love is about. You will not be disappointed with this story. Absolutely wonderful read!
bookbruin 11 months ago
This was such a sweet and cute second chance romance! Lauren Blakely sets the bar so high for male POV romcoms! I loved how from the start our hero and heroine only have eyes for each other. 7 years may have passed, but their attraction and chemistry is just as strong as it was when they first met. Malone and Sloane were amazing together and I appreciated that they were both mature adults who were open and honest with each other. Yes, there are some missteps along the way, but the obstacles they faced were realistic and understandable. Malone is one of Lauren Blakely's swooniest heroes ever! He's smart, funny, kind, loves animals, respectful, sings, and is gorgeous. When he sang "Wonderful Tonight" to Sloane, I was a puddle on the floor. *SWOON* What impressed me most about him though, was his reaction to Sloane's "thing". I don't think most guys would be able to put their ego aside and 1) be as understanding and patient and 2) devote themselves so fully to overcoming it. I really couldn't help but root for Malone and Sloane to finally find their HEA. The cameos by previous characters from Lauren Blakely's other books (like Big Rock and Mister O) were such a treat and I always love those little Easter eggs. They bring all the characters and worlds together in such a fun way. I'm really looking forward to the next book, Instant Gratification, which features Malone's sister, Truly, and his best friend, Jason. If you were a fan of Lauren Blakely's Big Rock series, you are going to love Satisfaction Guaranteed! *I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
TerriDlovestoread 11 months ago
Still swooning from reading this book. WOW! I love reading from a male POV and to see things from the hero's perspective just made this book that much better. We have that with Malone Goodman or Dr. Goodman as his 4 legged friends owners call him. He can also be referred to as a Good Man entertainer, singing the old swoon worthy songs from the greats. Is there anything this man isn't good at? Well Sloane Elizabeth wants to find out and she has been waiting seven long years to do so. See, she has this pesky "thing" she wants to alleviate and she thinks Malone is just the man to take care of it for her. Trouble is they are a taboo couple. Her father Doug is Malone's business partner and now she is working in their office so double no no for letting herself fall for this handsome perfect man. Oh this book, it has so many great things about it. The hero is perfect in so many ways. Not only is he hot and charming and can sing and is successful in everything else he does but he takes the time to research a way to help Sloane with her "thing" and that right there ladies is a winner. He cares enough about her to put her first and oh does he. Myself being an A-type personality I can totally relate to Sloane on so many levels so I fell for her immediately. I was sucked right in to their story and fell in love with these characters. Good news, we get to revisit with old characters we loved from the Big Rock series. I absolutely love when we get to reconnect with old characters and have another visit with them. It's like having a family/friend reunion. I could go on and on about how good this book is and if you are a fan of Lauren Blakely you already know that without having to read my review. If you are new to her get ready to fall in love with not only this book but her writing skills. She is the queen of love and rom-com and I highly recommend every book she has written. I was blessed to receive an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion. I loved it! I highly recommend it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I can't wait for the next release.
JenPH 11 months ago
This was an absolutely fun-filled read with a dash of angst and some major feels. It also made me a wee bit sad because the cover of the book has a cat that looks somewhat like my cat that passed away last week plus there were quite a few cats in the story, so yeah, I was definitely missing my Boom. But Malone and Sloane's story brought a smile to my face, thanks to the lighthearted feel and the wit and banter these two had going along with all that friendly flirting and sexual tension between them. There's a sole source of conflict that's stopping these two from truly being together and it's the same one that stopped them short seven years ago: Sloane's dad, aka Malone's business partner. But that conflict was set aside for the greater good by Dr. Goodman, who was, indeed, a good man (and veterinarian AND singer!) because every girl needs to be satisfied, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. Satisfaction Guaranteed was a reminder of sorts that plans can change, especially when our priorities do and you don't always necessarily have to sacrifice one thing for another. You can, indeed, have it all. Five stars. ♥
Kayreader 11 months ago
Lauren Blakely knows how to write the perfect man. Dr. Malone Goodman is practically perfect in every way and I devoured Satisfaction Guaranteed in just one sitting. Satisfaction Guaranteed is dirty and perfect in the best ways possible. Blakely hit this one out of the ballpark! Lauren Blakely serves up Satisfaction Guaranteed with her ever present charm and humor. "It's not a huge deal that you revealed you stalk him. And hey, he keeps tabs on you too. You're just a couple of stalkers." Between all the schmexy time and adorable animals, since both Malone and Sloane work with animals, you will also love the wit and banter between everyone that comes and goes throughout their daily lives. Lauren Blakely really does deliver it all. And did I mention how steamy this book is? Hold on to your panties, because you might need to change a few. Whew!! "I'll get you purring. It's a one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed promise." Dr. Goodman and Sloane Elizabeth have aced Chemistry 101, they are absolutely electric. They find themselves working together after Sloane's father brings her business, an animal rescue, in to work side by side with their already thriving veterinarian business. Malone has thought about Sloane for years, but was told by his business partner at his time of hire that his daughter was off limits. Malone liked his job and therefore stayed away, but the attraction has always been there. Now, it's years later and they are working in close quarters, the sexual tension is palpable and soon neither can stay away. Seven years of waiting...I'll just's combustible. If you love Lauren Blakely and you love a good book, then you will love Satisfaction Guaranteed.
sm0120 11 months ago
3.5* Satisfaction Guaranteed is a sweet, sexy, second-chance, slightly forbidden, romance. Years after spending one incredible week together, Malone and Sloane (say that 5 times fast), are thrown back together and find the attraction and chemistry hasn't waned a bit. But, (and isn't there always a but?), once again they find her father standing in their way. Ms. Blakely really knows how to write a swoony-worthy hero and a sassy heroine, and Malone and Sloane are perfect examples. Unfortunately I just never completely connected with them, or with their story. Everything was there- the chemistry, the banter, the swooniness, but for some reason this book just didn't clilck with me. I don't know if I wasn't in the right headspace when I read it, because it really did have everything I adore from her stories. I definitely think this was a case of it's me, not the book. I am looking forward to doing a "reread" via the audiobook- to hear Jason Clarke sing?!? Yes, please! And I can't wait for Truly's book!
Chloe Trivelpiece 11 months ago
Oh what a fantastic introduction to a new series by this amazing writer. There is so much to love about this story, the POV is amazing! It's humorous, fast paced and oh so swoony! I don't want to give too much away by spelling it out, so read it and you will agree with me. This is the story of Malone and Sloane...(it rhymes!!) I loved the confidence of Malone, he is the quintessential old school gentleman and I floved him!  He has the charm, the charisma and the looks to be a member of the new rat pack! Malone is like a swallow of a good smooth bourbon...he warms you from the inside out! Sloane is a mystery.  She is a challenge that Malone couldn't say no to.  Even with the cards stacked against them, they found a way. I loved her bravery, her confidence in asking for what she wants and getting it! The world that Ms. Blakely creates with this story is so pulled me in and didn't let me go until the end.  And I so didn't want it to end. I loved the tease to the next book in this series and I cannot wait for it! This story is another stellar addition to Ms. Blakely's collection! Well done!
ViperSpaulding 11 months ago
Sloane and Malone finally get their chance! A fabulous week of getting to know one another ended abruptly when Malone's dream job is with a man who turns out to be Sloane's father. Career must come first, and that's the status quo for seven years. Until Sloane's dad brings her animal rescue agency into his and Malone's veterinary practice's offices. The steam quotient is very high as both Malone and Sloane realize their chemistry is as combustible as ever. And when one "what happens in Tahiti stays in Tahiti" night reveals an even bigger problem, Malone decides to throw caution to the wind and fix every thing that needs fixing. I enjoyed the gradual maturing of this relationship that reflected the maturing priorities of the two main characters. Priorities are examined, risks are taken, choices are made, and the twist with Doug at the end was absolutely priceless. Their HEA had a sweet ripple effect that benefited two other couples as well. The writing style was different - mostly from Malone's POV with a few short bits from Sloane tossed in - but it really worked to demonstrate Malone's heart, humor, loyalty, and dedication. Sloane may not get much direct page time, but she makes the most of what she gets so the reader never feels that the entire story is just from his POV. As a side note, I absolutely loved the immersive inclusion of the oldies music, how it was used to convey emotions and how Malone used it in his side career. Simply brilliant. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
KindleKat64 11 months ago
OMG I absolutely adore Lauren Blakely's male POV RomComs!! I always know there will be a wonderful, sexy, charming, swoonworthy, and funny hero. And Malone fits the bill so perfectly. Oh and he's a vet, who clearly loves animals. Sigh. Oh yeah and he sings, but not pop, rock or country, no this man sings the classically romantic songs that will surely make you swoon. Heavy sigh. I honestly could not get enough of this seemingly perfect man. Sloane comes back into his life seven years after the one wonderful week they spent together before he knew who she was. Sloane is now an animal rescuer which just makes them even more perfect for each other except this is an even bigger complication. Back then, he could not allow himself to be with her because she posed a huge complication to his future not to mention he was told not to. Not much has changed as far as the complication piece, except now that they have come back into each others lives, their chemistry is even stronger if that is even possible, so there is no way to ignore or deny it. So they don't. They act on their attraction and agree to allow themselves some glorious time in "Tahiti" but that's all it can be, because his situation really has not changed so he still can't keep her. Or can he? Is there a way to make this all work out for them to live happily ever after? It is definitely a fun and super sexy ride to find out in this new must read RomCom that will surely bring out the romantic in you!!