Sartre and Adorno: The Dialectics of Subjectivity

Sartre and Adorno: The Dialectics of Subjectivity

by David Sherman

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Focusing on the notion of the subject in Sartre's and Adorno's philosophies, David Sherman argues that they offer complementary accounts of the subject that circumvent the excesses of its classical formation, yet are sturdy enough to support a concept of political agency, which is lacking in both poststructuralism and second-generation critical theory. Sherman uses Sartre's first-person, phenomenological standpoint and Adorno's third-person, critical theoretical standpoint, each of which implicitly incorporates and then builds toward the other, to represent the necessary poles of any emancipatory social analysis.

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ISBN-13: 9780791480007
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 09/18/2009
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About the Author

David Sherman is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Montana at Missoula and is the coauthor (with Leo Rauch) of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Self-Consciousness: Text and Commentary, also published by SUNY Press.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations Used in the Text and Notes

Part I. Adorno’s Relation to the Existential and Phenomenologicial Traditions

1. Adorno and Kierkegaard

Adorno’s Critique of Kierkegaard
Adorno’s Kierkegaardian Debt

2. Adorno and Heidegger

Adorno’s Critique of Heidegger
Adorno and Heidegger Are Irreconcilable

3. Adorno and Husserl

Part II. Subjectivity in Sartre’s Existential Phenomenology

4. The Frankfurt School’s Critique of Sartre

Adorno on Sartre
Marcuse’s Critique of Being and Nothingness

5. Sartre’s Relation to His Predecessors in the Phenomenological and Existential Traditions


6. Sartre’s Mediating Subjectivity

Sartre’s Decentered Subject and Freedom
Being-for-Others: The Ego in Formation
Bad Faith and the Fundamental Project
Situated Freedom and Purified Reflection

Part III. Adorno’s Dialectic of Subjectivity

7. The (De)Formation of the Subject

The Dawn of the Subject
Science, Morality, Art
Adorno, Sartre, Anti-Semitism, and Psychoanalysis

8. Subjectivity and Negative Dialectics

Freedom Mode
History Model
Negative Dialectics, Phenomenology, and Subjectivity


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