Sams Teach Yourself Google+ in 10 Minutes

Sams Teach Yourself Google+ in 10 Minutes

by Patrice-Anne Rutledge

NOOK Book(eBook)

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Sams Teach Yourself Google™+ in 10 Minutes gives you straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. Work through its 10-minute lessons to jumpstart your Google+ experience...and then use today’s hottest social network to connect with everyone and everything you care about!  


Tips point out shortcuts and solutions.

Cautions help you avoid common pitfalls.

Notes provide additional information.

Plain English definitions explain new terms.


10 minutes is all you need to learn how to...

  • Create a great Google+ profile
  • Take control of your privacy on Google+
  • Use Circles to share exactly what you want, with only the people you want to see it
  • Manage conversations with Google+ Stream
  • Upload your photos to share with friends and family
  • Hold group video chats for free on Google+ Hangouts
  • Take your social network wherever you go with Google+ Mobile
  • Play games on Google+: from Angry Birds to Sudoku and beyond
  • Quickly access the best Google+ features with the Google+ bar
  • Have more fun and get more productive with Google+ add-ons and extensions


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ISBN-13: 9780132918176
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 11/01/2011
Series: Sams Teach Yourself -- Minutes
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 264
File size: 14 MB
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About the Author

Patrice-Anne Rutledge is a business technology author and journalist specializing in social media, online applications, and small business technology. Her other books include Sams Teach Yourself LinkedIn in 10 Minutes, Using LinkedIn, Using Facebook, and The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking, all from Pearson. Through Rutledge Communications, she also offers writing and editing services to businesses and nonprofits worldwide. You can reach Patrice through her website at

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Chapter 1 Introducing Google+     3
Exploring Google+     3
Signing Up for Google+     5
Signing In to Google+     13
Summary     14
Chapter 2 Working with Google+ Profiles     15
Understanding Google+ Profiles     15
Editing Your Google+ Profile     17
  Editing Your Profile’s About Tab     17
  Specifying the Tabs to Display on Your Profile     25
  Specifying Who Can Send You an Email     26
  Specifying the People to Display on Your Profile     27
  Viewing Your Profile as Others See It     29
Adding a Google+ Profile Button to Your Website     30
Summary     31
Chapter 3 Managing Your Network with Circles     33
Understanding Google+ Circles     33
Creating New Circles     34
  Adding People to Circles     36
  Adding People to Circles from the Find People Tab     37
  Adding Your Email Contacts     40
  Adding People from the Google+ Suggestions Section     44
  Add People from the Notifications Menu     45
  Adding People from Your Incoming Stream     47
  Adding People from Their Google+ Profile     48
  Sending Invitations to Friends     49
Managing Circles     51
  Viewing People in Your Circles     51
  Viewing People Who Added You to Their Circles     51
  Moving People from One Circle to Another     52
  Removing People from Circles     53
  Editing a Circle’s Name and Description     53
  Deleting a Circle     54
Summary     55
Chapter 4 Managing Google+ Settings and Privacy     57
Understanding Google+ Privacy     57
Managing Your Google Account Settings     57
  Using Multiple Sign-In     60
  Deleting Your Google+ Profile     62
  Deleting Your Google Account     64
Managing Your Privacy Settings     65
  Managing Privacy Settings for Your Google+ Profile     66
  Managing Google+ Sharing     67
  Managing Other Google+ Options     68
  Managing Google Privacy Options     68
Managing Google+ Settings     69
  Setting Delivery Preferences     70
  Specify Notification Preferences     71
  Enabling +1 Personalization     72
Specifying Your Preferred Languages     73
Backing Up Your Data     75
Managing Your Connected Accounts     77
  Showing Connected Account Links on Your Google+ Profile     78
  Connecting More Accounts     78
  Allowing Google+ to Search for Connected Accounts     79
Summary     79
Chapter 5 Sharing Content on Google+     81
Using the Share Box     81
  Formatting Your Posts     85
  Mentioning Other People in Your Posts     86
  Sharing Your Location     87
Sharing Photos     87
Sharing Videos     90
Sharing Links     93
Summary     95
Chapter 6 Viewing Your Google+ Stream     97
Exploring Your Stream     97
  Accessing Your Stream     98
  Viewing a Sample Post     99
  Filtering Your Stream     101
  Viewing Your Incoming Stream     102
  Viewing Notifications     104
Participating in the Stream     106
  Liking a Post Using the +1 Button     106
  Commenting on Posts     108
  Sharing Posts     109
Managing Your Posts in the Stream     112
  Editing a Post     113
  Deleting a Post     114
  Disabling Comments     115
  Reporting or Removing Comments     115
  Locking a Post     116
Managing Your Circles’ Posts in the Stream     117
  Linking to a Post     117
  Reporting Abuse     118
  Muting a Post     119
  Blocking a Person     119
Searching for Posts in Your Stream     120
Summary     122
Chapter 7 Exploring the Google+ Bar     123
Viewing Your Notifications     124
Accessing Popular Google+ Features     128
Sharing Content     129
Getting Help     130
Sending Feedback     130
Signing Out     132
Summary     133
Chapter 8 Working with Photos     135
Exploring Google+ Photo Options     135
Uploading Photos to Google+     135
Exploring the Photos Page     136
Creating and Managing Photo Albums     137
  Creating a Photo Album     138
  Viewing Your Photo Albums     140
  Sharing an Album     141
  Deleting an Album     143
  Adding Photos to an Existing Album     144
Working in the Photo Lightbox     145
  Exploring the Lightbox     146
  Tagging Photos     148
  Editing Photos     152
Working with Photo Scrapbooks     153
  Adding a Photo Scrapbook to Your Profile     154
  Deleting a Scrapbook Photo     156
Summary     156
Chapter 9 Chatting on Google+     157
Understanding Google+ Chat     157
  Exploring the Chat List     157
  Specifying Your Chat Availability     159
Inviting People to Chat     159
Chatting on Google+     163
  Participating in a Chat     163
  Sending a File     165
  Using Voice and Video Chat     168
  Chatting Off the Record     173
  Starting a Group Chat     175
  Blocking and Unblocking People on Chat     177
  Signing Out of Chat     179
Summary     180
Chapter 10 Using Hangouts for Video Chat     181
Understanding Hangouts     181
Preparing to Use Hangouts     181
Starting a Hangout     182
Inviting People to a Hangout     187
Joining a Hangout     188
Adding Group Text Chat to a Hangout     190
Adding YouTube Video to Your Hangout     192
Muting During a Hangout     194
Ending a Hangout     196
Using Hangouts with Extras     196
Using Google+ Hangouts on Air     197
Summary     198
Chapter 11 Playing Games     199
Exploring Google+ Games     199
Playing a Game     200
Sending Game Invitations and Requests     204
Viewing and Responding to Game Notifications     205
Sharing Game Activity on the Games Stream     207
Buying Virtual Goods     210
Removing Game Permissions     211
Summary     213
Chapter 12 Using Google+ Mobile     215
Exploring Google+ Mobile     215
Using the Google+ Android App     216
Using the Google+ iPhone App     218
Using the Google+ Mobile Web App     219
Using the Google+ Mobile Basic Web App     220
Summary     221
Chapter 13 Using Google+ Extensions and Add-Ons     223
Exploring Google+ Extensions and Add-Ons     223
Exploring Google+ Chrome Extensions     224
  Extended Share for Google Plus     224
  G+me for Google Plus     225
  Replies and More for Google+     226
  Google Plus Manager     226
  +Photo Zoom     226
Exploring Google+ Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox     227
Exploring Other Google+ Tools     229
Summary     230
Index     231

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