Salmon to Siddhartha: 5 Vital Principles for an Extraordinary Life

Salmon to Siddhartha: 5 Vital Principles for an Extraordinary Life

by Don Fergusson


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This book is a wild ride from Holy Sh*t to Happy to Be Here!
You learn 5 fundamental principles that really work.
It shows you how to stop swimming against the current and actually enjoy life.
Fergusson's journey in SALMON TO SIDDHARTHA begins with a shocking betrayal. Then, after twenty years in his internationally recognized family business, he decides to sell, beginning a long journey of self-discovery. Who is he without an impressive business card?
He does a deep dive into his own struggle of forgiveness and the search for inner peace, with a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology—and the pursuit of sailing, music, and a new life purpose. The Siddhartha Principles emerge as Fergusson embraces a seemingly impossible one-year project: taking up bass guitar in his fifties, recording an original song with his first band at London's Abbey Road Studios, playing a gig at the world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, and launching rock band Vanaka—recording the song "Happy to Be."
Fergusson draws an analogy between his journey and that of the Buddha-like character Siddhartha, the seeker of enlightenment from the classic Hermann Hesse novel. By identifying with Siddhartha's mythological struggle and the real life challenges of the author, readers will be inspired to examine their own ways of being, emerging with a more courageous core and greater resilience in their everyday lives.
The 5 Siddhartha Principles offer all readers a solid foundation for the creation of a life infused with more joy, clearer purpose, and a compassionate understanding of ourselves and others.
Learn Fergusson's powerful strategies for self-management and the creation of an extraordinary life, The Siddhartha Principles:
1. ACCEPT: Meet yourself where you are, without judgment.
2. LEARN: Find the lesson in your present challenge.
3. CLARIFY: Create an Ideal Scene of your desired experience.
4. ACT: Take small steps every day to create your desired experience.
5. TRUST: Have faith that your life is unfolding perfectly.

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ISBN-13: 9781543964370
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Don Fergusson, author of SALMON TO SIDDHARTHA, is the former president of the iconic American company Rust-Oleum, grandson of the sea captain who invented the fish-oil based paint and founded the company in 1921. Don has developed and sold a high-profile international business, is a relationship and leadership expert, musician and founder of rock band Vanaka, and executive producer of award-winning music videos. Don's expertise hails from more than 20 years of intensive work in the fields of intimacy and relationships and four decades in business. He has developed and led numerous workshops, retreats, and seminars for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Entrepreneurs Organization; and he has coached individuals and teams in organizational change strategies and the development of effective relationships. Don dedicated two decades to his family business, Rust-Oleum Corporation, a worldwide leader in rust-preventive coatings. Ultimately serving as Chairman, President, and Chief Operating Officer, he led the company to record sales and profits. Don then successfully engineered the strategic sale of the business in 1994. A few years after selling the business, Don created retreats entitled Building the House of Intimacy, to provide couples with a "blueprint" for creating great relationships. Don then migrated towards individual couples' coaching and executive coaching as a superior means of enacting long-lasting success. In December 2007, Don and his wife Stacey formed a rock band called The Ride, recording their first original song, "One Ride," at Abbey Road Studios in London, followed by a performance at the world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Since then, the band reorganized and evolved as Vanaka ("vuh-NAH-kuh") based on Fijian and Tamil words meaning gratitude and respect. They have released an album of original songs entitled GRATITUDE, produced by former Dishwalla singer/songwriter JR Richards, along with award-winning music videos. Don holds a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, graduating in 2006 as "Student of the Year," with continuing studies in the field of Consciousness, Health & Healing. He also earned a Master's Degree from Kellogg Graduate Business School (1977) and a B.A. in Management from the College of William & Mary in Virginia (1975), where he is also a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame for gymnastics and a recipient of Sigma Chi fraternity's Significant Sig award. From 1989 to 2003, Don was a member of YPO in the Chicago and Santa Monica Bay chapters, and following that, a member of the World Presidents Organization. Fergusson has discovered powerful strategies for self-management and for creating great relationships and an extraordinary life.

Table of Contents

Preface 11

Who is Siddhartha? 13

Introduction 15

Chapter 1 All Shook Up 19

Chapter 2 In My Life 25

Chapter 3 I Should Have Known Better 41

Chapter 4 You Can't Do That 47

Chapter 5 You Can't Do That, Either 55

Chapter 6 Love Me Do 59

Chapter 7 Baby Love 65

Chapter 8 I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better 81

Chapter 9 Here Comes the Sun 91

Chapter 10 One Ride 101

Chapter 11 Happy to Be 113

Chapter 12 Some Kind of Wonderful 127

Gratitude 137

The Siddhartha Principles 139

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