Sales Engineers Handbook

Sales Engineers Handbook

by John Care, Aron Bohlig

Hardcover(Older Edition)

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Two business, sales, and marketing consultants offer guidance on selling high-technology products, emphasizing the establishment of "personal excellence" in key performance drivers in technical sales. Chapters address every aspect of the process, with frameworks provided to develop a more effective, personalized, and systematic approach to improving personal performance. Special attention is given to the team sales concept and the importance of the contributions of the technical professionals who directly support sales. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781580533454
Publisher: Artech House, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/15/2002
Series: Technology Management and Professional Development Library
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

1Introduction: Why Study Sales Consulting?1
2An Overview of the Sales Process7
Definition of the Market8
Marketing Campaigns8
Lead Qualification9
Request for Proposal10
Discovery and First Customer Engagement10
Propose and Demo11
Evaluation (Optional)12
Negotiations: Close or Lose--Getting the Deal12
Ongoing Account Management: Upsell Opportunities and Postsales Support12
Skill Building14
3Lead Qualification15
Lead Quality17
Effective Lead Qualification20
Internal Roles in the Lead Qualification Process23
Lead Qualification in Action: Three Common Scenarios25
Skill Building28
4The RFP Process29
Creation of an RFP29
Basic Rule of RFPs30
The Go/No-Go Decision31
Handling Deadlines33
Strategies for Avoiding an RFP34
Completing the RFP35
Presentation and Follow-Up36
Skill Building38
5Needs Analysis and Discovery39
Why Discovery Is Critical40
The Seven-Step Needs Analysis Approach41
Customizing the Discovery Process53
Skill Building57
6Successful Customer Engagement59
First Contact60
Identify the People You Need to Know63
Skill Building70
7The Perfect Pitch71
Nonverbal Delivery Skills72
Verbal Delivery Skills74
Developing a Focused Message76
Special Situations78
Using Nervous Energy to Your Advantage81
Skill Building83
8The Dash to Demo85
Why Does the Dash to Demo Occur?87
What Is "The Product"?87
Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail88
Logistical Implications90
The Agenda91
Preparing the Way91
The Audience92
Checkpoint Charlie95
Skill Building96
Appendix 8ASample Agenda97
9Evaluation Strategies99
Developing the Strategy99
How to Win: Determining the Success Criteria101
Running a Trial104
Anticipating Your Competitor112
Skill Building117
10Contract Negotiation and Pricing119
An Introductory Approach121
Creative Ways to Say Nothing121
An Advanced Tactic121
Skill Building122
11Sanity After the Sale123
Developing the Transition Plan124
Ongoing Engagement Plan124
Customer Meetings: Project Kickoff125
Leveraging the Sales Team127
Having a Fallback Strategy127
Personal Benefits of Postsales Support128
Major Account Requirements129
Troubleshooting the Handoff132
Skill Building135
Appendix 11ARecord-Keeping Forms for Postsales Information136
12Getting Started139
The Ramp Process139
Develop a 30/90/180-Day Plan143
Tips on Making the First 6 Months a Success147
Skill Building152
13Objection Handling153
Before You Start153
Categorizing Objections154
Basic Techniques of Objection Handling159
Working With Consultants161
Follow-Up Leads to Closure162
Skill Building163
14The Executive Connection165
What They Think of You165
Keep It Simple166
Plan the Meeting167
Execute the Meeting170
Follow-Up After the Meeting172
Skill Building173
15The "U" in Technical Sales175
Me, Myself, and I176
What Are Your Goals?176
Your Personal Value Proposition: Self-Branding177
Delivering on Your Value Proposition180
Ethics in Sales183
Skill Building185
16Selling with Partners187
Partnership Defined187
Defining Account Ownership188
Working the Relationship and Building the Infrastructure191
The Dangers of Dealing with Partners193
Skill Building196
17Competitive Tactics197
Identify the Competition198
Develop a Competitive Strategy198
Know Thine Enemy200
"Tell Me About Your Competition"202
Product Benchmarks204
Skill Building206
18Crossing over to the Dark Side207
What Is Your Motivation?207
Positioning for the Change208
What You Should Expect210
How to Make It All Work211
Skill Building214
19Organizational Structure215
Roles in the SE Organization219
Review of Sales Support Functions222
Advanced Topics: Four Models for SE Organizations226
Skill Building231
Components of a Plan233
Leveraging the Plan239
Building an SE Compensation Plan241
Skill Building243
21Building the Infrastructure245
A Little Philosophy246
Training Techniques247
Demonstration and Equipment Support249
Knowledge Management and Retention251
Engineering and Technical Support253
General SC Processes254
Skill Building256
22Hiring Winners257
The Job Description258
Using the Hiring Profile259
Dealing with Recruiters261
Screening Candidates262
The Interview263
Skill Building267
23Time Management for SEs269
Fixed Time and Infinite Demands269
A Simple Structure for Managing Your Time272
How to Run Your Day276
Designing Graceful Fallback Plans278
Long-Term Time Management281
Skill Building283
24Final Words285
Be Passionate285
Keep Work and Personal Lives in Balance286
Consistently Outperform Expectations286
Build and Maintain Relationships287
Set and Achieve Goals287
Continually Challenge Yourself288
About the Authors289

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