Saddlebag Dispatches-Spring/Summer 2018

Saddlebag Dispatches-Spring/Summer 2018


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If you enjoy stories of the West, you’ve come to the right place.

Saddlebag Dispatches regales you with tales placed west of the Mississippi containing the spirit of the Old West in them, but you’ll find some of the New West here, too. Inside, larger-than-life men and women drive pickups on highways in addition to riding horses down dusty trails. You will also discover some of the best nonfiction as well as poetry, interviews and…well, pretty much anything to do with the West.

Twice a year, we feature interviews with the movers-and-shakers in Western writing, columns by writers steeped in the form, and poetry and fiction from some of the best authors in the business. This issue, we’re celebrating western writing—a uniquely American art form—by honoring the life and legacy of our recently-departed co-founder, three time WWA Spur Award-winner Dusty Richards.

As a young man, all Dusty ever wanted was a horse of his own, ranches to work on, rodeos to ride in, a strong woman by his side, and stacks of books by the likes of Zane Grey to occupy his creative mind. One day, he turned those stories in his head into novels, forever bestowing us with inspiring, heroic tales of the men and women who proudly occupy both the Old West and the new. His enduring spirit is evident in every word on our pages.

This issue features our tribute to Dusty, as well as nonfiction pieces from Cyndy Prasse Miller, Spur Award-winning author and poet Rod Miller, Elaine Marze, and George Gilland; short fiction from Dennis Doty, Michael McLean, Steven Carr, John M. Floyd, Terry Alexander, Spur Award-winning author Richard Prosch, and Dusty Richards himself; poetry from Laurie Muirhead; and columns on all things western from our dedicated staff. It’s our way of saying goodbye to the man True West magazine once called “the greatest western fiction writer alive.”

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633734722
Publisher: Oghma Creative Media
Publication date: 06/22/2018
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents


Five Beans in the Wheel by Casey W. Cowan

Biscuits & Tenderfoot for Breakfast by Michael Frizell

Beyond the Trailhead by Chet Dixon

Heroes & Outlaws by Velda Brotherton

Shortgrass Country by John J. Dwyer

Let’s Talk Westerns by Terry Alexander

Out of the Chute by Dennis Doty

Best of the West by Rod Miller

Short Stories

Little Things by Michael McLean

Bad Day in Black Rock by Dennis Doty

Grand Design by Richard Prosch

Hannah's Daughters by Stephen Carr

Lucy's Gold by John M. Floyd

Gift of a Loving God by Dusty Richards

By the Signs by Terry Alexander


Lean by Laurie Muirhead

The Bully Pulpit by Michael L. Frizell

Learning How to Cowboy Up by George Gilland

A Hunting We Will Go by Elaine Marze

Bender, Part V by Michael & D.A. Frizell

Stealing Time by Cyndy Prasse Miller

Cattle Couplets and Equine Quatrains by Rod Miller

Blue Diamond by Laurie Muirhead

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