Sacred Quantum Metaphysics: Easy-To-Understand Scientific Shortcuts To Ancient Wisdom

Sacred Quantum Metaphysics: Easy-To-Understand Scientific Shortcuts To Ancient Wisdom

by Rich Haas


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Sacred Quantum Metaphysics combines 24 updated metaphysical principles of ancient wisdom with 12 recent scientific discoveries including Einstein, Quantum Theory, String Theory, Multidimensional Physics, etc.

Rest assured, the book is easy to read and easy to understand and everything presented will always be in everyday language, without scientific jargon, formulas or difficult equations! Beginners, intermediates, or experts will all find insights within these pages!

People are intimidated by the words "Metaphysics," "Quantum" and "Science" - but they shouldn't be. One of my editors said she knew nothing about science and nothing about metaphysics. I knew if I could explain these concepts to her, everyone would be able to understand them.

Dr. Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology and medicine at the University of Arizona, and author of The Afterlife Experiments (and other books) said after reading Sacred Quantum Metaphysics:

"This could be one of the more insightful and enlightening books you will read in your lifetime."

Why would one author say that about another author's book? Once you see the significance of the scientific and metaphysical connections you will absolutely understand!

For example, Metaphysicians have proclaimed for thousands of years that our physical world is insignificant compared to the "unseen" Metaphysical, and now science has determined only 4% of the universe consists of atoms, molecules, etc.

12 recent scientific breakthroughs are revealing insights into the 96% of the cosmos that is "unseen," and now we can finally understand the true nature of the universe.

Remember, along with many other insights explained in everyday language, you will...

• Comprehend how multiple recent scientific studies have confirmed that your personality survives the death of the body and brain.

• Understand how the recent scientific breakthroughs have confirmed that consciousness could not be generated in the brain's neurons, synapses, etc.

• Grasp the Metaphysical connections to Einstein's Relativity and his famous equation E=MC².

• Finally understand the nature of the vast storehouse of knowledge that both Einstein and Tesla described as the source of their insights, which Metaphysicians have called the Akashic Records throughout history.

• Appreciate how Einstein's Space-Time Continuum was the 1st step in confirming the Ancient Wisdom of the "Astral Planes."

• Become aware of how 11-dimensional Membrane Theory, was predicted in writings that predate Jewish "Old Testament" Scriptures.

• Learn how String Theory may be confirming the Metaphysical "Vibrational Universe" that Metaphysicians have described throughout history.

• Gain insights into more fascinating connections between Science and Metaphysics that are too numerous to list!

There are so many problems facing humanity today, mainly because back in the 1600s science made the conscious decision to exclude spirituality and ignore ancient wisdom. Now that the new scientific discoveries have verified much of this forgotten knowledge, we can begin to re-create a better society and universe. We can finally embrace the solutions that will lead to a better future.

You will find much more information at There is a 100% free download of "Awaken the Enlightened Master Inside You" Meditation for your enjoyment. Rich welcomes your thoughts at

Not only will you understand the nuances of that ancient wisdom and scientific discoveries but you will be given an in depth enlightenment into how to use them to create a much better world for yourself and our culture.

You are about to embark on perhaps the most fascinating journey of your lifetime!

Welcome aboard.

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ISBN-13: 9781539351856
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/07/2016
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Writer, Metaphysician and Entrepreneur Rich Haas, B.A., CHT, CHt, CHI, CLBLT. Rich, father of four children (and a Golden Retriever), operates a successful science based hypnotherapy practice in Morrison, Colorado.

When Rich was researching recent scientific discoveries including Einstein, quantum theory, string theory, etc., he was amazed to discover that many of them were verifying ancient metaphysical wisdom. Those interrelationships are the focus of his book Sacred Quantum Metaphysics.

He teaches meditation to many groups, lectures on a myriad of metaphysical/scientific topics, writes articles and books - including the e-book, The End of Fear - A self-help guide for ending self-inflicted misery.

Rich attained a Psychology Degree from San Jose State University, California in 1975. He is a Dual Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH and NATH), Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, and a Certified Life-Between-Life Therapist.

You will find much more information at There is a 100% free download of "Awaken the Enlightened Master Inside You" Meditation for your enjoyment. More information is available at Rich welcomes your thoughts at

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