Russia in the Shadows: Articles

Russia in the Shadows: Articles

by H. G. Wells


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Russia in the Shadows is the title of the book by H. G. Wells published early in 1921, which includes a series of articles. Wells first visited Russia in January 1914. This is a vivid account of his return to post-revolutionary St Petersburg, now called Petrograd, a ruined city with a near-starving population. Wells was a first-class reporter, and he had the advantage of staying with his friend, Maxim Gorky, who arranged Wells's meeting with Lenin at the Kremlin.

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Publication date: 11/11/2019
Pages: 64
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About the Author

Herbert George Wells England, 1866-1946 Was an English writer best known for such science fiction novels as The Time Machine (1888), The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896), The War of the Worlds (1897), The Invisible Man: A Grotesque Romance (1897) and The First Men in the Moon (1900-01). He was a prolific writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and produced works in many different genres, including contemporary novels, history, and social commentary. He was also an outspoken socialist. His later works become increasingly political and didactic, and only his early science fiction novels are widely read today. Wells is sometimes referred to as The Father of Science Fiction. Among his most famous works are: Ann Veronica: A Modern Love Story (1909), The History of Mr. Polly (1910), The Country of the Blind and Other Stories (1911), An Englishman Looks at the World (1914), God the Invisible King (1917) and In the Fourth Year: Anticipations of a World Peace (1918).

Date of Birth:

September 21, 1866

Date of Death:

August 13, 1946

Place of Birth:

Bromley, Kent, England

Place of Death:

London, England


Normal School of Science, London, England

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