Rory's Rose

Rory's Rose

by Dale Mayer


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Rory is an animal lover. In his mind, any veterinarian who does as much pro bono work as Louise, the local vet, deserves his help when she gets into trouble...Louise works long hours at her own veterinarian clinic. When she receives an unexpected delivery one day, complete with a dead deliveryman, a domino-series of events puts her and her clinic full of precious animals in danger.Rory is the first to volunteer to keep her safe. Professional reasons quickly become personal. Louise is everything he's ever wanted and never expected to find in a single woman. He's looking forward to a future together, and the only way to ensure that is to stop whatever's endangering her and her animals.Unfortunately, the killer isn't leaving a witness to his crimes. At first, Rory and the team at Legendary Securities make headway in discovering what's going on, but the tables turn in an instant and, for the first time since he joined the team, Rory's vision of a satisfactory resolution-and happily-ever-after-may not be in the cards.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781773360638
Publisher: Valley Publishing Ltd.
Publication date: 02/01/2018
Series: Dale Mayer's Heroes for Hire Series , #13
Pages: 230
Sales rank: 1,080,614
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author who writes for the young, the old and those in-between - no matter what the age. Some of her books are hot, some are sweet. Some will keep you up at night with a light on to keep the boogie man away and some you'll want to cuddle close.

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Rory's Rose 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great book in the heroes for hire series. Rory and Louise make a great couple. It is fun to see how they couple up. Highly recommend this author. When are we going to see some babies, maybe soon now that puppies are now in the compound. I'm patiently waiting for next next book in both of the hero for hire and seals of honor series to be published. Keep the books coming. Mjw
Anonymous 12 days ago
I love these series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Started reading Dale's books with her Seals sires and fell in love with her. Now with the Legendary series we get to revisit some of these men after leaving the military. In this book we meet Louise and Rory, veterinarian and newest employee of Legendary Heros. When Louise finds herself in trouble Rory is right there to protect her. Together they uncover a drug ring operating in their little town. Following their trek together is a combination of laughs and suspense. Through in some animals for cuteness and that's is this book.
Linda Richter More than 1 year ago
Rory didn't know what to expect when he drove up to the compound. It sure wasn't a ranch house. He didn't know what to expect when the door opened but it sure wasn't Rose. She came right to him and fell in love. Others in the compound gathered around to welcome him as well. So many people men women and all laughing and talking at once. They all made him feel welcome. Louise a vet was there to check out all the puppies running around as well. He could really like this place. Louise running a large and small animal clinic runs into trouble because of a shipment of animal drugs that were delivered but weren't hers. Thats when the trouble began and never seemed to end. Rory and Logan go to help her out and get a security system going to protect her and the animals. Trouble just kept on coming and people were dying. Rory protecting Louise was more than a job. She was special and he knew it. Could he keep her protected and safe.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Rory's Rose by Dale Mayer Heroes for Hire Series Book Twelve Rory Bellamy isn't sure where he belongs right now. The ranch he grew up on and helped run the last nine months...isn't home anymore. It's more his dad and brother's place. And now...Legendary Security's big building doesn't seem like home either. Until a chubby puppy waddles up to him. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad. Louise is a busy veterinarian. The past five years she's been getting her clinic going and hasn't had much time for socializing. Life might not be overexciting away from work...but she loves what she does. And then everything changed and life became very different when she got a delivery meant for someone else. Thank goodness for Levi and Ice and their security business to help her through this. Cute puppies, bad...very bad, people, and romance come together to make another great, action-packed adventure for the folks connected to Legendary. **Sexual content l
Maggs More than 1 year ago
I assumed, as I'll bet many did, that Rose was going to be the cute, if not beautiful,heroine in this story. However, cute yes; cuddly, adorable female of the hour may be a better description. Great book as always by Dale Mayer. Included are mystery, love and a peek at a Veterinarian's life as well. Definitely a keeper---both the book and Rose---Rory and Louise too! Although you can read this book without reading the series, it is extra fun to watch the changes as they happen to the team at the Legendary Securities which was created by Levi and Ice.
Ellen-oceanside More than 1 year ago
RORY’S ROSE by Dale Mayer “Heroes for Hire” 12 For Rory, home was just a place to visit. The compound, the different jobs, keeping busy, the veterinarian, and one cute pup name Rose, was home. Louise didn’t know who could help, she is questioning the drugs for her animals, its labels are different now, contents are white. If what they suspect, her life is in danger, she does so much pro bono work, Rory wants to volunteer. Security has been compromised, dead bodies turn up. This was a nice heartwarming story, opening with these strong people, with their softness to dogs. When needed they go all out to protect, when one of them is in danger. We have a great plot, of puppies, danger , and maybe a partner for Rory. Can be read alone, the series is great, well done Dale, and looking for more. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
Wendy S Hodges More than 1 year ago
Rory feeling homeless after leaving his families farm arrives at the compound. He doesn't expect to find a home or another family just a job and somewhere to live, but he finds so much more than that. Full of suspense and there is violence and lots of action. I found there were lots of sweet moments as well with various animals and a certain vet. I adore all the characters in this series, each book I read and think this cant be bettered or equalled until I read the next one and it does just that. Dale Mayer writes in such a way that pulls you in and sinks you deep into the story before you even realise it you have finished the book. Another exceptional story full of loveable characters and animals with a plot to keep you hooked and on edge until the end.
cherlym More than 1 year ago
Thank you Dale Mayer for another enjoyable read. I enjoyed the plot! It made me stop and think how easy that could happen to anyone who receives shipments. I was thrilled that Rory was human. Alpha yes, but it is not 100% predictable, thank you Dale! Louise, well what can I say, compassionate, strong and loving. Hmmm sounds a little like Rory, but Louise had a dollop of humor too :) And the cherry on top? Puppies! Foals! Yessssss. I requested this arc and volunteer my honest review.