Rooms of Intercession: Entering into Passionate Prayer

Rooms of Intercession: Entering into Passionate Prayer

by Brenda Dennie

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Chapter 7 Room #2 The Mummy Wrap Intercession is exciting but not necessarily comfortable all the time. I discovered this some years ago while praying alone in my bedroom one afternoon. I recall so vividly kneeling at my bedside to pray as Id done in times past. As I began praying in the Spirit the presence of God quickly filled the room. Then I began interceding for lost souls, specifically for homosexuals. Finally I began to pray deeper into the situation until I found myself lost in prayer. Everything in the natural realm around me grew dim as my spiritual senses were heightened. I knew that I was going into another room in the spirit. Then something very frightening happened that Ill never forget as long as I live, I became one of them; the very ones for whom I was praying! It seemed inconceivable but I knew that it was real as I began to think and feel just like a homosexual. The way I saw things were no longer through my own eyes, but through the eyes of a homosexual. It was a terrifying reality that I had now become someone that Id never been before! As the door to this room was shut behind me, I wanted to scream. I desperately wanted to run and quickly get out but the Lord had other plans. As a homosexual, initially I did not think of myself any differently than anyone else. The thought never occurred to me that my lifestyle was abnormal until I began to hear voices in the air. These voices were all around me declaring the love of God and the truth of His Word. I listened very intently. At the outset the truth seemed as though it was piercing through my soul like a sharp arrow but soon it melted into my spirit like a soothing salve. Although my mind wanted to resist I knew deep within my heart that the things that I heard were true. As I kept listening I began to understand Gods message to me. The picture became clearer and clearer. Then the reality suddenly hit me, I WAS NOT BORN THIS WAY! Somehow I knew that the sexual lifestyle that I had chosen was perverted and displeasing to the God who created me. He is pure, holy and all righteous. He wondrously made me as a precious vessel of great value in His sight. He is the Creator of every beautiful thing upon the earth and He has never made a mistake. As the truth continued to penetrate my heart I became utterly appalled because I realized that I had been deceived all this time by the great Deceiver, Satan himself. Finally I knew that I had to make some changes. I made no excuses; I was ready to do the will of God. So for the very first time I began my pursuit to break free from this repulsive lifestyle. When I took the first step forward to break free, I remember trying to move my arm, but could not. Then I tried to move my legs but it was as though I was completely paralyzed. Finally I looked down at myself and was absolutely shocked! My body was totally confined in a mummy-like wrapping of thick chains extending from my neck to my feet. This wrapping about my body prohibited me from moving any part of my body. I felt like a helpless prisoner trapped in my own body. No matter what I tried to do, I could not break free. I did everything that I could think of, but it was to no avail. It was as though someone had locked me up and thrown away the key. The terror that I felt in my heart at that moment was like an indescribable nightmare. While in this room of intercession it seemed as though I had been squirming under the mummy wrap for days upon days, trying to get out. Although I had a desire to be free, I could not get out. My head was the only part of my body that was mobile. I just couldnt understand why I could not get out. As I continued to squirm and try to twist my way out, I began to feel great pressure in my mind. The tremendous frustration and unrest within me intensified as I kept trying to free myself from this entrapment of horror. It seemed as though everything was

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Brenda received her calling to preach the Gospel in 1980. She founded a prayer group in 1988 and was licensed as a minister in 1994. She hosted the Healing Manna radio broadcast and developed a Christian counseling program. She is a certified counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors and has an honorary Associates Degreed in religious studies. She has one son and one grand daughter and resides in Merrillville, Indiana serving faithfully in her church. Brenda desires to lead individuals into deeper intimacy with God, bring healing to hurting hearts, and lead souls to Jesus Christ. The author can be contacted at: Post Office Box 14014 Merrillville, Indiana 46411

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