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Three years after her Grammy-winning Voz d'Amor, Cape Verdean superstar Césaria Évora returned with her tenth album, Rogamar. Recorded in Mindelo, São Vicente, Évora's hometown, and Paris (Caetano Veloso arranger Jacques Morelenbaum added the strings in Rio de Janeiro), Rogamar is a lovely piece of work, with most of the 15 tracks written for her by her talented Cape Verdean songwriting team. The songs, as evidenced by the title of the album (which translates to "pray to the sea"), speak of love, loss, island life, and humankind within the context of the ocean. Water is the recurrent theme; it is present constantly, and is something to which life can be compared: it takes and it brings, it is love and it is separation, it is a friend and it is death. Adding to this is Évora's voice, which constantly alludes to the sea, and can be quick and choppy, or long and smooth, but mostly is clear and fluid and is what controls the album and gives it life. Yes, the instrumentation is wonderful and contributes greatly to the songs (although sometimes Morelenbaum's strings are a little too much, nearly overpowering the rest of the band), accenting the sadness or longing, the celebration, the desire, but it is Évora who decides what and how the songs are really supposed to be. She is willing to create seeming incongruity (like in the up-tempo "Um Pincelada," in which the singer explains her understanding of the world and a lifetime of disappointments, with resignation thick in her voice), to hope for "peace and progress" in "Africa Nossa" (which features Senegalese folksinger Ismaël Lô), or to slyly offer friendship to a woman who trusts no one, in "Rosie." Outside factors contribute, but Évora is the real decision-maker. She has each song mean exactly what she wants it to mean, and listeners are all the better for it, anyway, because at least then they can try to comprehend, just a little bit, the life of this remarkable singer.

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Release Date: 03/07/2006
Label: Rca Victor
UPC: 0828767899329
catalogNumber: 78993
Rank: 80115

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cesaria Evora   Primary Artist,Vocals,Chant
Djanka Diabate   Background Vocals,Choeurs
Ismaël Lô   Chant
Jaques Morelenbaum   Conductor
Alceu Reis   Cello
Régis Gizavo   Accordion
Jesuina Noronha Passaroto   Violin,Violone
Marcelo Bernardes   Flute
Michel Bessler   Violin,Violone
Bernardo Bessler   Violin,Violone,Concert Comedienne
Walter Hack   Violin,Violone
Jose Alves   Violone
Joao Daltro   Violone
Jairo Diniz   Violin,Violone
Iura Ranevsky   Cello
Pascoal Perrotta   Violin,Violone
Antonio Fernandes   Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Background Vocals
Adja Kouyate   Background Vocals,Choeurs
Antonella Pareschi   Violin,Violone
Valerie Tribord   Background Vocals,Choeurs
Marie-Paule Tribord   Background Vocals,Choeurs
Marcello Isdebski Salles   Cello
Zé Canuto   Flute
Denner Campolina   Double Bass,Contrabass (Vocal)
Rogério Rosa   Violin,Violone
Ricardo Taboada   Violone
Erasmo Fernandes   Violin,Violone
Julian Corrales Subida   Violin,Violone
João Pina "Kako" Alves   Guitar,Background Vocals,Cavaquinho,Soloist,Choeurs
José Antonio "Zé" DeAlmeida   Cavaquinho
Janise Delgado   Background Vocals,Choeurs
Virgilio Julio "Gil" Duarte   Bass Guitar,Acoustic Bass
Nando Gomes   Tambourine,Repique,Tamborim
Helton Lima   Tambourine,Surdo,Tamborim
Lina Lopes   Background Vocals,Choeurs
Mario Masse   Flute
Assan MBaye   Percussion
Ademiro José "Miroca" Miranda   Percussion,Background Vocals,Choeurs
Fredi Sousa   Repique,Tamborim
Ana Maria Cruz Brito   Background Vocals,Choeurs
Marcus R. Oliveira   Cello
Ricardo Amado   Violin,Violone
Daniel Guedes   Violin,Violone

Technical Credits

Ismaël Lô   Duet
Ray Lema   Composer
Stephanie Caisson   Engineer
Jaques Morelenbaum   Director,Producer,Orchestral Arrangements
Teofilo Chantre   Composer
Marcelo Sabóia   Engineer
Manuel de Novas   Composer
Luis Rendall   Composer
Jose "Zezum" DaSilva   Producer
Constantino Cardoso   Composer

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