Rodent Weekend 1976-1996 [Gadfly]

Rodent Weekend 1976-1996 [Gadfly]

by Tonio K.


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This is an uneven rarities
etrospective package from one of pop music's most underrated writers and misunderstood characters -- uneven because that's the reality of Tonio K's professional career. Beginning as a member of the posthumous Buddy Holly backing band the Crickets in the early to mid-'70s under his given name Steve Krikorian, Tonio K made a real name for himself in the late '70s as America's outrageous answer to the British "angry young man" phenomenon carved out by Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, among others. Needless to say he never achieved the notoriety of those two but as these songs will attest Tonio K could be every bit as clever and biting as his famous counterparts. The majority of selections here are previously unreleased tracks from K's Life in the Foodchain and Amerika period as well as demos for the La Bomba EP. A small sampling of his immediate pre-Romeo Unchained songwriting is unveiled as well. Concluding this album is the sarcastic, semi-hit "I'm Supposed to have Sex With You" from the film Summer School followed by two minutes of sophomoric foolishness involving a hamster.

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