Rock Did It

Rock Did It

by Dirty RigDirty Rig

CD(Special Edition / Bonus DVD)

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If the Eagles of Death Metal were even less capable of keeping a straight face, or if the Adult Swim cartoon Metalocalypse ever wanted to record a real-world album equivalent to Danger Doom's The Mouse and the Mask, the results would undoubtedly be quite similar to Dirty Rig's second album. Unapologetically goofy and juvenile lyrics ("the ruling class is puking up all over you" is one of the many priceless lines, this one from the title track) are set to good-humored metal riffs that are beholden to no particular subgenre. Bits of old-school metal from Lynyrd Skynyrd's Southern-fried boogie to Motörhead's proto-hardcore can be heard here, but originality isn't really the point. (Everyone from R. Stevie Moore to April Wine has already done the "If You See Kay" joke, but it's always good for a junior-high snigger.) Dirty Rig call their style "beer metal", and it's hard to imagine a more descriptive term for Rock Did It. It's music for the high school hesher who lives inside us all.

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Release Date: 06/27/2006
Label: Escapi
UPC: 0878667000073
catalogNumber: 700007
Rank: 144993


Disc 1

  1. Suck It
  2. Drunk Again
  3. Just a Star
  4. Dogs
  5. Rock Did It
  6. Hot Porno Star
  7. Throw Down
  8. Cities, Scenes & Thieves
  9. If You See Kaye
  10. Pennslytucky

Disc 2

  1. Rock Did It
  2. Throw Down
  3. Just a Star
  4. Hitch Hiker
  5. Suck It
  6. Cities, Scenes & Thieves
  7. Gto

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