Revolution The Road to Independence Volume Two: Volume Two: Truth and Justice

Revolution The Road to Independence Volume Two: Volume Two: Truth and Justice

by Robert Joseph Napoli


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The year is 1774. Storm clouds are brewing over the Colonies. New England and the British military are at each other's throat, the result of unfair taxation on the Colonies, yet deemed reasonable by the Crown for the price of protection.
Imagine if you can who you might encounter on the streets of Philadelphia. Many delegates were together at the Continental Congress trying desperately to come up with solutions to appease their King. Further west imagine the frontier and the expansive wilderness, untamed and wild. Men had lived there for centuries as the native people or human beings as they called themselves, yet can you imagine seeing things through their eyes? Game was plentiful and the land pure because those dwelling there appreciated what they had and cherished their existence.
During the American Revolution the inhabitants of the region were fully engaged, yet the colonists had mixed loyalties; some were dissatisfied with the British government and their 'Intolerable Acts', others were loyal to the Crown and would defend the King's honor at any cost. In addition, native people of many tribes found themselves fighting each other.
This is the story of the Taylor family who lived on the western frontier of Pennsylvania, also in Philadelphia and New England. They, along with a host of friends and business associates, unite for the cause of liberty and freedom. Their loyalties will be tried and tested at every turn with the shifting tides of war.
Seen through the eyes of Joshua Taylor, an adventurous young man and his father Ethan, a veteran of the French and Indian War, their journey begins with political change and unrest sweeping the land. As the story unfolds you will witness patriotism, love, loyalty, courage, betrayal and tragedy. Follow them on this epic adventure as their way of life changes forever with the coming of the American Revolution.
Volume Two: Truth and Justice. Joshua and Ethan embark on different paths as the Colonies and the Continental Congress struggle to with a great decision- to opt for Independence and confront the mighty British Empire. As war looms, follow these patriots on their struggle for freedom.

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Series: Joshua Taylor Series , #2
Pages: 260
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