Retrospective: The Capitol Years

Retrospective: The Capitol Years

by Stan KentonStan Kenton


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This four-CD set has virtually all of Stan Kenton's most significant recordings from his prime years. Although Kenton completists will prefer to pick up dozens of his individual Creative World releases instead, all other jazz collectors are well-advised to get this very well-conceived release. Starting with the original version of "Artistry in Rhythm" from 1943 and continuing through all of the different editions of Kenton's orchestras up to 1968's "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?," this set includes not only all of the band's most popular recordings but some of its most inventive and esoteric ones, too. Whether it be "Tampico," "Concerto to End All Concertos," "Jolly Rogers," "Art Pepper," "Orange Colored Sky" (with guest Nat King Cole), "All About Ronnie," "Peanut Vendor," and "Maria" or a section of "City of Glass" and a number from the Kenton/Wagner album, the remarkable career of Stan Kenton is covered definitively on this package. It's highly recommended for all jazz collections.

Product Details

Release Date: 07/14/1992
Label: Blue Note Records
UPC: 0077779735020
catalogNumber: 97350

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Stan Kenton   Primary Artist,Piano
June Christy   Vocals,Track Performer
Laurindo Almeida   Guitar
Eddie Bert   Trombone
Conte Candoli   Trumpet
Buddy Childers   Trumpet
Chris Connor   Vocals
Bob Cooper   English Horn,Oboe,Tenor Saxophone
Curtis Counce   Bass
Maynard Ferguson   Trumpet
Stan Getz   Tenor Saxophone
Herbie Harper   Trombone
Bill Holman   Tenor Saxophone
Richie Kamuca   Tenor Saxophone
Lee Konitz   Alto Saxophone
Shelly Manne   Drums
Charlie Mariano   Alto Saxophone
Red Mitchell   Bass
Art Pepper   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Bill Perkins   Tenor Saxophone
Kim Richmond   Tenor Saxophone
Sal Salvador   Guitar
Bud Shank   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Marvin Stamm   Trumpet
Lucky Thompson   Tenor Saxophone
Julius Watkins   French Horn
Jiggs Whigham   Trombone
Irving Ashby   Guitar
Don Bagley   Bass
Gabe Baltazar   Alto Saxophone
Pete Candoli   Trumpet
Carl Fontana   Trombone
Boots Mussulli   Alto Saxophone
John Graas   French Horn
Ken Hanna   Trumpet
Lee Katzman   Trumpet
Stan Levey   Drums
Steve Marcus   Tenor Saxophone
Vido Musso   Tenor Saxophone
Sam Noto   Trumpet
Lennie Niehaus   Alto Saxophone
Ann Richards   Vocals,Track Performer
Gene Roland   Trumpet
Ernie Royal   Trumpet
Bill Russo   Trombone
Claude Williamson   Piano
Stu Williamson   Trumpet
Buddy Arnold   Tenor Saxophone
Roger Mozian   Claves
Mike Pacheco   Bongos
Willie Rodriguez   Bongos
Felix Slatkin   Violin
Shorty Rogers   Trumpet
Anita O'Day   Vocals,Track Performer
Eddie Safranski   Bass
Bob Curnow   Trombone
George Acevedo   Conga
Clive Acker   Tuba
Bob Ahern   Guitar
Porcino   Trumpet
Mike Altschul   Tenor Saxophone
Jim Amlotte   Trombone
Andrew Anthony   Alto Saxophone
Bill Atkinson   Trombone
Israel Baker   Violin
Norman Baltazar   Trumpet
John Bambridge   Tuba
Gary Barone   Trumpet
Dee Barton   Trombone
Bob Behrendt   Trumpet
Max Bennett   Bass
Milt Bernhart   Trombone
Harry Betts   Trombone
Allan Beutler   Baritone Saxophone
John Bonnie   Tenor Saxophone
Larry Bunker   Percussion
Bob Burgess   Trombone
Joe Burnett   Mellophonium
Bucky Calabrese   Bass
Frank Carlson   Percussion
Dwight Carver   Mellophonium
Bill Catalano   Trumpet
Jimmy Cathcart   Violin
Nick Ceroli   Drums
Bill Chase   Trumpet
Pete Chivily   Bass
Joe Ciavardone   Trombone
Nat King Cole   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Ralph Collier   Drums
Joe Comfort   Bass
John Coppola   Trumpet
Jack Costanzo   Bongos
Irving Cottler   Drums
Jay DaVersa   Trumpet
Don Davidson   Baritone Saxophone
Gordon Davison   Mellophonium
Vinnie Dean   Alto Saxophone
Harold Dicterow   Violin
Alvin Dinkin   Viola
Earl Dumler   Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Wayne Dunstan   Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Don Sebesky   Trombone
Graham Ellis   Trombone
Gene Englund   Bass,Tuba
Gilbert Falco   Trombone
Bob Fitzpatrick   Trombone
Vern Friley   Trombone
Bill Fritz   Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Chuck Gentry   Bass Saxophone
Karl George   Trumpet
James Getzoff   Violin
Phil Gilbert   Trumpet
Benny Gill   Violin
Bob Gioga   Bass Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Milt Gold   Trombone
Chico Guerrero   Timbales
John Haliburton   Trombone,Bass Trombone
Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt   Alto Saxophone
Paul Heydorff   Trombone
Marvin Holladay   Baritone Saxophone
Milt Holland   Percussion
Jim Holmes   Violin
Frank Huggins   Trumpet
Jack Sheldon   Trumpet
Milt Kabak   Trombone
Armand Karpoff   Cello
Jim Kartchner   Trumpet
George Kast   Violin,Concert Master
Joel Kaye   Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Ron Keller   Trumpet
Bobby Knight   Bass Trombone
Keith LaMotte   Mellophonium
Kent Larsen   Trombone
Carl Leach   Trumpet
Ed Leddy   Trumpet
Hank Levy   Baritone Saxophone
Don Lodice   Tenor Saxophone,Woodwind
Efraim Logreira   Percussion
Tommy Lopez   Conga
John Lowe   Baritone Saxophone,Woodwind
Alfred Lustgarten   Violin
Edgar Lustgarten   Cello
Bob Lymperis   Trumpet
John Madrid   Trumpet
Arthur Maebe   French Horn
Virginia Majewski   Viola
Ruban McFall   Trumpet
Larry McGuire   Trumpet
Roger Middleton   Trumpet
Jack Nimitz   Baritone Saxophone
Frank Pappalardo   Alto Saxophone
Bud Parker   Trombone,Bass Trombone
Richard Perissi   French Horn
Stephen Perlow   Baritone Saxophone
Tommy Porello   Trumpet
George Price   French Horn
Jesse Price   Drums
Joe Randazzo   Bass Trombone
Don Reed   Trombone
Ray Reed   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Paul Renzi   Tenor Saxophone
Emil Richards   Vibes
Miguel Rivera   Conga
Billy Root   Baritone Saxophone
Frank Rosolino   Trombone
Irving Rosenthal   French Horn
Nathan Ross   Violin
Jimmy Salko   Trumpet
Carl Saunders   Mellophonium
Dave Schildkraut   Alto Saxophone
Leonard Selic   Viola
Pat Senatore   Bass
Dick Shearer   Trombone
Kenny Shroyer   Bass Trombone
Paul Shure   Violin
Zoot Sims   Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Simms   Trombone
Spencer Sinatra   Tenor Saxophone
Lou Singer   Percussion
Sanford Skinner   Trumpet
Don Smith   Trumpet
Marshall Sosson   Violin
Ray Starling   Mellophonium
David Sterkin   Viola
Vinnie Tanno   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Bill Trujillo   Tenor Saxophone
Dave VanKriedt   Tenor Saxophone
Bart Varsalona   Bass Trombone
Vescovo   Guitar
Carlos Vidal   Conga
Max Wayne   Bass
Ray Wetzel   Trumpet
Dave Wheeler   Bass Trombone
Kai Winding   Trombone
Freddie Zito   Trombone
Vincent DeRosa   French Horn
Eleanor Slatkin   Cello
Art Anton   Drums
Gregory Bemko   Cello
Ralph Blaze   Guitar
Stanley Harris   Viola
Don Kelly   Bass Trombone
George Laguna   Timbales
Kurt Reher   Cello
Ray Sikora   Trombone
John Worster   Bass
Stumpy Brown   Bass Trombone
George Weidler   Alto Saxophone
Anthony S. Doria   Violin
Abe Luboff   Bass
Mario Alvarez   Marimbas
Bill Horan   Mellophonium
Dick Kenney   Trombone
Mattaliano   Trumpet
Tom Wirtel   Mellophonium
Sam Donohue   Tenor Saxophone
Skip Layton   Trombone
Dale Norris   Baritone Saxophone
Bill Robinson   Baritone Saxophone
John Anderson   Trumpet
Chico Alvarez   Trumpet
Lew Elias   Violin,Choir Master
Barton Gray   Violin
Carl Ottobrino   Violin
Gary Slavo   Trumpet
Ben Zimberoff   Violin
Dennis Budimer   Guitar
Earl Cornwell   Violin
Dwight Muma   Violin
Eddie Wasserman   Tenor Saxophone
Harry Forbes   Trombone
Alex Law   Violin
Dave Madden   Tenor Saxophone
Jerry Lestock McKenzie   Drums
Lloyd Otto   French Horn
Thomas Shepard   Trombone
Don Dennis   Trumpet
Bart Caldarell   Bassoon,Tenor Saxophone
Jules Chaikin   Trumpet
Steve Huffsteter   Trumpet
Mel Green   Trumpet
Phil Davidson   Violin
Zachary Bock   Cello
Bud Brishois   Trumpet
Mike Cicchetti   Tenor Saxophone
Bob Crull   Mellophonium
Jim Dicker   French Horn
David Drisina   Violin
Steve Dweck   Percussion
Tony Ferina   Baritone Saxophone
Gabe Jellen   Cello
Archie Lecque   Trombone
Mel Lewls   Drums
Seb Mercurio   Violin
Vic Minichiello   Trumpet
Herbert Offner   Violin
Tom Ringo   Bass Trombone
Tony Scodwell   Mellophonium
Tom Senff   Trombone
Miff Sines   Trombone
Jack Spurlock   Trombone
Jack Wulfe   Cello
Rolf Erickson   Trumpet
Charlie Scarle   Violin
Sam Singer   Viola
Dave Smiley   Viola
Warren Weidler   Tenor Saxophone
Keith Moon   Trombone
Jean Turner   Vocals
Bob Varney   Drums
Red Dorris   Tenor Saxophone
Stan Fletcher   Tuba
Paul Israel   Viola
Maurice Koukel   Violin
Bob Crosby   Tenor Saxophone
Tom Whittaker   Trombone
Edwin Baker   Trombone
Ray Florian   Tenor Saxophone
Bob Goodwin   Bass Trombone
Dick Morse   Trumpet
Jimmy Campbell   Drums
Aaron Shapiro   Viola
Sunseri   Trumpet
Joe Magro   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Meyers   Alto Saxophone
David Matthews   Tenor Saxophone
Clyde Singleton   Bass
Joe Vernon   Drums
Morey Beeson   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
George Faye   Trombone
Bob Lively   Alto Saxophone
Chris Connors   Track Performer
Jon Carroll   Trumpet
David Horton   Mellophonium
Bob Lesher   Guitar
Red Kelly   Bass
Denon Kenneth Walton   Bongos
Don Carone   Alto Saxophone
Robert F. Graettinger   Bass Trombone
William Hinshaw   French Horn
Michael Vaccaro   Baritone Saxophone
Bob Olson   Trombone
Jim McCallister   Tuba

Technical Credits

Bill Holman   Arranger
Stan Kenton   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Lennie Niehaus   Arranger
Gene Roland   Arranger
Pete Rugolo   Arranger,Composer
Bill Russo   Arranger
Johnny Richards   Arranger
David Axelrod   Producer
Shorty Rogers   Arranger
Dee Barton   Arranger
Joe Coccia   Arranger
Ted Daryll   Producer,Liner Notes
Kent Larsen   Producer
Jack Lawrence   Composer
Marty Paich   Arranger
Bill Mathieu   Arranger
Johnny Mercer   Producer
John Palladino   Producer
Bob Russell   Composer
Lee Gillette   Producer
Dick Hyde   Contributor
Frederick Loewe   Composer
Dave Dexter   Producer
Moisés Simóns   Composer
Jim Conkling   Producer
Pete Kugolo   Arranger
Sammy Gallop   Composer
L. Wolfe Gilbert   Composer
Guy Wood   Composer
Marion Sunshine   Composer
Joe Greene   Composer
Alan Rankin Jones   Composer
Robert F. Graettinger   Arranger,Composer

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