Researching Cosmology Seriously

Researching Cosmology Seriously

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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Whether you accept this statement, but for the past 300 years there is a deliberate dubious avoidance of the truth resulting in of science brainwashing students to accept absolute bogus information as truthful. Those in science pretend Isaac Newton's principles work and physicists make Newtonian principles work notwithstanding nature showing the very opposite. If you read this you will see what Newtonian science could never explain. It's called the Titius Bode law. For the first time ever I explain this law.
The solar system doesn't use mass to form gravity as Newtonian science declares but this information is never often and openly revealed to the public as detrimentally important. Nature uses four cosmic principles, which I explain and prove. Nature does not apply Newton and Newtonian science but uses another application going by the name of the Titius Bode law.

Go on and look it up on the Internet and verify what I say about nature using the Titius Bode law being applied instead of Newton. This is fact not widely promoted but nevertheless it is true.

In four books on different levels of intensity in each I show and explain just how I cracked the principle named the Titius Bode law and show why it applies and how nature works and in each one of four books on a different understanding level I reveal the concept that nature (not Newton or science) uses as the building blocks of space. But the concept disproves Newtonian science and rubbishes Newton's ideas about what he thought gravity is as unworkable and it is that part that science will never accept as a factual scientific fact. Nature dismisses Newton's mass ideas. The books I offer as an introduction where it delves into science in a manner you have never experienced before. However, I show what is incorrect with science but if you wish to read the corrections you have to purchase to see how the Titus Bode law forms the solar system.

The fact that nature uses the Titius Bode law in the solar layout is known for centuries but as usual science tells the Universe what it is and ignores what the Universe really is. Science ignores nature since science has no idea why the Universe is what it is. The solar system and therefore the entire Universe uses a ratio that two men Titius and Bode simultaneously but being well apart at the time discovered. The solar system and indeed the Universe is built not by "mass" as Newton suggested incorrectly but employing another unknown system but is also a very well hidden system called the Titius Bode law. This law is what forms the solar system proving it is not mass.

This is what is there: It is the Titius Bode Law and I show why the Bode's Law" or "Titius- Bode Law" forms this formation ratio as it does but the best science could come up with was to change the original formulation that was a = ( n + 4 ) / 10 where n = 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48... to the modern formulation of (AUearth = 147.597 *106 km ): a = 0.4 + 0.3 x k where ''k'= 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 (sequence)

The ratio is so impressively periodic or cyclic correct that it can be put to a formula such as a=( n + 4 )/10 and the outcome is so predictable that according to the formula a = ( n + 4 ) / 10 it led to all the discovery of all the missing planets that was discovered after Galileo Galilee used the first spyglass to look at stars. This ratio doubles the distance a planet has every time a new planet is located in a new position. The distance of Saturn doubles the distance between it and Jupiter to what the distance is between Jupiter and the sun. The distance ratio doubles to Mars to what the distance is from the sun to the earth. This ratio of doubling the relevancy in distance from the sun applies notwithstanding the size or the mass or any specific value that any planet might have. This shows that the ratio is not vested in material but it is in accordance with the space that holds the material and that throws "mass" out of the window forever.

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