Report to the Icarian Council: Tales of United American Faerie Book 1

Report to the Icarian Council: Tales of United American Faerie Book 1

by Gregory Edward Flood


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"America has its own denizens of Faerie, of course, as all countries do. As the immigrants, refugees, fortune seekers, and would-be conquerors flowed into the New World from the Old, they brought their creatures of myth with them. America, the great Melting Pot, produced whole new bastard strains of Faerie, supernatural beings unknown in the Old World..."

So begins the tale of Vector Hadron, tragically exiled from United American Faerie and condemned to mortality.

Mortal life doesn't sit well with Vector even though he started out almost half human himself (1/8 shelleycoat, 1/8 mannegishi, 1/8 kornbock, and 1/8 Chinese storm dragon with a smidgen of Slavic tree bogle on his mortal mother's side). He experiences hunger, loneliness, addiction, prostitution and finally drug recovery (more or less). But the inexplicable arrival of his fairy former girl friend Alloy (absent during his four friendless years in the human realm) and a terrifying visit from the Dragon Magistrates and he finds himself on the run, desperately trying to uncover the truth about the Chantpleure Baselard-whatever that is-and, more urgently, why he's been invested with it. And he needs to succeed before a dark fairy genius and his monstrous lackeys can catch up with him.

The dreariest of mortal environments explode with magic around him, he faces deadly confrontations with monsters not found in any mythological dictionary and betrayal strikes in the most painful ways imaginable, until at last he is compelled to return to his drug of choice: the bacchanalian, kaleidoscopic milieu of American Faerie and the unreliable good will of his fairy circle, a dizzying mongrel mix of all the mythologies of the world.

Once again, Gregory Flood brings us a work of wicked wit, violence, sex (hetero, homo and one near miss with a dog), mystery, loss, anguish and finally exultation. And the real reason for Vector's exile, when revealed, will knock you out of your chair...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781986010337
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/15/2018
Series: Tales of United American Faerie , #1
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

Gregory Edward Flood is the author of Seven God Limit and The Last of the Dire Dwellers, both available from Amazon. He has gone through three literary agents, all of whom died on him. He's afraid to get another one because he doesn't want to be responsible.

But during his had-an-agent days his work was passed around to all the major publishing houses. Their reactions all pretty much went like this: "Great new writer. Wonderful, strong prose style, gorgeous sense of place, fascinating, unusual characters, cutting edge fantasy concepts and, uh..we can't publish this." One editor held on to one of his books for a year-and-a-half before letting go of it ("but we might still want it for our paperback line.")

He pretty much gave up after the last agent. But then the eBook revolution started and he decided that, since all those high-end New York professionals said his work was so damn good, he'd try going the digital route.

As you can see, he's doing much better this time.

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