REMOTE iT!: Winning with Freelancers-Build and Manage a Thriving Business in a Virtual World-Run a Booming Business from Anywhere

REMOTE iT!: Winning with Freelancers-Build and Manage a Thriving Business in a Virtual World-Run a Booming Business from Anywhere

by Michael Brooks


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Imagine how great it would be to cut costs and grow your business beyond your wildest expectations by "remoting it" with outstanding global freelance talent? Yes, you can eliminate the expense of maintaining an office and many other costs with this approach.

Think about the freedom this offers you and your workers-to be productive, efficient, and innovative from any location in the world. REMOTE iT! by Michael Brooks describes how to achieve this result at a fraction of the cost of traditional business models and how to create and lead a great remote culture.

Spoiler alert: You and your teams can be just as effective, happier, and even more productive, in a fully remote environment than in a traditional business structure.

Even if they didn't start out with a remote workforce, many entrepreneurs and leaders at large companies are realizing how using global online freelancers is a game-changing solution for achieving a massive competitive edge. Brooks delivers a playbook for success with examples, tips, and best practices that have helped him build an award-winning, industry-leading global freelance marketplace business, which he runs from anywhere using freelance talent.

Are you ready to "win" in business with freelance talent? You'll learn how to hire, manage, motivate, and innovate with skilled global freelancers, and discover the technologies and processes to help ensure success. This fast-paced book explains how to:

  • Lead an exceptional remote culture.
  • Easily find and hire people with a wide range of different skill sets
  • Build a loyal workforce.
  • Conduct productive meetings, even across multiple time zones.
  • Leverage cutting-edge virtual collaboration tools.
  • Use a freelance platform to hire, screen, manage, and pay workers.
    •Save vast amounts of money while achieving results that go well beyond your expectations.

Are you ready to ditch the office and experience the power and freedom of working from anywhere while running a booming business? Get this book today!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781735474915
Publisher: Golance Inc.
Publication date: 11/11/2020
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.32(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Remote Culture 4

The Remote Culture Differentiator 7

1: Growing Your Business

with Freelance Talent 11

The Old 9-to-5 12

Freelancer Benefits 14

Why Hire Freelancers? 15

Common Reasons for Using Freelancers 18

Freelancers Versus Big Agencies 20

Establish Two-Way Trust 23

2: Hiring and Managing a World-Class Team 27

Making the Leap 27

FAQs About Hiring Freelancers 29

Verifying the Freelancer 33

Special Tips for Startups 35

Start on the Right Foot 36

Funding Options 38

Common Misunderstandings 39

Identify Preferred Platforms 40

What to Ask in an Interview 43

Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) 49

3: Managing Diverse Skill Sets 51

Set Realistic Expectations 51

Be Available, Timely, and Responsive 54

4: Creating a Great Culture in a Virtual World 57

Culture Matters 57

Culture by Choice or Circumstance? 60

Why You Need a Suitable Culture Fit 61

Thoughtful Hiring and Training 62

Team Meetings and One-on-Ones 64

Remote Appreciation Tips 66

The "goCulture" Approach 68

Right Tools for the Right People 69

Remote Corporate Retreats 71

In-Person Visits 72

Write Your Own Rules 73

Test Your Culture 74

5: Moving from Skype to Zoom to 3D Virtual

Meetings 81

Remote Meeting Guidelines 81

Skype or Zoom? 84

The 3D Virtual World 85

Dynamic Written Collaboration 87

6: Building a Loyal Freelance Workforce 89

The Power of Digital Friendships 90

Five Minutes Before (and After) Meetings 92

Personalize Your Remote Visit 92

Ten Ways to Increase Loyalty 93

7: Tackling Global Currency Challenges 95

Think Like a Freelancer 95

Flexible Payment Options 98

8: Managing Remote Freelancers:

Case Studies 99

Scale and Pay Quickly 100

Manage Remotely 102

Tackle Technical Limitations 103

Teamwork and Morale 104

Connect and Communicate 105

Cultural Issues 106

9: Leveraging Tools and Best Practices 109

Evaluating Freelance Websites 109

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities 112

Websites with International Freelancers 113

Effective Qualification Processes 115

Management and Payment Tools 116

10: Trends in the Freelance Market 119

The Expanding Freelance Economy 119

Future Impacts 121

A Change Is Coming 123

Conclusion 126

REMOTE iT! Checklist 129

REMOTE iT! Resources 135

Acknowledgments 137

About The Author 139

Other Books by Michael Brooks 141

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