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Reiki Healing Journey, Vol.1

Reiki Healing Journey, Vol.1

by Llewellyn Llewellyn
Reiki Healing Journey, Vol.1

Reiki Healing Journey, Vol.1

by Llewellyn Llewellyn


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With Reiki Healing Journey, like with his other records Healing Massage, Colour Healing, and Crystals, Llewellyn has created a masterful and timbrally rich recording. The tracks that make up this recording run together to create a rich and sonorous aural tapestry that brings a sense of inner peace and well being. This recording features 20 tracks, each of which come in at about three minutes. Llewellyn's Reiki Healing Journey is meant to guide both reiki practitioners and their recipients through a truly powerful, healing experience. The 60-minute length of this CD also makes it great for massage therapy and all other healing modalities, even yoga and tai chi. Llewellyn's Reiki Healing Journey may be great for healing practitioners but it's also an excellent recording to just sit and listen to. Fans of Enya and, more broadly, the space music genre will certainly enjoy this recording. Ultimately though, Llewellyn's Reiki Healing Journey is a new age recording. And it's quite possibly one of the finest new age recordings out there, sure to become a classic. This is an excellent recording, and one that certainly deserves a high critical rating.

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Product Details

Release Date: 03/12/2002
Label: New World Music
UPC: 0767715051726
catalogNumber: 517
Rank: 95818


  1. Ruby in Zoisite (Crystals)
  2. Crown of Love (Reiki)
  3. Opening Petals
  4. Twilight (Healing Massage)
  5. Carnelian (Crystals)
  6. By the Shore (Pure Peace)
  7. A New Beginning (Pilates)
  8. Elements (Tai Chi Vol. II)
  9. Silver (Colour Healing)
  10. Hidden Pathways
  11. Amethyst (Crystals)
  12. Base Chakra (Journey to the Temple)
  13. Sapphire Blue (Indian Head Massage)
  14. Heart Chakra (Journey to the Temple)
  15. Blue Lace Agate (Crystals)
  16. The Secret Waterfall (Pure Relaxation)
  17. The Sacred Oils (Aromatherapy)
  18. Green (Colour Healing)
  19. The Mother (Moonlore)
  20. The Healing Wheel (Pilates)

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