Reggae Golden Jubilee: Origins of Jamaican Music

Reggae Golden Jubilee: Origins of Jamaican Music


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There are lots of collections like this out there that attempt to chronicle the fascinating story of Jamaica's pop music, but what sets this four-disc, 100-track box apart is that the selections here, and much of the text and song notations (the discs come packaged as part of a book), were made by Edward Seaga. The former Prime Minister of Jamaica was a man who was as much interested in the cultural history of Jamaica as he was in its politics, and he was there when the skewed, defiant, joyous, and infectious rhythms of reggae swept Jamaica into the 20th century. He understood, even as a politician, that music was the island's greatest commercial commodity and export, even if the songs themselves were often harshly critical of the Jamaican government, and authority in general. Seaga's selections cover all the key bases, from ska through rocksteady to reggae and dancehall, and his comments and notes show he knows what he's talking about. He was there. He was Prime Minister. He also loved music and could see and hear the creative musical revolution going on in Jamaica everywhere he went. In the end, politics aside, he was a complete fan, and a bit of a historian. That shows here.

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Release Date: 11/06/2012
Label: Vp Records
UPC: 0054645196321
catalogNumber: 1963
Rank: 143211


Disc 1

  1. Easy Snapping
  2. Dumplins
  3. Manny Oh
  4. Oh Carolina
  5. They Got To Go
  6. Independent Jamaica
  7. Black Head Chinaman
  8. Blazing Fire
  9. Wash Wash
  10. Sammy Dead
  11. My Boy Lollipop
  12. Carry Go Bring Come
  13. Occupation
  14. Little Did You Know
  15. Dancing Mood
  16. Rough and Tough
  17. Take It Easy
  18. Every Night
  19. Rock Steady
  20. Tougher Than Tough (Rudie In Court)
  21. No More Heartaches
  22. The Tide is High
  23. Trench Town Rock
  24. Israelites (Aka Poor Me Israelites)
  25. Sweet and Dandy
  26. Everything Crash
  27. Satta Massa Gana
  28. Fire Corner
  29. Java Dub
  30. Hypocrite

Disc 2

  1. Wear You To the Ball
  2. Cherry Oh Baby
  3. 54-46 Was My Number (Stick It Up Mister)
  4. Them a Fi Get a Beatin'
  5. Many Rivers To Cross
  6. The Sun Shines For Me
  7. Marcus Garvey
  8. Fade Away
  9. Lady With the Star Light
  10. Right Time
  11. Police and Thieves
  12. Ram Goat Liver
  13. We De People/The Power and the Glory
  14. Two Sevens Clash
  15. It's Alright
  16. Forward Ever
  17. My Number One
  18. Money In My Pocket
  19. Kaya
  20. Rub-a-Dub Style
  21. Uptown Top Ranking
  22. Land of My Birth
  23. Silly Games
  24. Someone Loves You Honey
  25. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
  26. Arlene

Disc 3

  1. Over Me
  2. One Two
  3. Pass the Dutchie
  4. I'm Getting Married In the Morning
  5. Try Jah Love
  6. Push Comes To Shove
  7. Love Has Found Its Way
  8. Cottage tn Negril
  9. Every Time a Ear De Soun'
  10. Electric Boogie
  11. Under Me Sleng Teng
  12. Greetings
  13. No Way No Better Than Yard
  14. Wild World
  15. Cover Me
  16. Wild Gilbert
  17. Pocomania Day
  18. Good Thing Going
  19. One Blood
  20. Twice My Age
  21. Hello Africa
  22. Murder She Wrote

Disc 4

  1. Putting Up Resistance
  2. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
  3. Murderer
  4. Tour
  5. Lord Give Me Strength
  6. Untold Stories
  7. Fed Up
  8. Sycamore Tree
  9. Black Woman and Child
  10. Who Am I (Sim Simma)
  11. Down By the River
  12. Virtuous Woman
  13. Gimme the Light
  14. Pon De River Pon De Bank
  15. Welcome To Jamrock
  16. She's Royal
  17. True Reflections
  18. Roots
  19. Boombastic
  20. Lioness On the Rise
  21. I'm On the Rock
  22. The Harder They Come

Album Credits

Technical Credits

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Alton Ellis   Composer
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Inner Circle   Producer
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