Red House 25: A Silver Anniversary Retrospective

Red House 25: A Silver Anniversary Retrospective


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Red House 25: A Silver Anniversary Retrospective collects 64 tracks culled from the stalwart contemporary folk/American roots label's quarter of a century tenure as one of the great houses of modern American song. From 1983 to 2008, Red House provided shelter for the likes of Greg Brown, Chenille Sisters, John Gorka, Pat Donohue, Utah Phillips, Cliff Eberhardt, Lucy Kaplansky, Eliza Gilkyson, and Robin & Linda Williams, all of whom appear here with songs both familiar and previously unreleased. Accompanying the silver-embossed box is a 44-page booklet that chronicles the label's history through rare photos, commentary, and testimonials from artists like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dar Williams, and Josh Ritter who drew inspiration from Red House's pioneering spirit and vast arsenal of releases.

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Release Date: 11/25/2008
Label: Red House
UPC: 0033651021520
catalogNumber: 215
Rank: 70319


Disc 1

  1. The Iowa Waltz
  2. Who Woulda Thunk It?
  3. I'll Be All Right
  4. Sail on Glide
  5. The St. James Infirmary
  6. I Know
  7. Bend in the River
  8. Keep It Clean
  9. The Minstrel and the Bear
  10. You Can't Blame a Fool
  11. Say a Little Prayer
  12. Band of Gold
  13. Louisiana Storm
  14. Seduced
  15. Bonnie Mulligan's
  16. Just a Dog
  17. Poor Backslider
  18. Raven in the Storm
  19. Black Crow
  20. I've Endured
  21. Potter's Wheel

Disc 2

  1. Shaggy Pony
  2. Somebody's Home
  3. Rake and Ramblin' Boy
  4. Heart of the Heartland
  5. (Can't Go Home) Again
  6. Ashfields & Brine
  7. Past the Point of Rescue
  8. Shake It and Break It
  9. The Ballad of Eddie Klepp
  10. Penny on the Track
  11. Thief River Falls
  12. All Used Up
  13. The Trail to Mexico/In the Tap Room/The Banshee
  14. If You Don't Get It at Home
  15. À La Claire Fontaine
  16. Best I Can
  17. Ten Year Night
  18. So Sang the River
  19. Let's Take Our Time and Do It Right
  20. The Land of the Free
  21. Beauty Way
  22. From Way Up Here

Disc 3

  1. Last Man on Earth
  2. Jeremiah
  3. All Along the Watchtower
  4. All That Is
  5. Horn Island
  6. Sho 'Nuff Satisfied
  7. Let Em Run
  8. 8 Hour Drive
  9. Unblindfold the Referee
  10. Glory Bound
  11. Paradise Lost
  12. Evening Call
  13. Fur Peace Rag
  14. Swimming Song
  15. The High Above and the Down Below
  16. Hideaway Girl
  17. What Katy Did
  18. Goin' Home
  19. Home
  20. Buena Vista
  21. Emerald Street

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jerry Douglas   Dobro
Tony Furtado   Banjo
Archie Fisher   Guitar,Vocals
Greg Brown   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Frank Christian   Electric Guitar
Cliff Eberhardt   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Vocals,12-string Guitar
Paul Geremia   Guitar,Vocals
Eliza Gilkyson   Acoustic Guitar,Steel Guitar,Vocals,Human Whistle
John Gorka   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Dave Moore   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Utah Phillips   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Claudia Schmidt   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Shindell   Vocals
Rosalie Sorrels   Vocals
Loudon Wainwright   Guitar,Vocals
Shawn Colvin   Vocals
Michael Hurley   Drums
Jorma Kaukonen   Acoustic Guitar
Steve Erquiaga   Guitar (Nylon String)
Mark Murphy   Acoustic Bass
Randy Sabien   Mandolin,Violin
Butch Thompson   Piano
Howard Armstrong   Mandolin
Jeff Berlin   Drums
Pat Donohue   Guitar,Vocals
Martin Simpson   Electric Guitar,Ukulele,Lap Steel Guitar,Footsteps,Hi Hat
Duke Levine   Electric Guitar
Barry Mitterhoff   Mandolin
Guy Van Duser   Guitar
Peter Ostroushko   Fiddle,Mandolin
Bill Staines   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Howard White   Electric Bass
J.J. Farley   Vocals
Bruce Kurnow   Harmonica
Lucy Kaplansky   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Marc Anderson   Percussion
Matt Andes   Electric Guitar,Slide Guitar
David Balakrishnan   Violin
Kevin Barnes   Banjo,Vocals
Alan Bezozi   Drums
Michael Blair   Percussion
Ray Bonneville   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Pat Breaux   Button Accordion
Jane Callahan   Bass
Michelle Campagne   Vocals
Paul Campagne   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Suzanne Campagne   Vocals
Larry Campbell   Fiddle,Mandolin,Pedal Steel Guitar
Reece Campbell   Keyboards
Tommy Comeaux   Snare Drums
Dennis Crouch   Bass
Pul Cunliffe   Vocals,Spoons,Trap Kit
Chris Cunningham   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Cheryl Dawdy   Vocals
Richard Dworsky   Piano,Hammond Organ
Freyda Epstein   Violin,Vocals
Seth Farber   Accordion
Nick Forster   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Gates   Bass
Tony Gilkyson   Electric Guitar
Charlie Giordano   Accordion
Ralph Gordon   Double Bass
David Hamburger   Dobro
Dave Hansen   Bass
Brad Hatfield   Keyboards
Jon Herington   Electric Guitar,Slide Guitar
Bill Hinkley   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Hoke   Clarinet
Michael Hough   Electric Bass
Byron House   Upright Bass
Reggie Houston   Alto Saxophone
Connie Huber   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Rob Ickes   Dobro
John Inmon   Electric Guitar
Kathy Jensen   Saxophone
Barry Sonjohn Johnson   Bass
Gordon Johnson   Bass,Electric Bass
Chris Kaiser   Mandolin
Zev Katz   Bass
Geoff Kelly   Flute,Human Whistle
Rick Kemp   Percussion,Fretless Bass Guitar
"Spider" John Koerner   Vocals,12-string Guitar
Janice Kollar   keyboard bass
Jimmy LaFave   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Stewart Lerman   Drums
Sarah Lewis   Cello
Gene Libbea   Bass
Larry Luddecke   Piano
Kate MacKenzie   Guitar,Vocals
Dean Magraw   Acoustic Guitar
Kenny Malone   Percussion
David Mansfield   Bass,Violin
Johnny McDonagh   Bodhran
Amasa Miller   Piano
Grace Morand   Vocals
Michael Mordecai   Trumpet
Willie Murphy   Electric Bass,Vocals,scat
Patrick Murray   Saxophone
Tim O'Brien   Mandolin
Paul Ossola   Bass
Eric Peltoniemi   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Brian C. Peters   Pedal Steel Guitar
Joe Phillips   Acoustic Bass
Doug Plavin   Drums
Bo Ramsey   Electric Guitar,Slide Guitar
John Reischman   Mandolin
Robbie Robinson   Keyboards
Suzzy Roche   Guitar,Vocals
Roly Salley   Bass,Vocals
Stuart Schulman   Violin
Carol Sharar   Violin
Patty Shove   Electric Bass
Jami Sieber   Cello
Steuart Smith   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Hammond Organ,Wurlitzer
Chip Taylor Smith   Fiddle
Jeff Taylor   Accordion
Jeff Victor   Keyboards
Johnny Vidacovich   Drums
Mike Walsh   Bass
Brian Wicklund   Fiddle,Vocals
David Wilkie   Guitar,Mandolin
Linda Williams   Banjo,Vocals
Dan Wilson   Bass,Piano,Electric Guitar
Marcus Wise   Tabla
Ben Wittman   Percussion
Dave Woodhead   Bass,Piano
Howie Wyeth   Drums
Drew Zingg   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Glenn Fukunaga   Bass
Rafael Gayol   Drums
Stephan Crump   Acoustic Bass
Jennifer Hersch   Bass
Billy Peterson   Bass
Garnet Rogers   Guitar,Violin,Vocals
Don Stille   Piano
Todd Johnson   Drums
Guy Davis   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Percussion,Vocals
Lynn Miles   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Chuck Brodsky   Guitar,Vocals
Maggie Roche   Vocals
Brandon Bush   Hammond Organ
John Angus Foster   Bass,Acoustic Bass
Bill Barton   Guitar,Mandolin
Mike Hardwick   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Bruce Calin   Bass
Phil Hey   Drums
Radoslav Lorkovic   Hammond Organ
Jeffrey Willkomm   Electric Bass,Vocals
Rob Genadek   Percussion
Marya Hart   Piano
James Reilley   Guitar,Vocals
David Tamulevich   Guitar,Vocals,12-string Guitar,Penny Whistle
Bob Vasile   Guitar,Vocals
Judy Larson   Guitar,Vocals
John "Mr. Bones" Burrell   Trombone
Rick Cicalo   Bass
Richard G. Decoursey   Drums
Wally Doggett   Drums
Eric Fawcett   Drums
Dirk Freymuth   Electric Guitar
Patty Kosko   Violin
Ian Lefeuvre   Banjo,Bass,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Leandra Peak   Vocals
David Travers-Smith   Percussion,E Flat Horn
Doug Thomson   Bass,Vocals
Chris Weigand   Bass
Angus Foster   Bass
John Hermanson   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Dick Connette   Organ
John Egenes   Mandolin
Joel Sayles   Bass
Ruth Mackenzie   Vocals
J.T. Bates   Drums
Neal Hagberg   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Ivan Ramirez   Percussion,Drums
Murphy   Fiddle
Steve Hayes   Drums
Crit Harmon   Electric Guitar
Stuart Olson   Bass Guitar
David E. Williams   Mandolin
John H.R. Mills   Saxophone
Jeff Plankenhorn   Dobro
Peter Von Althen   Drums
Tom Landa   Guitar,Vocals
Tobin Frank   Bass
Cam Salay   Banjo
T-Bone Wolk   Mandolin
Kenneth Blevins   Drums
Shannon Johnson   Violin
Dave Anthony   Drums
Felix James   Conga
Cisco Ryder   Percussion,Drums
Prudence Johnson   Vocals
Jeff May   Bass
Carrie Rodriguez   Violin,Vocals
Sean O'Driscoll   Tenor Banjo
Chris Morrissey   Bass
Nicky Mehta   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Ruth Moody   Banjo,Vocals
Annabelle Chvostek   Violin,Vocals
Meg Hutchinson   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Christian Dugas   Drums
Marc Atkinson   Mandolin,Vocals
Adrian Dolan   Fiddle,Accordion
Chris Frye   Guitar,Vocals
glen manders   Bass
Danny Godinez   Guitar (Nylon String)
JoAnna James   Vocals
Karen Mueller   Dulcimer,Bouzouki
Terry McDade   celtic harp
Benson Ramsey   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
David Huckfelt   Acoustic Guitar
Tommy Short   Flute
Jeremiah McDade   Bodhran,tin whistle
Solon McDade   Electric Bass
Paul Gotton   Drums
Larry Manderville   Piano
Michael Rossetto   Banjo
Bille Stille   Tamboura
Patrick Tully   Piano
Jay Young   Bass
Robin Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Shannon Saunders   Fiddle
Geoff Arsenault   Drums

Technical Credits

Charley Patton   Composer
Archie Fisher   Composer
Greg Brown   Producer
Cliff Eberhardt   Composer,Producer
Eliza Gilkyson   Composer,Producer
John Gorka   Composer
Dave Moore   Composer,Producer
Malvina Reynolds   Composer
Claudia Schmidt   Composer
Loudon Wainwright   Composer
Shawn Colvin   Producer
Bob Dylan   Composer
Jorma Kaukonen   Composer
Victor de Lorenzo   Producer
Pat Donohue   Composer,Producer
Martin Simpson   Composer,Producer
Mark Bingham   Engineer
Peter Ostroushko   Composer,Producer
Bill Staines   Composer,Producer
Stoney Lonesome   Producer
Howard White   Producer,Engineer
Mick Hanly   Composer
Dakota Dave Hull   Producer
Dar Williams   Author
Lucy Kaplansky   Composer
Mark Andes   Composer
Ray Bonneville   Composer,Producer
Duncan Browne   Author
Michelle Campagne   Producer
Paul Campagne   Producer
Suzanne Campagne   Producer
Reece Campbell   Composer
Mary Chapin Carpenter   Author
Bill Danoff   Composer
Michel Dupire   Producer
Freyda Epstein   Producer
Bob Feldman   Producer,Executive Producer
Doug Ford   Producer,Engineer
Nick Foster   Producer
Nina Gerber   Producer
Ralph Gordon   Producer
Mark Hallman   Producer,Engineer
John Hampton   Engineer
Roy Hendrickson   Engineer
Keith Holzman   Author
Byron House   Producer
Geoff Keehn   Engineer
"Spider" John Koerner   Composer
Uwe Kranner   Producer
Jimmy LaFave   Composer,Producer
Colin Lay   Engineer
Stewart Lerman   Producer,Engineer
Larry Luddecke   Engineer
Dean Magraw   Composer,Producer
Gary Mankin   Engineer
Gurf Morlix   Composer
Rob Martens   Engineer
Rob Matson   Engineer
Don McCollister   Producer
Dennis McNerney   Engineer
Willie Murphy   Composer,Producer
Tim O'Brien   Producer
Gary Paczosa   Engineer
Eric Peltoniemi   Producer,Executive Producer,Song Credits
Bruce Phillips   Composer
John Platania   Producer
Barry Poss   Author
Bo Ramsey   Producer
Fred Remmert   Engineer
Greg Roberts   Engineer
Suzzy Roche   Producer
John Scherf   Producer,Engineer
Will Spencer   Producer,Engineer
Steve Tibbetts   Engineer
Steve Wiese   Engineer
David Wilkie   Producer
Dan Wilson   Producer,Engineer
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Ben Wittman   Producer
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Garry West   Author
Guy Davis   Composer
Lynn Miles   Composer
Steve Rizzo   Engineer
Chuck Brodsky   Composer
Maggie Roche   Composer
Derroll Adams   Composer
Tom Tucker   Engineer
Kristian Bush   Producer
Hillary Johnson   Engineer
William S. Kollar   Producer,Engineer
Paul Antonell   Engineer
Geoffrey Himes   Liner Notes
Rob Genadek   Producer,Engineer
James Reilley   Composer
David Tamulevich   Composer
Bob Vasile   Producer
Matthew Zimmerman   Engineer
Brent Sigmeth   Engineer
David Channing   Engineer
Chris Frymire   Producer,Engineer
Davy Gallant   Producer
Rob Heaney   Producer,Engineer
Steven Henke   Producer
Ian Lefeuvre   Engineer
Jim Netter   Author
Leandra Peak   Composer
Mark Thayer   Engineer
David Travers-Smith   Producer,Engineer
Valerie Rogers   Executive Producer
Steve Smulian   Producer,Engineer
John Hermanson   Composer
Joby Baker   Producer,Engineer
Gary Tigerman   Composer
Neal Hagberg   Composer
Ivan Ramirez   Producer,Engineer
Crit Harmon   Producer,Engineer
Jim Olsen   Author
Jim Musselman   Author
John H.R. Mills   Horn Arrangements
Josh Ritter   Author
Traditional   Composer
Tom Landa   Producer
Glenn Marshall   Engineer
Oliver Knight   Engineer
Pete Wosniak   Engineer
Samantha Wright   Producer
Prudence Johnson   Producer
Jack Johnson   Author
Colin McArdell   Engineer
Milt Costakis   Engineer
Dave Ferguson   Engineer
Neenah Ellis   Producer
Ruth Moody   Composer
Meg Hutchinson   Composer
Marc Atkinson   Composer,Producer
Benson Ramsey   Composer
David Huckfelt   Composer
Wise-Magraw   Composer
Carl Blair Broeker   Song Credits
Luke Welsh   Song Credits
Pines   Producer

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