Red Alert: A Tale of Intrigue and Idiocy in the Nation's Capital

Red Alert: A Tale of Intrigue and Idiocy in the Nation's Capital

by David Wayne Kight, Paul Alan Kight


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... and Stuart Preston Digit III's world was about to topple over. He had been kidnapped, drugged, shoved around, kicked, threatened, held at gunpoint, and dragged around D.C., with multiple psychos doing their best to get their hands on him and the information he had hidden in a locker in Union Station. How did an intern for the senate majority leader in the most liberal government ever elected wind up in the middle of political intrigue?

Mere days before, he was a normal senate intern, working diligently to have a good addition to his résumé. How could he have known that his boss would use him as a political pawn to seize an entire industry under control of the federal government? Unbeknownst to Stu, his name and personal information were broadcast to the media as the spokesman for a watchdog group that didn't actually exist. Then, an impromptu speech before a throng of admiring protesters on the National Mall and on every news outlet made him an instant star. But not everyone was in his fan club, including even himself. He knew he had been duped but now he was in too deep.

While millions of followers, who called themselves "Stupies", were tweeting back and forth, and scrawling "Where's Stu Digit?" graffiti all over town, he went under the radar to try to set the record straight and started a spiral of events that would embroil him in unexpected intrigue and mystery as his political foes jockeyed to reel him in.

Strangers appeared out of nowhere to use him for their own advantage. Before he knew it, he was the unwilling companion of a dangerous agent, Louisa Marner, who was intent on delivering him and his information to her high-powered employer. Marner had skillfully stolen Stu from the sociopathic former spy Barton Gutman, who was not happy about losing his prize to the competition. Stu's brain fogged with truth serum, he had to use his wits (what little he possessed) to attempt to escape, trying his best to channel his TV hero, Mitchell Weldon from his favorite show, The Spy Who Got Fired.

All the while Stu's fate was intertwined with the fate of an entire industry. In fact, individual liberty was at stake if he wound up in the wrong hands. And, to Stu, something he dearly loved was in peril.

Fortunately, Stu was not alone. The moment he disappeared, thirty year veteran of international espionage Marion Morrison, leader of the clandestine Liberty League, and his lead operatives Justine Danaher and Phil Gilhooley snapped into action to rescue him . It would require skill, determination, and courage, as well as the one thing no intern ever figures he would need: air support

With his helicopter crammed with electronic counter-measure technology, Morrison dared to fly into the most protected airspace in America. With Phil in the back of the chopper tracking Stu and Justine in her over-powered pick up truck giving chase, the game was on. But finding Stu was not going to be easy and the longer they stayed inside the Air Defense Identification Zone, the better the chances that their flight would end with a Sidewinder missile blowing them out of the sky.
Will they be able to reach Stu before one of his pursuers manages to claim him for their evil purpose? Red Alert is a page turner from beginning to end and will have you jeering, cheering, smiling, and laughing.

WARNING: Reading this book may cause liberals to become apoplectic!

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ISBN-13: 9781517769116
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/25/2015
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

David Kight loves his country and hates liberalism. Dave grew up in the thick of the Cold War and recalls how miserable life was for the Soviets and damn sure does not wish the same for America. He also knows that liberalism always results in the same thing. Disaster. There's no unemployment but no one works. No one works but everyone gets paid. Everyone gets paid but there is nothing to buy with your money. No one can buy anything but everyone owns everything. Everyone owns everything but no one is satisfied. No one is satisfied but ninety-nine per cent of the people vote for the system. Red Alert was Dave's outlet for showing how elected officials in America think about the people they supposedly represent. He meant for it to be a hilarious wake-up call. His readers think he succeeded in that.
Paul Kight has been told a multitude of times by caring people to write for a living, having a natural talent for it. He finally listened and decided to write. Quite by accident, he wound up neck deep in the idea of writing what became Red Alert. He had no problem with this because he can't tolerate liberalism. So he joined forces with his brother Dave, who was already a powerful voice against the Left. What you hold in your hands is the result of this collaboration. "To say that Dave and I had fun with the characters and the situations we placed them in is an understatement. We wrote Red Alert to contain an important message, but also to be an enjoyable read. Judging from our growing fan base, we did just that. Red Alert will have you laughing, shouting 'Amen', and turning pages."

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