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Recent Developments in Institutional Economics

Recent Developments in Institutional Economics

by Geoffrey M. HodgsonGeoffrey M. Hodgson


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Hodgson (business studies, U. of Hertfordshire, UK) brings together 26 previously published articles from the past ten years that explore recent changes in both the "old" and the "new" institutional economics (based respectively in the works of Americans like Thorstein Veblen and the Austrian school of Carl Menger). Separate sections consider the role of constraints in institutional evolution, the role of statutory interventions in institutions, and the impossibility of beginning from a theoretical "state of nature" in examining the development of socioeconomic institutions. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 9781840648850
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 10/03/2003
Series: Critical Studies in Economic Institutions
Pages: 640
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Table of Contents

Part IThree Overviews
1.'Institutional Economics: Then and Now', Journal of Economic Perspectives, 15 (3), Summer, 173-94 (2001)3
2.'Making Sense of Institutions as a Factor Shaping Economic Performance', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 44 (1), 31-54 (2001)25
3.'Doing Institutional Analysis: Implications for the Study of Innovations', Review of International Political Economy, 7 (4), Winter, 595-644 (2000)49
Part IIMethodology, Institutions and Individuals
4.'The Texture of Custom', in On Custom in the Economy, Chapter 15, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 269-75 (1998)101
5.'Endogenous Preferences: The Cultural Consequences of Markets and Other Economic Institutions', Journal of Economic Literature, XXXVI (1), March, 75-111 (1998)108
6.'The Approach of Institutional Economics', Journal of Economic Literature, XXXVI (1), March, 166-92 (1998)145
Part IIIThe Changing New Institutional Economics
7.'Institutions', Journal of Economic Perspectives, 5 (1), Winter, 97-112 (1991)175
8.'Introduction', in Institutions and Social Conflict, Chapter 1, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1-20, references (1992)191
9.'Shared Mental Models: Ideologies and Institutions', Kyklos, 47 (1), 3-30 (1994)214
10.'Historical and Comparative Institutional Analysis', American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 88 (2), May, 80-84 (1998)242
11.'The Emergence of Economic Organization', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 41 (1), January, 55-84 (2000)247
12.'The New Institutional Economics: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead', Journal of Economic Literature, XXXVIII (3), September, 595-613 (2000)277
13.'What are Institutions? How Should We Approach Them?', in Toward a Comparative Institutional Analysis, Chapter 1, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1-20, 395-7, references (2001)296
Part IVHabits, Norms and Knowledge
14.'Choice and Action', Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 6 (1), February, 43-76 (1996)323
15.'Economic Reason: The Interplay of Individual Learning and External Structure', in John N. Drobak and John V.C. Nye (eds), The Frontiers of the New Institutional Economics, Chapter XII, San Diego and London: Academic Press, 269-90 (1997)357
16.'The Ubiquity of Habits and Rules', Cambridge Journal of Economics, 21 (6), November, 663-84 (1997)379
17.'Reviving Veblenian Economic Psychology', Cambridge Journal of Economics, 22 (4), July, 433-48 (1998)401
18.'Norms as Emergent Properties of Adaptive Learning: The Case of Economic Routines', Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 9 (1), January, 5-26 (1999)417
19.'Knowledge, Consumption, and Endogenous Growth', Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 11 (1), January, 77-93 (2001)439
20.'Knowledge and Markets', Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 11 (4), October, 413-31 (2001)456
Part VProperty, Money and the State
21.'Conclusion: The Political Origin of Human Rights', in The Political Institution of Private Property, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 178-84, references (1997)477
22.'The Property Theory of Interest and Money', in John Smithin (ed.), What is Money?, Chapter 4, London and New York: Routledge, 67-100 (2000)484
23.'The Role of the State and the Hierarchy of Money', Cambridge Journal of Economics, 25 (2), March, 149-63 (2001)518
Part VIMarkets as Institutions
24.'Allocative Efficiency of Markets with Zero-Intelligence Traders: Market as a Partial Substitute for Individual Rationality', Journal of Political Economy, 101 (1), 119-37 (1993)535
25.'Markets as Evolving Computational Entities', Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 8 (4), December, 329-56 (1998)554
26.'Market Institutions and Economic Evolution', Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 10 (3), January, 297-309 (2000)582
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