Recalled to Life

Recalled to Life

by Grant Allen


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Allen (1848-1899) was a Canadian science writer and novelist, and a public promoter of Evolution in the second half of the 19th century. He was born in Kingston, Ontario, but the family later moved to the US, then to France, before settling in the UK where Allen attended Merton College, Oxford. After a brief period teaching he turned to writing, gaining a reputation for his essays on scientific subjects and his first published books were in this field. He later took up writing fiction and between 1884 and 1899 produced around 30 novels, including contributions in such genres as detective fiction and science fiction.

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About the Author

Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen (February 24, 1848 - October 25, 1899) was a science writer and novelist, and a successful upholder of the theory of evolution.His first books were on scientific subjects, and include Physiological Æsthetics (1877) and Flowers and Their Pedigrees (1886). He was first influenced by associationist psychology as it was expounded by Alexander Bain and Herbert Spencer, the latter often considered the most important individual in the transition from associationist psychology to Darwinian functionalism. In Allen's many articles on flowers and perception in insects, Darwinian arguments replaced the old Spencerian terms. On a personal level, a long friendship that started when Allen met Spencer on his return from Jamaica, also grew uneasy over the years. Allen wrote a critical and revealing biographical article on Spencer that was published after Spencer was died.

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