Rebellion Against Henry III: The Disinherited Montfortians, 1265-1274

Rebellion Against Henry III: The Disinherited Montfortians, 1265-1274

by David Pilling

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The 'Montfortian' civil wars in England lasted from 1259-67, though the death of Simon de Montfort and so many of his followers at the battle of Evesham in 1265 ought to have ended the conflict. In the aftermath of the battle, Henry III's decision to disinherit all the surviving Montfortians served to prolong the war for another two years. Hundreds of landless men took up arms again to defend their land and property: the redistribution of estates in the wake of Evesham occurred on a massive scale, as lands were either granted away by the king or simply taken by his supporters.

The Disinherited, as they were known, defied the might of the Crown longer than anyone could have reasonably expected. They were scattered, outnumbered and out-resourced, with no real unifying figure after the death of Earl Simon, and suffered a number of heavy defeats. Despite all their problems and setbacks, they succeeded in forcing the king into a compromise. The Dictum of Kenilworth, published in 1266, acknowledged that Henry could not hope to defeat the Disinherited via military force alone.

The purely military aspects of the revolt, including effective use of guerilla-type warfare and major actions such as the battle of Chesterfield, the siege of Kenilworth and the capture of London, will all be featured. Charismatic rebel leaders such as Robert de Ferrers, the 'wild and flighty' Earl of Derby, Sir John de Eyvill, 'the bold D'Eyvill' and others such as Sir Adam de Gurdon, David of Uffington and Baldwin Wake all receive a proper appraisal.

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ISBN-13: 9781526763211
Publisher: Pen and Sword History
Publication date: 05/30/2020
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
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About the Author

David Pilling is a self-employed author and historian based in West Wales, where he was raised on a smallholding. As a child he acquired a love for the Welsh countryside and Welsh history, especially the medieval era. His particular interests lie in the Edwardian wars of the late 13th century.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Chapter 1 Reform and Rebellion 1

Chapter 2 The Murder of Evesham 13

Chapter 3 Greedy for Spoils 18

Chapter 4 Forced to Yield 26

Chapter 5 Plunder like Pirates 31

Chapter 6 To the Woods and Fields 36

Chapter 7 The Outlaw Knight 40

Chapter 8 The Bold Deyville 48

Chapter 9 The Great Siege 55

Chapter 10 Meres and Fens 64

Chapter 11 A Silver Shoe 73

Chapter 12 The Son of a Hard Heart 81

Chapter 13 With United Force 92

Chapter 14 Principal Plunderers 97

Chapter 15 Nowhere was there Peace 105

Chapter 16 The Great Swindle 110

Chapter 17 Leader and Master 113

Chapter 18 Conflict Renewed 119

Chapter 19 Bound with Love 126

Postscript The Old Seed of Malice 134

Case Study 1 The Healing Saint 148

Case Study 2 The Disinherited and Robin Hood: Genesis of a Legend? 156

Appendix 1 A Full Transcript of the Dictum of Kenilworth 166

Appendix 2 A Transcript of the Trial of Roger Godberd 175

Endnotes 177

Bibliography 202

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