Reading Paul in Context: Explorations in Identity Formation: Essays in Honour of William S. Campbell

Reading Paul in Context: Explorations in Identity Formation: Essays in Honour of William S. Campbell


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This new collection celebrates the distinguished contribution of William S. Campbell to a renewed understanding of Paul's theologizing and its influence on the shaping of early Christian identity.

The essays are clustered around two closely related topics: Paul's theologizing, and the way it influenced Christian identity within the context of the Roman Empire. The essays consider the continued relevance of previous identities 'in Christ', the importance of the context of the Roman Empire, and the significance of the Jewishness of Paul and the Pauline movement in the shaping of identity. The political context is discussed by Neil Elliott, Ekkehard Stegemann, Daniel Patte, and Ian Rock whilst the Jewish roots of Paul and the Christ-movement are addressed in essays by Robert Jewett, Mark Nanos, Calvin Roetzel, and Kathy Ehrensperger. Paul's specific influence in shaping the identity of the early Christ-movement is the concern of essays by Robert Brawley, Jerry Sumney, Kar Yong Lim, and J. Brian Tucker. Finally, methodological reflection on Paul's theologizing within Pauline studies is the concern of essays by Terrence Donaldson and Magnus Zetterholm.

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ISBN-13: 9780567179456
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 10/31/2013
Series: The Library of New Testament Studies
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Dr. Kathy Ehrensperger is Reader in New Testament Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter, UK.

J. Brian Tucker is Associate Professor of New Testament at Moody Theological Seminary, USA.

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Select Bibliography of William S.Campbell's Publications

Part I. Exploring Theologizing, Politics, and Identity in Romans

1. Coexistence and Transformation: Reading the Politics of Identity in Romans in an Imperial Context - Ekkehard W. Stegemann

2. The Anthropological Implications of the Revelation of Wrath in Romans - Robert Jewett

3. Paul's Political Christology: Samples from Romans - Neil Elliott

4. 'Callused,' Not 'Hardened': Paul's Revelation of Temporary Protection Until All Israel Can Be Healed - Mark D. Nanos

5. Another Reason for Romans - A Pastoral Response to Augustan Imperial Theology: Paul's Use of the Song of Moses in Romans 9-11; 14-15 - Ian E.Rock

6. 'Called to be saints' - the Identity Shaping Dimension of Paul's Priestly Discourse in Romans - Kathy Ehrensperger

Part II. Pauline Themes in Context

7. Paul and Nomos in the Messianic Age - Calvin J. Roetzel

8. From Reflex to Reflection? Identity in Philippians 2.6-11 and Its Context - Robert L. Brawley

9. 'Christ died for us': Interpretation of Jesus' Death as a Central Element of the Identity of the Earliest Church - Jerry L. Sumney

10. Baths, Baptism, and Patronage: The Continuing Role of Roman Social Identity in Corinth - J. Brian Tucker

11.Paul's Use of Temple Imagery in the Corinthian Correspondence: The Creation of Christian Identity - Kar Yong Lim

Part III. Discourses of Interpretation in Context

12.Three Types of Identity Formation for Paul as Servant of Christ Jesus in Romans - Daniel Patte

13. The Juridical, the Participatory and the 'New Perspective' on Paul - Terence L. Donaldson

14. Jews, Christians, and Gentiles: Rethinking the Categorization within the Early Jesus Movement - Magnus Zetterholm

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