Raw Power

Raw Power

by Jackie Ashenden


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They fought for their country. Now they fight for you.
To find the people lost in the shadows, you need the men who live in them. The former soldiers of 11th Hour are unaffiliated, unacknowledged, and definitely illegal. They protect the innocent, destroy the guilty—and capture hearts along the way . . .
Rugged, skilled, and hard-bodied, Jack King’s whole life was the Marines until an injury left him discharged from active duty. But he finds a new purpose when he’s recruited by a special unit that employs ex-military to do very special jobs. Yet he’s not impressed when his first assignment is babysitting the pretty, perfect daughter of a politician—especially when she’s far from the angel she appears to be . . .
Callie Hawthorne hates politics, and she hates playing the part of a senator’s goody two shoes daughter even more. It only gets worse when her father decides she needs a security detail 24/7—and the bodyguard happens to be the most insanely hot guy Callie’s ever seen. Still, she’s not going to be ordered around just because of some half-assed threat to her father. . . . But when it turns out her dad’s no angel either, Jack has to kidnap Callie in order to protect her. And as danger closes in, he’ll need all his considerable talents to keep them both alive. The greater challenge will be to keep his hands off her . . .
Praise for Jackie Ashenden’s Dirty for Me
“An intense scorcher of a story that is sure to delight fans and win her a legion of new devotees. . . . Unforgettable.” —RT Book Reviews, Top Pick

“Tension and heat pervade the frequent sex scenes . . . Readers will eagerly anticipate future installments in the series.” —Publishers Weekly

“Explosively sexy.”  —Heroes & Heartbreakers 

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496716323
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 02/27/2018
Series: An 11th Hour Novel Series , #1
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 295,421
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jackie Ashenden lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband, their two kids, and two cats. When she's not torturing alpha males and their stroppy heroines, she can be found drinking chocolate martinis, reading anything she can lay her hands on, posting random crap on her blog, or being forced to go mountain biking with her husband.

Carrie Brach comes to the voice acting business after a career in legal staffing. Originally from the Midwest, she recently moved to the East Coast and discovered not only her creative abilities but also her love of the beach and all things coastal.

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It was unimpressive. Deeply unimpressive.

Jack King stood outside the address he'd been given and scowled up at the broken neon of the sign that flickered fitfully above the entrance, announcing to passersby that Mac's Bar was open. Or rather "ac's Bar" was open, since the M wasn't working.

Just to make sure, he checked again the small card with the address on it that the woman had thrust into his hand a couple of weeks back.

Mac's Bar. Gaslamp District. San Diego.

Yeah, this was the place all right.

Jesus, what kind of "special operations" outfit had their headquarters in a rundown-looking bar?

The woman who'd given him the card had approached him out of the blue, while he'd been drowning his sorrows in an Ocean Beach bar not far from his house, telling him that she'd heard of his "performance" in the Middle East and asking him whether he'd be interested in being part of an exmilitary unit called the "11th Hour" that dealt in "last-resort type of scenarios." Not entirely legal, yet not entirely illegal either, they helped people with "problems" when all other avenues of help had run dry.

He'd been drunk and his hip had been giving him pain, and he'd just had yet another "thanks but no thanks" from a security firm who didn't want him because of his injuries. The whole thing had sounded sketchy as fuck and he hadn't wanted anything to do with it. He'd told her to go the hell away so she had, but not before leaving him with her card.

He hadn't known what had made him pick it up and put it in his pocket, but he had, and now, a couple of weeks later after a fourth potential job offer had fallen through, here he was.

He supposed this officially meant he was desperate. Shit, since recovering from that fucking grenade attack he'd spent six months trying to find work and failing, so maybe desperate was exactly what he was.

Still, it was either this or he had to settle for some nine-to-five piece-of-shit job behind a desk. And he wasn't a desk kind of guy. He was a marine, military through and through, and even though he didn't wear the uniform these days, that didn't mean he'd stopped being a marine.

He'd be one till his dying day.

Laughter and shouting sounded behind him as the evening crowd began to get rowdy. The two restaurants on either side of the bar in front of him had tables that spilled out onto the sidewalk, and they were full of loud groups of people obviously having fun. A pedicab went by carrying a couple of drunk guys who were shouting and waving at people.

A crowd of girls went past him, one of them smiling at him. Then as she caught sight of his scars, her eyes widened in shock.

Ignoring her, he pushed open the door to Mac's Bar and stepped inside.

The interior of the place was as rundown and seedy-looking as the exterior. Stained carpet. Battered wooden tables and chairs. Booth seats covered in cracked red vinyl along one wall. There was a TV above the bar with a football game on and several old guys sitting on barstools watching it.

It smelled of spilled beer and cigarettes, and apart from the old guys at the bar, it appeared deserted.

Then he noticed a tall, slender woman behind the bar. She had thick brown curly hair held back in a low ponytail and there was a slightly suspicious expression on her sharp, pointed face. Not exactly a good look for a bartender.

"What can I get you?" she asked as he approached, her hazel eyes narrowing.

"Nothing." Jack figured he might as well get straight to the point. "I need to talk to Faith Beasley."

The woman gave him a measured look. "Who's asking?" "Jack King."

Her gaze lingered on his scars. "Gimme a second," she muttered, and before he could say another word she'd turned and disappeared through a doorway behind the bar.

He waited.

On the TV someone scored a touchdown and the old men grunted their approval.

Christ, what the fuck was he doing here? He was grasping at straws, that was for certain, and he hated the feeling. Of course, what he really wanted was to rejoin his unit and get back out in the field, but since the attack that had left him scarred all the way down the left side of his body, that was an impossibility. He wasn't fit — as his CO had told him — and no amount of trying to convince the medics otherwise had made them change their minds.

He wasn't fit to serve and so back into civilian life he went.

He fucking hated it.

"Mr. King."

Jack turned sharply to find a woman in an expertly tailored gray pencil skirt and matching jacket standing beside him. Her black hair was shiny and smooth, her makeup perfect, and the smile she gave him wintry. She looked like a high-flying New York lawyer rather than a recruiter for a shady ex-military operation, and definitely out of place here in this bar.

"Yeah," Jack said. "So. I'm here."

"Indeed you are," said Faith Beasley, the woman who'd shoved her card into his hand a couple of weeks earlier. "If you'd follow me, please, I'll introduce you to the rest of the team."

"You don't seem all that surprised to see me," Jack commented as she led him through the same doorway the woman behind the bar had used earlier.

"I'm not. I knew you'd turn up eventually."

They were moving down a dimly lit corridor, a heavy-looking door at one end.

"How did you know that?" Jack asked as Faith stopped in front of the door, pausing to press her thumb to the keypad on the doorframe.

The sound of a lock turning echoed.

She put her hand on the door handle and pulled it open. "You're a marine with no unit. Of course you'd turn up eventually."

Jack scowled at her back as he followed her through yet another long corridor, uncomfortable with being read so easily.

"We've done a lot of research into you, Mr. King," she went on, continuing to read his mind. "We know what you're after and we're very confident we can provide it."

"Yeah?" He knew he sounded belligerent but didn't much care. "And what's that?" She'd stopped at yet another door, though this time there was no lock. She gave him another cool smile as she pulled it open. "A purpose, Mr. King." She gestured for him to go through. "After you."

The words resonated inside him, even though he didn't want them to, because of course that's why he was here. That's why he'd picked up her card in the bar weeks earlier.

Because that grenade had stolen his purpose from him and now he fucking wanted it back.

Jack walked through the doorway, coming out into a huge, vaulting space that for a second made him wonder where the hell he was.

Then he realized he was standing inside the echoing shell of a building where all the floors had been taken out, leaving nothing but empty air and soaring walls above him, and a vast open space in front of him.

The space had been divided up not by partitions, but by the strategic placement of different sorts of equipment. One area was obviously a gym, with treadmills and rowing machines, a couple of weight benches, and a punching bag, while another area had desks with lots of computer screens on it. The woman from behind the bar was standing at one of the desks, bent over a keyboard and typing furiously.

There was a tall blond man standing next to her who'd obviously just been working out, given the fact that he was wearing gym shorts and nothing else, a towel slung around his heavily muscled shoulders. He had scars too, burns from the looks of things. Clearly another medical discharge case.

Off to Jack's left was another area with a whole lot of couches and armchairs that had been arranged to look like someone's living room. There was even a floor lamp with fucking fringe standing next to a leather recliner.

Another man was sitting in the recliner and talking on his phone. He was tall and grizzled-looking, in his mid- to late forties, salt-and-pepper beard, with the hard, uncompromising look that all military men got once they'd been in the armed services long enough.

He looked up as Jack entered what had to be — finally — the 11th Hour's HQ, with Faith following along behind him.

The older guy ended his call and pocketed his phone, then pushed himself out of the recliner and came over. He didn't hold out his hand, merely gave Jack a long, hard stare, his brown eyes absolutely expressionless.

Jack stared back.

"This is Jack King," Faith said coolly to the man. "Jack, this is Isiah Graham, leader of the 11th Hour team."

Isiah gave Jack a curt nod, then looked over to the desk area, where the blond man and the curly-headed woman were standing. "You owe me fifty bucks, Kellan. Told you he'd be here."

The blond man muttered something, then came over, the woman trailing behind him. He looked like a goddamn movie star, all chiseled jaw and piercing blue eyes. Only his tats gave him away, the eagle and trident across his chest unmistakable. The guy was a Navy SEAL.

Fucking frogmen.

The man gave Jack a cool stare. "Great. Thanks for doing me out of fifty bucks."

"Ignore him," the brunette muttered, stepping up and sticking out a hand. "I'm Sabrina Leighton and that's Kellan Blake. Happy to meet you."

It was a nice enough introduction so Jack shook her hand. The SEAL didn't offer to shake, but Jack wasn't a stranger to pissing contests. If that's what the guy was after, then hell, he'd play.

Ignoring him, he turned to Faith instead. "So what? This is your team?" "It's not my team." She gave him another of those wintry smiles. "It's Mr. Night's team."

"Who's Mr. Night?"

"The boss," Isiah said flatly. "And he's got a job for us already. Though since you're the new guy you can take it."

Well, shit, this was moving fast.

Without showing his surprise, Jack gave Isiah an assessing look. "As job interviews go, that was pretty fucking easy."

Kellan laughed. "What? You think you're on the team? Ha, no, buddy. Doesn't work like that."

Jack glanced at him. "Want to tell me how it does work then?"

Kellan's blue eyes were cold. "You do the job we give you and then maybe, if you don't fuck it up, you're on the team."

Christ, more pissing contest bullshit. He didn't really have time for this.

You've got nothing but time and you know it.

"Thank you, Kellan." Faith's cool voice interjected smoothly. "But maybe you could try not putting off new recruits right away?" She gestured toward the couch area. "Why don't you sit down, Mr. King, and I'll show you the job we have lined up, and then you can decide whether this is something you want to be a part of or not."

Unfortunately, as much as Jack hated to admit it, that snide voice in his head was right. He did have nothing but time. So he might as well sit down and at least see what kind of job it was. Had to be better than being a bouncer at a goddamn nightclub, which was his only other option.

Shrugging, Jack went over to the couch and sat, Faith and Isiah coming over with him. There was a folder sitting on the low coffee table beside the couch, which Faith pushed wordlessly over in his direction.

He picked it up and flicked it open, glancing down at the files that were inside and giving them a once-over.

Fuck's sake. This was the job?

"Babysitting duties?" He looked at Faith, who'd sat down beside him. "Seriously?" She didn't bat an eyelash at his tone. "It may not be what you're used to, but I assure you it's an important job."

Jack looked at the files again. "So, protecting some politician's socialite daughter?" "Miss Callie Hawthorne, yes. We have a jet that will take you to Boston in the next couple of hours if you decide to accept the job."

Jack stared at her, momentarily distracted "A jet?"

Isiah gave a low laugh. "Now you get his attention."

Ignoring the other guy, Faith folded her hands in her lap. "Mr. Night provides the team with any and all supplies they might need."

Holy shit. Perhaps this little outfit wasn't as half-assed as he'd thought it was.

Still. Babysitting duties.

He tried to twist his mouth into a smile to be pleasant, but smiling had always been difficult for him even before the damn grenade — fuck, it wasn't as if he'd ever had a lot to smile about — so he stopped. "Look, Miss Beasley —"

"Ms.," Faith interrupted crisply.

"Ms. Beasley. I appreciate the offer of the job with the team. But this ..." He shoved the folder back toward her. "I'm a marine. Force Recon. And this ... Well, this is bullshit."

If his language bothered her, she gave no sign and Jack didn't apologize. He wasn't a poet using fancy-ass words. He was a warrior who fought for freedom and his country and for the people in it. And he'd earned the goddamn right to speak any way he chose.

Yeah, you're not a fucking warrior now, asshole.

Jack scowled at the reminder.

"Told you," Isiah muttered.

Ms. Faith Beasley calmly reached over the table and picked up the piece of paper. "That's fine, Mr. King. If you don't want to be a member of the team, then that choice is up to you."

Jack scowled harder. "Hey, hey — I didn't say I didn't want to be a member of the team. I just didn't want to do protection bullshit."

This time it wasn't Faith who spoke, but Isiah, his brown eyes surprisingly chilly. "And is that what you said to your superior officers when you were handed orders? 'Sorry, sir, but I don't want to do that'?"

Ah, fuck. Of course he hadn't. He'd obeyed every order he'd been given.

Faith gave a nod, obviously agreeing with Isiah. "Orders are orders, Mr. King. If you don't like them, then perhaps the 11th Hour isn't for you. There are, after all, plenty of other jobs out there for you."

But that was the problem. There weren't any other jobs out there, and he knew because he'd spent the last six months since he'd moved to San Diego trying to find one.

Christ, if he wasn't careful, he'd have to get some stupid desk job, which would drive him nuts since he hated sitting still. He always had to be doing something and he preferred that something to be physical.

As if on cue, his leg started aching like a bastard and he had to grit his teeth to stop from jogging it up and down to relieve the pain.

"So basically my only option if I want to join the team is to do this assignment." His voice was a growl. "Is that what you're telling me?"

"Yes," Faith replied. "The 11th Hour is a military operation and Mr. Night runs it as such. Which means you have to prove you can follow his orders. Do your assignment and do it well and you're in. Don't do the assignment ..."

She didn't need to finish the sentence. Jack knew already.

It's not like you have a choice.

Sadly, that was true. He could take this assignment, become part of the team, or he could drink himself to death, because that's pretty much where he was headed if he didn't fucking do something.

Shit, since when had he become such a pussy bitch that he couldn't handle being a bodyguard to a socialite? And wasn't being part of something, having people who had his back like his buddies used to, exactly what he'd been looking for? What he'd wanted?

Something inside him ached, something that for once wasn't his leg.

Yeah, of course that's what he wanted. A purpose, she'd said she'd give him ...

Jack let out a silent breath, then leaned over and pulled the file back toward him.

One dark eyebrow rose. "Do I take that as an acceptance, Mr. King?"

Jack gripped the folder. "You can take it any way you like, Ms. Beasley. Now, when the fuck does that jet take off?"


Callie Hawthorne flung out a hand and accidentally-on-purpose overturned the glass containing the rest of her margarita all over the floor.

It was after midnight in The Globe, Boston's newest and most exclusive nightclub, and everyone was either drunk or high, which made the accidental spilling of a drink hilarious.

Callie, who was neither drunk nor high but pretending to be both, shrieked and laughed with the rest of the large group she'd attached herself to after entering the nightclub a couple of hours earlier, then got unsteadily up from the couch, muttering something about going for a refill, and tottered toward the bar down the other end of the balcony area where she'd been sitting.

Halfway down, she stopped, glanced back at the couch where her "friends" were, then moved over to the railing that ran the length of the balcony and leaned back against it.

The group wasn't looking at her, thank God, which meant she could have a couple of minutes to catch her breath. She did a quick survey of the rest of the balcony area to see if anyone else was looking at her — you never knew where journalists could be lurking — but she couldn't see anyone, so she turned around and put her hands on the rail, gazing out over the heaving dance floor below her.


Excerpted from "Raw Power"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Jackie Ashenden.
Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Raw Power 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
LissanneJ More than 1 year ago
The author amusingly – and accurately – referred to Jack King as a grumpy dude. But our hero has a lot to be grumpy about; scarred from a traumatic childhood and witness to a horrific incident he couldn’t have stopped, he found his path with the Marines. Leading a team into a hostage situation, he’s advised it may be a trap. But Jack in unable to be patient when he hears the cries of innocent children, so he gives the order to go in… and ends up being the only one left alive after the intel about the trap unfortunately proves to be correct. Horribly scarred down the entire left side of his body, he is deemed medically unfit and discharged. Lost without the only thing in his life that made sense and gave him purpose, Jack drinks his sorrows away before he’s approached by a woman named Faith Beasley, offering him a job with a private military unit called The 11th Hour. Owned and run by the elusive and mysterious Jacob Night, Jack’s curiosity gets the better of him and he goes to the HQ in San Diego to learn more. When he learns his first assignment, an interview of sorts, is to be bodyguard to the daughter of a Boston senator whose family is getting death threats, he baulks. But when he’s told he either takes the assignment or leaves, he flies to Boston. Callie Hawthorne is, at twenty-two, almost a decade younger than Jack, and the last thing he wants is to be babysitting a spoilt princess. But when he finally tracks Callie down, he finds her at a nightclub, dancing. Music is the only freedom Callie has in her life, and more time Jack spends around Callie, the more he realises she’s terribly afraid of something. After an amateur assassination attempt on Callie’s life, the discovery of hidden cameras in Callie’s apartment that her father secretly wants put back in, and Jack witnessing a confrontation between Callie and her father, he realises what it is that Callie is so afraid of: Senator Hawthorne. So he spirits Callie away from Boston without warning back to San Diego, against the orders of his new employer, and her father is furious. But Jack is adamant he is not allowing Callie to go back to the senator, and Callie fears this is her one chance to finally get out from under her father’s thumb. Callie has never known kindness or affection in her life; her father wanted an heir and, after Callie’s complicated birth, her mother couldn’t have any more children. Her parents blame Callie for that, and she is nothing more than a trophy to be paraded in public. Callie is intrigued by Jack. She knows he has secrets. She’s attracted to the darkness inside him, because she understands what it’s like to have nobody on your side. For his part, Jack finds Callie brings out his protective instinct, and wakes up a side of him that’s been dormant for a very long time. The senator raises hell, determined to get back the daughter he believes is his property. It isn’t long before Night digs up the dirt on Callie’s father, and the team is called into action to protect her. When he tracks her down anyway, Callie musters up her courage and defies his order to come home, having made the decision that her place is by Jack’s side. This was a raw, gritty, sometimes dark romance, and it worked well for a character like Jack. Callie balanced out the darkness with some light, and her courage and determination not to let her father dominate her life forever made her an interesting, well-written heroine. I adore this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this new series. Jack and Callie are a match made in adrenaline heaven!!!! Can't wait for the next installment. ...and I'm sure I better buckle up now!!!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
RAW POWER is the first instalment in Jackie Ashenden’s contemporary, adult 11th HOUR romantic suspense series focusing on the men and women who work for 11th Hour Security. This is former US Marine Jack King, and socialite Callie Hawthorne’s story line. Told from dual third person perspectives (Callie and Jack) RAW POWER follows the building romance between former US Marine Jack King, and socialite/Senator’s daughter Callie Hawthorne. Hired to protect our story line heroine Jack King doesn’t want to babysit a spoiled socialite especially one who doesn’t seem to give a damn about her personal security. But an attempt against her, along with a number of hidden cameras found in her small apartment, find our heroine beginning to understand that Jack King is the least of her worries. What ensues is the building relationship between Jack and Callie, and the potential fall out when Callie’s life becomes fodder for the man in charge. Callie Hawthorne has lived a life of sheltered abuse by a man whose public persona is matched by the evil that has become her life. Trying to get away places everyone, including Jack King, in danger, a danger she isn’t willing to risk for the man with whom she has fallen in love. Jack King is new to the personal security business, so new his first assignment goes all to h*ll when he isn’t willing to play by the rules in an effort to protect the woman with whom he is falling in love. No one, not even his new boss, is able to force Jack to give up on the woman he has been tasked to protect. Scarred both inside and out, our hero refuses to lose another soul to the evil that has followed him from most of his life. The relationship between Callie and Jack begins acrimoniously. Callie comes across as a spoiled socialite, a role she has been groomed to perform from a very young age but a role she hides behind in the face of the truth at home. Jack’s immediate attraction to Callie is tempered by her willingness to place herself in a danger, a danger she believes comes from only one direction. The $ex scenes are intimate and erotic without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. –Both Jack and Callie like it rough in the bedroom. We are quickly introduced to the team at 11th Hour Security: Team leader Isiah Graham, Faith Beasley, Sabrina Leighton, former Navy SEAL Kellan Blake, and the money behind 11th Hour – the mysterious Mr. Night. RAW POWER is an intense story line; a sexy, intriguing and spirited story of romantic suspense. The premise is edgy; the characters are sassy and energetic; the romance is provocative and dramatic.
lucy117 More than 1 year ago
I was given ARC in exchange for my honest opinion . Jack King has an assignment to do in order to be able to join the 11th hour. And that job was to protect Miss Callie Hawthorne the daughter of Senator. Callie Hawthorne is trying to live a secret life that her father doesn’t know anything about. However there are death threats against the family so Jack is hired to watch over Callie and she isn’t happy with that. When Jack realized that Callie’s father is abusing her and controlling her life he take her away to protect her from her father. Callie is grateful to be away from the life she was living until her father shows up. Jackie Ashenden’s new series is so hot it’s a must read!!!!
belllla More than 1 year ago
3.5Stars Jack is searching for new purpose after military and he finds an agency in which he gets an assignment as a personal bodyguard for Callie. She should be a rich spoiled senators daughter but after spending some time with her Jack finds fishy things and takes things into his own hands. Interesting love story intense and full of suspense. Callie is a little bit naive but she is strong and prepared to fight for her love. Jack is the one who thinks that is unworthy of her and let her go. But the connection that they have ist to strong. The interesting beginning of new series. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for NetGalley
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Raw Power is book one in Jackie Ashenden’s new series, 11th Hour. This book is not for the faint of heart. It is gritty, emotional, dark and hot as heck. Jack King is an ex-Marine. One decision, one bad call, and his military career was over with the scars, both emotional and physical, to remind him of what happened. After months of rehab, he’s ready for civilian life. But after six months of looking, he can’t find a job. His injuries make him undesirable. When he’s about given up hope, he is approached by someone from the 11th Hour. She said they deal in last resort type of scenarios. Not entirely legal, yet not entirely illegal either. It’s Jack’s chance to be a part of a team again and he wants in. His first job and sort of introductory way to prove himself is he is assigned to travel to Boston and provide 24/7 protection to the Senator’s daughter. Jack is not happy at all. He’s a marine and he gets assigned baby sitting duties?! Callie Hawthorne is twenty two years old and has grown up in a very controlled environment. Controlled by her father. She has only briefly known freedom and it was yanked away from her as quickly as she found it. Her one avenue of escape that she keeps secret from her father is her music. It is what she lives for, both listening and dancing to it, and playing it on her guitar. It’s the only bright spot in her life. Her father is both emotionally and physically abusive, controlling every aspect of her life. Now he has hired her a body guard, claiming there have been death threats on her life. Now what little bit of freedom she finds will be gone. But when the new body guard, Jack, finally tracks Callie down, although she is angry with this new man, he makes her feel something else, something entirely new to her. “There was something about Callie Hawthorne that got under his skin. She was small and fragile and yet there were those intriguing glimpses of stubbornness, of steel. They teased him, taunted him, and he couldn’t figure out why it felt like they reached inside him and twisted hard, but they did. Touching his heart.” For the last two years, Jack has not touched a woman. First because he was healing, then because he just wasn’t attracted to anyone. What was it about Callie that called to him? But she was his assignment. She was off limits. With all Jack’s training, he was taught to recognize certain things, like fear. And he saw fear in her eyes, a fear he knew of himself of long ago secrets he kept buried. Things just aren’t adding up. Jack senses there is something going on here. His assignment is to protect Callie, and when he realizes that the threat is closer than he thought, he needs to get her out of Boston, to take her back to San Diego where he can protect her from the real danger. “There was a wildness in her that called to the darkness in him. That made him ache, that made him want…But he couldn’t want. And he couldn’t have.” Jack and Callie discover similarities in their pasts. Something that binds them, a reason they understand each other. When they come together, it’s not soft and gentle, but rough and hard, both of them exorcising their demons. They fill something in each other, something long thought lost. Like I said above, this book is not a violins and roses romance. It’s dark and gritty and emotional. These two are holding so much pain. Callie, though, is a tough one. She’s had enough and once Jack has gotten her away from her l
CarissaR More than 1 year ago
This one sadly didn't work for me. It was very descriptive and in the characters minds too much. I need dialogue. The story just wasn't pulling me in and probably had to do with "telling" vs. "showing." Also, I felt some things were repetitive. I also didn't really care for Callie's character.
Timitra More than 1 year ago
Raw Power is the beginning of what will be an awesome series. I loved how sarcastic and feisty the heroine was and that the hero was grumpy, scarred and yummy. Callie and Jack were scorching hot together which I loved. I also loved their brand of kink and cannot wait to read more of this series. I enjoyed the glimpses we got of the other members of team and I'm hoping a certain character shrouded in mystery will get his story told. ARC provided by publisher through Net Galley
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
A fabulous book to kick off what should be an exciting new series. The operatives of the 11th Power are all the best of the best. Exceptionally trained and fully committed to helping those who have no one else. That's why Jack King doesn't understand the first assignment he's given. Babysitting the privileged daughter of a high powered politician is not what he was expecting and it's not what he signed up for. The last thing Callie Hawthorne wants is a bodyguard. Thanks to her father there are always threats. What makes this latest round any different? Well she's not going to put up with the over the top, bossy Jack King following her around 24/7. When the threats prove to be real Jack takes the drastic measure of kidnapping Callie to keep her safe. On the run and on their own the pull between these two will surely be explosive! This book has it all. Suspense, action, steamy hot passion and panty melting characters. Put this on the must read list, you don't want to miss it. I can't wait to read the next book!
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
Loved, loved, LOVED this book! This is the start to a new series that promises to be fantastic - what could be hotter than a group of former military that steps in to help when all legal avenues have been exhausted or do not exist.... Jack is one such soldier - as a Marine Force Recon vet, he left the Marines after surviving a grenade blast and is angry about no longer serving and with slightly tarnished honor. Jack's first assignment is to protect Callie, the pampered daughter of a politician. He finds it a bit insulting and well beneath his skill set, but must complete the assignment to secure a regular position with the 11th Hour. Callie, however, is not quite the pampered princess he expected, and he quickly learns that a golden cage is still a cage and the very real danger to her exists within that cage. He puts everything on the line to protect her and ends up finding himself along the way. This is a sexy and hot novel that fans of the genre will love - this is a must read. No one can create a tarnished hero like this author - she made me fall in love with these characters and care about their story. I was so engrossed in this novel that I was sorry when it ended. The author is on my must read authors' list and should probably be on yours as well.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars! Raw Power is the beginning to a new series about a security firm employed with ex-miliatry. Jack is newly recruited and he isn't impressed with his first job of babysitting a Senators daughter, Callie. At first look, this is your typical bodyguard falling for the a rich socialite trope. However, Jackie Ashenden did a great job of taking a common trope and giving it a little twist. Overall, it's a great start. I do wish we got more information on the security team....very little is revealed and I felt Jack just jumped in with out investigating if they were the real deal. The focus was more on Jack and Callie which normally is not a bad thing but I actually think it would have benefited to bigger picture of the whole team, as well as the couple. The next book is about a current team member so I will be curious if we do get more information about thew team as a whole in Kellan's book. ARC provided by NetGalley.