Rantings of a Partner...and Pushback from the Associate

Rantings of a Partner...and Pushback from the Associate

by Bart L. Greenwald (Editor)


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Law firm partners have no shortage of opinions about associates. And associates have plenty to say about working with partners. This new book gives both parties a forum to express their views about the current practice of law. Among the rantings and pushback are invaluable tips and advice for succeeding in a law firm.

Topics include:

Research and Writing

Mentoring and Development

Client Relations and Marketing

The Case

Office Politics and Etiquette

Tips for Success

The issues represented in this book come from partners and associates across the country each espousing themes: enjoy your work, give associate meaningful assignments, teach your associates how to market, and "own" your work.

Some of the material is funny. Some of it is eye-opening. Some of it you will disagree with and dismiss. But all of it can be educational-and can help make you a better lawyer.

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ISBN-13: 9781614380481
Publisher: American Bar Association
Publication date: 04/16/2012
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Random Rants from the Editor xiii

Research and Writing-Partners

Legal Writing 1

Commit to Your Development as a Writer 3

Always Do Your Best Work for Your Partners 5

Moving the Court 6

Close the Book and Call the Clerk Already! 8

What Does the Court Rule Say? 10

Get Thee to the Library 11

The Importance of Thinking: What Would Be Rodin's Sculpture of You? 13

You Have to Do It-So Why Not Love It? 16

Show Your Work for Full Credit 17

Occasionally It Is OK to Kill a Tree 19

Deadlines and Commitments: Learn to Manage Your Time 20

Write for the Right Audience 22

Forms Follow Function (or Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Malpractice) 24

Briefs and Motions 26

The Importance of Scrutinizing E-Mails 29

Research is Fun (and Important), Even If You Are Getting Paid To Do It 30

On Language 33

Research and Writing-Associates

Preparation Is the Key to Persuasive Writing 35

So Easy a Caveman Could Do It?-An Associate's Perspective on Instructions for Research Assignments 38

Google Your Research Assignment First 40

Don't Give Me Busy Work 41

Tell Us What We Need to Know 42

Mentoring and Development-Partners

Sometimes Your Best Mentor Is You 43

No Such Thing as "All-in-One" Mentoring 45

Mentor-shmentor! How to Learn at the Art of the Law 46

Rantings of a Young Partner Caught in the Middle Again 49

Responsibilities of Associates Who Work With Me-Some Things to Remember 51

Money Is Great; Intrigue in the Law Is Better 54

Understand the Economics of the Practice of Law 55

You Gotta Own It 57

I Don't Pay You to Agree with Me 59

Three Wise Men 61

Mentoring and Development-Associates

Share Your Enthusiasm for the Practice of Law with Your Associates 63

Go Ahead, Mentors, Throw Us to the Wolves… 65

Please Feed the Associates 67

The Importance of Positive Reinforcement During the Annual Review 69

Talk to Me! 70

Fact or Fiction: The Most Valuable Thing an Associate Can Do Is to Bill as Many Hours as Possible 72

Can I Borrow Twenty Bucks? 74

Partners: If You Want Us to Make Your Lives Easier, Give Us Some Hints on How to Do So 75

So It Turns Out I'm a Senior Associate… 77

Client Relations and Marketing-Partners

Relationships with Inside Counsel 81

Dealing with Clients 84

Time is Money 87

Prove the Value of Your Work for Your Clients and Partners by Telling Your Story in the Bills 90

Doing Well by Doing Good 92

Seven Detrimental "Going Rogue" Habits Any Litigation Associate Must Avoid 94

Beware of E-mail 97

Perceptions: Are You What You Appear to Be? Is What They See What They Get? 98

Want Work? Ask For It 100

Good Habits Axe Hard to Break 102

Get Out of the Office 104

The Care and Feeding of Inside Counsel 107

Client Relations and Marketing-Associates

The Client Relationship: Associates Care, Too 115

Introduce Your Associates to Your Clients 117

Keeping Time: The Un-billable Hour 119

Take Off the Training Wheels and Let Us Talk to the Clients 121

Persuade the Client to Agree with You 123

The Ten Seven Commandments: Business Development Advice for Junior and Mid-Level Associates 124

Teach Me to Make It Rain 128

The Case-Partners

If Want to Go to Trial, You Must Own the Case 129

Discovery 131

Your Day in Court-Are You Prepared? 134

Always Be Ready for the First Chair 136

A Novel Strategy for Responding to Written Discovery-Answer It 137

Think About What You Ask for in Discovery! 139

Write Thoughtful Discovery Requests 141

The Indispensable Witness Wrangler 143

Drive the Action 145

Playing Nice in Discovery: The Road House Rules 147

Taking a Trade Secret to Court? 149

The Power of Plain Talk 152

The Case-Associates

Be Brave! Ask Your Subordinates to Critique You 157

We Cannot Print or Bates Stamp the Document Production 159

Trial Experience: Give It To Me! 160

Provide the "Big Picture" Good Job 162

Don't Always Believe Your Partner 164

Office Politics and Etiquette-Partners

Value Every Person in Your Office 165

Office Politics: Some Don'ts and a Critical Do from the Front Lines 167

In the Office 170

Office Politics and Etiquette-Associates

Caldwell's Curve Law 173

Don't Let Office Politics Become the Proverbial Elephant in the Room 175

Tips for Success-Partners

How to Get on Your Partner's Good (or Bad) Side 177

Ten Absolutely Guaranteed Successful Ways to Market Yourself 178

Six Sure Ways to !@?? Your Partner Off 182

I Want You to Succeed, So Heed These Tips for Success 183

OMG! Text Me, Please! 188

A Missive to Novice Litigators 190

Top 10 Ways to Act Like A Partner 194

The Three Commandments for the Extraordinary Associate 197

Six Skill-Enhancing Steps for a Young Appellate Lawyer 200

A Few of an Old Curmudgeon's Pet Writing Peeves 201

The Top Ten Pet Peeves of a Partner 203

If I Knew Then What I Know Now 206

What Young Lawyers Need to Know About Communicating with Partners 211

Top 10 Nonessential Things a Partner Can Learn from an Associate in One Day 213

When Writing, Do the Best You Can Do the First Time 214

Top Three Partner Pet Peeves 216

Tips for Success-Associates

The Partners I Want to Work With-The Top 7 Qualities 219

Top 10 Ways to Earn a "Star" Reputation in the Firm (A Non-Cynic's View) 221

I Think I Was Just in the Elevator with the Lead Partner on My Case, But I'm Not Sure 222

"Toto, We're Not in (Law School) Anymore"- Top 10 Signs You Are Now an Adult 224

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