Radiant Skin - Acne Treatment Book: The Adult Acne Treatment Book With Proven Acne Remedies, Treatments To Cure Cystic & Hormonal Acne For Radiant Skin [BONUS Acne Scar Treatments]

Radiant Skin - Acne Treatment Book: The Adult Acne Treatment Book With Proven Acne Remedies, Treatments To Cure Cystic & Hormonal Acne For Radiant Skin [BONUS Acne Scar Treatments]

by Aimee Blake


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Say Goodbye To Acne & Hello To Radiant Skin

The Ultimate Acne Treatment Book For Getting Rid Of Hormonal & Cystic Acne - Free Bonus Gift Included.

Acne is a problem I've battled with for many years, so I know first hand the pain and embarrassment it causes. Zits, pimples or whatever you want to call it is a sign of your body crying out for help...

I've been to countless doctors, dermatologist and skin specialists to address my acne problem... only to be prescribed oral medication and harsh topical creams that left my face looking red and scaly.

As the years went by, I began to look older years beyond my age and my skin worsened to dry red painful skin. After months of crying and feeling sorry for myself - I began to feel angry.

I had enough. It was time to kick acne in the butt!

The Radiant Skin acne treatment book contains proven strategies and step by step instructions on how to prevent and overcome adult acne - especially if you're experiencing cystic acne and hormonal acne.

The book covers the five main aspects of preventing and treating acne:
1. the causes of acne
2. internal health contributing to acne
3. external skin care aggravating acne
4. digestive health and mind-body techniques that leave your skin looking flawless.

FREE BONUS: You will get my own FREE Step By Step Daily Action Plan that combines my own personal recommendation and routines that helped cure my acne.

Here's what you'll learn inside this book:

Chapter 1: Causes Of Acne
* Inflammation
* Hormones
* Gut Health
* Adult Acne
* Medications
* Cosmetics
* Other Causes
* Acne Journal

Chapter 2: Internal Health
* Healing Vitamins
* Hydration
* pH Balance
* Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
* Green Juices
* Acne Free Diet
* Food Sensitivity & Allergies
* Internal Health Action Plan

Chapter 3: External Skin Care
* Facial Cleansers to Reduce Acne
* Benefits of Toner for Reducing Acne
* Spot Treatments for Acne Outbreaks
* Makeup & Cosmetics
* Skin Care Action Plan

Chapter 4: Emotional & Physical Health
* The Truth About Stress & Acne
* Exercise, Acne & You
* Time To Sweat It Out
* Emotional & Physical Health Action Plan

Chapter 5: Natural Acne Remedies
* Turmeric Facial Mask
* Soothing Oatmeal Facial
* Yogurt & Yeast Mask
* Grape Facial Cleanser
* Healing Honey Mask
* Baking Soda Facial
* Apple Cider Vinegar
* Tea Tree Oil
* Purifying Egg White Mask
* Lemon Juice
* Light Therapy
* Natural Remedies Action Plan

Chapter 6: Prescription Acne Treatments
* 10 Most Frequently Used Acne Medications

Chapter 7: Step By Step Action Plan
* The Radiant Skin Action Plan To Cure Acne

Bonus Chapter: Acne Scar Treatments!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781976378997
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/14/2017
Series: Health & Beauty Series , #1
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Aimee Blake is from Sydney Australia - she's a self experimenter of all things health, beauty and wellness and is a certified nutritionist. You'll find her trying out the latest anti-aging experiments, herbs, creams, at home devices and exercises so that she can reports the results to you.

In October 2013, Aimee lost over 25 pounds in less than 2.5 months without restrictive diets or cardio whilst still eating the foods she loves! This led her to writing her best selling book - "Vogue Hack" - a simple 3 step weight loss system that helps women with intermittent fasting, losing 10 pounds in 10 days and dropping a dress size fast!

She's committed to helping women all over the world improve their mind, body and spirit - and to live life on your terms. Aimee now lives in Bali with her husband Blake and their dog Zeus.

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