by Jimmy C. Cameron


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"RACISM and HATE: An American Reality," is a provocative new updated examination of Dr. Gunnar Myrdal's epic study of the subject matter done over 70 years ago in the late 1930s.
That study took a look at where race relations were in the country and the effect it was having on our democracy, some 70 years after the Civil War.
That work was titled " An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy"
The author, in this work, looked back at our history here in America, dealing with race relations, over the last 70 years and through exhausted research and analysis, concluded that the dilemma was not so much a particular people, but in fact, the dilemma had more to do with the man induced " self-fulfi lling prophecy of Racism".
To put a human face on the subject matter he used his own family's history here in
Georgia starting in 1784 through slavery, through the Civil War, through the Jim Crow laws of the South, through Plessey v Ferguson, clear up until 1954 when Brown v Board of Education overturned Plessey.
The book take a critical look at the year 1954, fi rst analyzing the enormity of the 14th amendment rights violations that Plessey had allowed to occur and then secondly the ramifi cations of the Brown v Board of Education case.
The author also examine the lighting rod effect the fi rst American President of African descent has had on bringing the hidden vestiges of RACISM out of the closet and placing it front and center on the nation's conscience.

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