RACIAL TRAUMA: How to Survive the White Supremacy

RACIAL TRAUMA: How to Survive the White Supremacy

by Darren Maynard




Are you interested in learning more about racism, to recognize and fight against this phenomenon? If yes, keep reading!

For a nation that seemed to have sold its soul to racism and other social injustices, is it ever possible to become that home of the free and the brave? Could there ever be a time in the United States when their colors and their migratory history would no longer define people? Is it possible that all those who have been victims of these systemic socio-cultural ills would forgive, let go, and be willing to cooperate with other members of the society, even with those who had wronged them? Well, if you look at from the perspective of the ordinary Americans taking responsibilities, then, it will never be possible. Don't think that the common man causes the problem of the United States. The man on the street is as good as what he believes, and beliefs are learned or inferred from existing ideas.

Racism has become normal in our society. Fighting Racism is not a one-person job; it's a call for everybody. Before you can fight systemic racism, it is essential to understand what it means and how it affects people of color.

This book covers:

  • How to Be Born Black in America Without Bothering Anyone
  • Starting Obeying White People from An Early Age
  • Letting White People Take the Best of Life, Even If You Are Better Than Them
  • How to Amuse Them
  • How to Avoid Being Arrested Without Having Done Anything

And much more!

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Publication date: 08/02/2020
Pages: 178
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