Race Crazy: BLM, 1619, and the Progressive Racism Movement

Race Crazy: BLM, 1619, and the Progressive Racism Movement

by Charles Love


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The progressive left has gone Race Crazy—and they want to take America down the same path of insanity.

When did America become obsessed with racial differences? After decades of progress healing real-world prejudices and anger, we suddenly live in an America where we’re expected to view every single thing through the lens of race.

Children are taught the politics of racial resentment and fear in schools. Films, novels, and even comic books are judged by the color of their protagonists—and their adherence to the latest “woke” messaging. Corporate America has universally adopted the slogan “Black Lives Matter” in every piece of marketing, those words serving as a talisman to protect them from Twitter mobs and outraged activists. And the 1619 Project and similar pieces of academic propaganda seek to redefine and undermine the very notion of America as a unified and great nation.

Meanwhile, organized BLM advances a radical and dangerous political agenda which, if enacted, would mean the end of the American experiment as we know it. The nation faces a pivotal moment: will we reject the Race Crazies, or let them destroy us?

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About the Author

Charles Love is the Executive Director of Seeking Educational Excellence, host of The Charles Love Show and a scholar at 1776 Unites. His work has been featured in City Journal, the New York Post, and Real Clear Politics. His last book, We Want Equality: How the Fight for Equality Gave Way to Preference foreshadowed the racial decline we are seeing today. Charles is a regular guest on Fox News and writes and speaks frequently on race, politics, current events, and cultural issues.

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