by Bob Judd

Hardcover(1st U.S. ed)

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Bob Judd's debut novel, Formula One, took us behind the scenes of the glamor­ous and dangerous world of professional race-car driving and behind the wheel of some of its most powerful machines. Now, the author who brought us that "absorbing, tingling story" (The New York Times) is back with The Race, a thriller as clever and action-packed as the last one.

At the opening of The Race, Forrest Evers, the dashing, cultured hero of Formula One, has just won the Grand Prix of Monaco. His celebration is cut short, though, when he is told by telegram to report to the New York office of his corporate sponsor so they can fire him in person. Ellie Chap­man, the beautiful CEO of the company, tells him that she has lost twelve million dollars of the com­pany's money and they can no longer afford to back his career. When Evers offers to arrange a sting to get the money back, The Race takes off with the speed and thrills of a 200-m.p.h. race that doesn't let up until the checkered flag.

The target of Evers's scam is Billy Fraser, a brash American executive who rules a global media empire. To bait the trap for Fraser, Evers borrows a friend's private jet to zip down to that Caribbean capital of money laundering and shady business deals, the Cayman Islands. Once the deal is set up, though, Evers becomes a marked man. As he trots the globe trying to salvage the deal and stay on the racing circuit, it becomes clear that someone wants him dead.

The danger and intrigue finally come to a head at the story's pulse-quickening climax, which takes place at the biggest race of the year, the Indy 500. With The Race, Bob Judd again demonstrates the writing skill that led Jackie Stewart to say of Formula One, "It reads like a Dick Francis on wheels."

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ISBN-13: 9780688104634
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/28/1991
Edition description: 1st U.S. ed
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

I shot some 30 TV commercials with three-time world champion racing driver Jackie Stewart. At one point, Jackie said when he was driving really well, he always had plenty of time.

That floored me. I'd driven racing cars, and I never had any time at all, arriving at corners, in Jackie's phrase, "in a flurry of feathers and blood."

But when Jackie was racing he had "plenty of time" because he could divide time into thousandths of a second. And I thought, if I could capture that intensity, ferocity and detail, I could put you behind the wheel of a Formula One car.

I wrote my first novel, Formula One, and gave the manuscript to Jackie. He took it with him on a flight from London to San Francisco. "You've done it, Bob," Jackie wrote on a postcard. "You are the Dick Francis of motor racing."

Bob Judd also writes under the pseudonym Forrest Evers.

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