Pushing His Luck

Pushing His Luck

by Kira Archer

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Today is the biggest day of my professional career. I’ve got one shot to prove I can play with the big boys and the Lachlan account is my ticket. I’ve never been more prepared for anything in my life. So of course that went up in flames.

In hindsight, stopping to get my chocolate milk fix right before the big meeting might not have been the best decision. Neither was fighting for the last jug with a flirty Thor-lookalike. In my defense, not even a Disney-prince-smolder delivered by a sweaty sex god is a match for an anxiety-fueled chocolate craving.

And had I known before walking into that meeting that my sweaty, sex-god, milk-thief was none other than Christopher Lachlan, the new client on whom my career hung, I’d have definitely skipped my morning stop.

Curse my dumb friggin’ luck. I would be attracted to the one person I can’t have.

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ISBN-13: 9781682814840
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 09/23/2019
Series: Winning The Billionaire , #4
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 29,692
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Kira Archer resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kiddos, and far too many animals in the house. She tends to laugh at inappropriate moments, break all the rules she gives her kids (but only when they aren't looking), and would rather be reading a book than doing almost anything else. She has odd, eclectic tastes in just about everything and often lets her imagination run away with her. She loves a vast variety of genres and writes in quite a few. If you love historical romances, check out her alter ego, Michelle McLean.

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Pushing His Luck 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Randi 9 months ago
4 stars This is a fun, sweet and short romance between Christopher Lachlan and Charley Claybourne. Right from the start of the story, where we have the meet cute over gluten free chocolate milk, I knew I was going to like these two characters. Christopher Lachlan is the CEO of his own vacation home rental company. He has a meeting with Charley, the risk assessor, to get insured and remain CEO. (I have to admit, I was a little confused by this. Shouldn't he already have insurance?) Charley is trying to start up her own business as a risk assessor and Chris is her first potential client. Chris is a risk-taker in life. He likes to try adventurous things--skydiving, zip lining, scuba diving, etc. Charley is the exact opposite. She is talked into going on a business trip with Chris, where he will be checking out his properties, so she can see what happens and assess the risk involved. Chris and Charley were adorable and sweet together. The things that happen to Charley are quite funny--from the chocolate milk incident to the spider in the car to the poker fiasco. It was an enjoyable, quick read. Thank you to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Merryj 9 months ago
You have to love a story when it starts with an argument over a carton of chocolate milk! Charley is thrown way out of her comfort zone when she has to do a risk analysis for Chris's company for insurance. The more time they spend together, feelings come into play. He is a risk taker where Charley is cautious because of an accident she was in. Will these two take a risk on love? I loved how the characters are presented in this story the charm and relationship between the characters sets the tone. The details given to the characters and setting is vivid that gives the reader the feeling that they are right there with the characters as the story unfolds. I voluntarily agreed to receive an ARC of this book for an honest review.
Anonymous 9 months ago
This would be cute if you can get past all the improbabilities within the plot. Charley has a job as a risk assessor for insurance companies. It’s a perfect job for her because she avoids all risks ever since a car accident as a teenager. Chris is a billionaire who needs a positive recommendation to be insured. And to complete her assessment she agrees to travel with him to Costa Rica and Spain to judge the risks he takes since he’s the complete opposite of Charley and embraces all sorts of risks. It’s not clear how he’s run his billionaire business so far without having insurance. That’s never addressed, but it seems a major plot hole. And it’s not clear how his business which seems to be renting out luxury vacation homes has done enough to make him a billionaire. I’m rather sick of this trend of authors just asserting that the hero is a billionaire just so they can say they’re writing a billionaire romance. But if you can suspend disbelief, the dialogue and chemistry between the two main characters is enjoyable. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
ljtljtljt 9 months ago
The pretty cover and book blurb is what drew me into Pushing His Luck by Kira Archer. The first chapter is quite humorous and caught my immediate attention. This is the fourth book from her series, Winning the Billionaire, and it can be read as a standalone. The female heroine, Charley Claybourne, is an interesting character. I liked her determination, and her ability to stand firm, especially when it came to her job as a risk insurance assessor. She has a good heart, and becomes a bit adventurous when she travels around the globe with her new client. Christopher Lachlan is the CEO of one of the largest vacation home rental companies in the world. His "need for speed" may prevent him from getting insured, and Charley has the final say. Chris is safe throughout all of his risky endeavors and sharing them with Charley becomes more than just business. I liked this story, however, the plot dragged at times and the ending was disappointing. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Lori-Gonzo 10 months ago
I absolutely loved Chris in this book. He was so charming, sexy, and downright fun. And I loved the way he would get Charley out of her shell, experience things that she was too afraid or worried to try. They were such a good team balancing each other out. But I am also glad Charley stayed true to herself as Chris did too. Their gang of friends were such a hoot, I laughed at their antics. And having read their books as well was even better. Overall their story was very good. The ending was perfect, with them accepting each other just as they are. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Lorizen 10 months ago
Kira Archer is an auto read for me! I absolutely love her style and her special brand of crazy romance in a book! I loved this story to the nth degree! We meet the last man standing Chris and the total control freak risk assessor Charley. The story takes off full throttle and doesn't stop until the end. Charley is Izzy's cousin and after Charley gets canned from her previous job and starts her own business, Izzy prompts Chris to meet with Charley. If Chris can't get insurance, he'll lose his business and will have to step down as CEO from the board. There's a lot riding on Charley's assessment. Should be noted that Chris Lachlan lives life on the edge, from diving with sharks to skydiving, zip lining... you get the picture and it's all there online for Charley to see. Charley is totally risk adverse. Living her life a little too safely. Cousin Izzy decides that Charley should tag along with Chris while he goes and checks a couple of his properties that are out of the country, Charley balks fearing that it would be seen as inappropriate but does go. No surprise when she goes to the plane and Chris is the pilot. They both get a little surprise when their gaggle of friends decide to tag along for that ride to Costa Rica making both uncomfortable. We get peeks and snippets of them throughout the book at a few points. The way their relationship evolves was written perfectly and honestly funny too. Chris has a wicked sense of humor and he manages to loosen Charley up. Enough for her to take partake in some pretty adventurous activities with him! And she likes it! She also likes him, and the feeling is mutual. She battles the worry that she'll be seen as the woman who slept with her client, but she also loses that fear along the way. There's something else she's held back waiting for the right time to bring up but that right time doesn't seem to come up until it does and then... well. Read the book! Truth told Izzy got on my last dang nerve in this book and I'm waiting to see what brave soul Kira's going to match her up with! I feel for the guy already. Great story, I loved every single minute! arc from Entangled and NetGalley for an honest review (less)
Susanmc81 10 months ago
I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review. I really wanted to like this book, but it was really tough to finish. When I give a bad review I usually try to find aspects of the book that I like. I couldn’t find any in this book. The initial “meet cute,” where Chris and Charley fight over the last bottle of chocolate milk was cloying and hackneyed. The plot device of Charley being a Risk Assessor and deciding for an insurance company she doesn’t work for was implausible (30+ year insurance executive here). I might be able to get over these issues if the characters were compelling and the love story interesting. They were not. If you have read the prior books in this series, you may want to read this, otherwise, don’t bother.
kandksmom5912 10 months ago
This was the first book from this author that I have read and it was an ok read for me. This was book 4 in the series and it could be read as a standalone. They first meet fighting over chocolate milk. Christopher and Charley were an ok couple. They never really seemed like they should be together and that is what made them an ok couple to me. There was no real heat in this story and I do like my stories with a little heat. If you are looking for a sweet romance then this is the story for you.
SaraOxo 10 months ago
Pushing His Luck by Kira Archer a four-star read that will leave you craving. I did really enjoy this story, the only thing was that for the first half of the story I kept feeling like I was missing something, like this was part of a series and I hadn’t read the previous stories. But in the second half I did feel like I was getting somewhere and knew what was happening. The cute and funny story is great and so flirty and sweet, I will be sure to pick up more from the author as I did enjoy the writing. Chris and Charley have good chemistry and the travel is sublime.
PennySparkles 10 months ago
3.5 Stars If you’re in the mood for a light, fun and sexy read Pushing His Luck will be a great choice! Charley’s luck isn’t really the best. A traumatic event in her past left her in desperate need to keep control of everything at all times… and like a self-fulfilled prophecy, she ends up being a klutzy duck 90% of the time. With a career as a risk assessor, she lives for safety and prudence and she is very comfortable with that. Chris’ middle name would probably be Daredevil (if he had one, I don’t know for sure). His adrenaline-seeking lifestyle clashes with what people, and especially insurance companies, feel the CEO of a million-dollar company’s should be. But in order to keep being a CEO, he needs insurance, and that means passing a risk assessment. Que in trying to convince Charley, the safety police, that all the stuff he does is not that risky. In order to do this, he’ll take Charley with him in one of his trips, so she can see for herself that he is not as reckless as it seems. Chris and Charley’s romance is of the opposites-attract-but-they-don’t-want-to-give-in-to-it variety. The more time they spend together though, they realize they’re not all that different, and soon their attraction is too much to handle. I really enjoyed their banter and baiting of each other. Chris was a total carefree spirit, a bit of an adrenaline junky but in an “I-want-to-experience-life-at-its-fullest” kind of way. He had his typically male moments where he completely effs up, but he was charming enough to get back in my good graces. I loved witnessing Charley’s evolution. There was a reason for her attitude towards life, but with Chris’s help, she comes to some realizations that help her deal with said issues. While I really enjoyed Pushing His Luck, it didn’t totally suck me in as the first two books in this series. I felt there were some missed opportunities to deepen some aspects of the story, and it left me at times feeling disconnected from the characters. Still, this is a super fun, light and entertaining read that had me laughing from start to finish. *I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
linda quick 10 months ago
This is a fun and entertaining novel that hooked me from the first page. From the opening scene where Charley fought with Chris over the last container of chocolate milk, this book made me smile, laugh, and root for the characters. I loved how cautious and careful Charley was and how that made her the polar opposite of daredevil Chris. When Charley has to do a risk analysis on Chris for insurance, they both get more then they bargained for. If you enjoy flirty and fun romance, you will love this book. The author is on my must read authors' list, and, if you enjoy the genre, should probably be on your must read list as well. Her romances are thoroughly entertaining and witty and you'll be glad you one-clicked on this book.
carvanz 10 months ago
This was such a cute, fun opposites attract read! Let go from her job, Charley is trying to start her own assessment company. When her new client, the one who could really get her name out there, ends up being the same man who tried to steal her milk, she’s got concerns. He’s a complete adrenaline junkie, lives an outrageous life and she’s extremely attracted to him. But when her best friend finagles them into going on a trip together, she’s wondering who the risk taker is now? ’He was nothing but the shiny object that would derail her from her plans. The bell to her bird. The squirrel to her dog. Her kryptonite.’ Despite being careful about everything in her life, Charley always ends up in one botched up situation or another. She’s adorkable, accident prone, and too cute for words. I enjoyed watching her try to avoid her attraction to Chris, knowing it was a losing battle. ’He was like a great big ball of golden sunshine that warmed and cheered everyone around him, no matter what their intentions. The man was contagious.’ Chris lives for the adrenaline high, living life on the edge. I loved that he challenged Charley and drew her out of her protective shell. 'The woman had uptight down to a science. And he knew just how to make her unravel.’ From the very beginning they had a spark that grew into intense heat. Their reasons for ignoring the chemistry between themselves believable. This couple were so much fun together. The banter is sharp and quick, cute and engaging. There were some hilarious moments as Charley got herself, and him by association, into various situations. I was a bit disappointed that this character trait tended to die down as the story progressed. However, it was enough to enjoy the thought that the risk assessor was more at risk than the one being assessed. This is a story that will immediately pull you in due to the meet cute and then the continued cute which eventually moves into emotional involvement between the hero and heroine. The conflict was a bit under thought but didn’t take long to resolve. The angst level is definitely low and the heat, once they gave in, was pretty steamy. Mostly, this is just a great feel good story with wonderful characters that make you smile.
Anonymous 10 months ago
DNF at 27%. Charley Claybourne is an insurance assessor. She's started up her own business and is about to meet her new client, the billionaire daredevil Chris Lachlan who she has sort of won under false pretences because he thinks she still works for one of the most prestigious firms of loss adjustors in the city. Desperate to calm her nerves she tries to buy some lactose-free chocolate milk only to get into a tug-of-war with a handsome guy over the last bottle. Of course there's a chocolate milk related accident and of course the guy is her new client. I enjoyed the previous books in this series but I couldn't believe in either Chris or Charley and what felt charming, endearing, funny and sweet in the previous books felt laboured. I can't put my finger on what I didn't like. Maybe its the idea of two adults fighting over chocolate milk? Anyway I picked it up and put it down twice - no point in carrying on if reading feels like a chore. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.